Quelles crypto-monnaies devez-vous conserver avant la fin de 2017?

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As the end of the year is approaching, it is time to make plans for next year and analyze.

Here are some interesting currencies which deserve a closer look.

First, let’s have a look at RIPPLE. While Bitcoin’s price suffered attacks on the market, Ripple has increased steadily in price. The good part about this coin is that many banks have shown interest in making quick transfers without losing funds and even some decided to use the mechanism, for example, Bank of Canada, Bank of America, Bank of Abu Dhabi etc.

Second, I’ll tell you about monero. Anonymity is a key element for Monero and its best feature, which contributes to the fact that it rose from $50 to $120 in just a few days. Monero uses new and sophisticated methods to improve privacy. It also uses separate transactions units too.

Troisièmement, Ethereum. It is simply amazing. It showed a new network and made blockchain programming so much easier so many of the popular coins are now based on Ethereum. It is very flexible and it’s already very popular.

, Last but not least IOTA. It’s supposed to overcome every blemish of the blockchain technology. It has zero fee transactions and no miners. This means that for IOTA, scalability is not a problem.

Quelles crypto-monnaies devez-vous conserver avant la fin de 2017?

Prateek Kumar

Prateek Kumar, MCA Computer Applications, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore (2016)

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Great and a very Interesting Question to Answer right now. Best Crypot-currency to invest right now is one of the most demanding topic right now people are searching for, as the “Bit Coin” is at its best from last 3–4 Months.

But it is really Important to invest in a Crypto-monnaie which should have the potential to rise in the market. A good Crypto-monnaie can make your investment 3–4 times in a blink very easily now a days but your choice should be the right one.

So back on the point…,,, One of the best investment opportunity to invest in crypto-monnaie right now is : Etherecash (The Landing Platform)

———-What is Etherecash ?

Etherecash : Etherecash is a blockchain based decentralized platform, designed to revolutionize three core functions of finance; to Lend, Send and Spend. By bringing such key services on the blockchain we can provide more transparency and greatly enhance customer experience. The mission is to “bridge the gap between those with access to finance and those without, eliminating borders, intermediaries and prejudices.”

Prêt: “Peer to Peer Lending which is crypto backed for added security”.

Envoi: “Speedy Money Transfer on the blockchain worldwide using crypto”.

Spending: “Multi Crypto Debit card for storing and spending your cryptos, both online and in-store”.

———-Why To Investir in Etherecash ?

Here is a very brief and detailed Technical Specification of the Etherecash and some very unique and special moves taken by the Committee which makes this crypto-monnaie different from many other crypto-monnaies and will surely force you to Invest in Etherecash. :

Blockchain Platform: " Ethereum “

Token Standard: “ ERC20 “

Contrat intelligent" Open on ETH "

Can be purchased with: BTC or ETH

  1. Now a days the trend and demand in the crypto-monnaie market is of Landing Platforms ET Etherecash is based on the same Landing Platform. As Etherecash is backed by Etherium, il est vogue et demande in the market is very high.
  2. Etherecash is based on and working on the same concept on which the BitConnect Coin Et The Regal Coin worked earlier and we all knows how fast and at what rate both of that coins are growing. So this coin has the Potential to repeat the history of BitConnect Et Regal Coin.

———— Ehterecash Token Sale :

Total Supply of Tokens :

Fourniture d' ICO Tokens :

———— “ Pre-Launch ICO Sale ”

Démarrer : 25 octobre 2017

Terminer : 7ème Novembre 2017

---- Lancement de l'ICO

Démarrer : 15ème Novembre 2017

Terminer : 19ème Décembre 2017

3. La very special et Attractive Agreement is there to focus on according to which,

"A Community of 678-members has been made and they are given with 10Crore coins to hold for 1-year, so they can not sell that coins for 1-year and hence that coins will not come into the market which will increase the demand and will not allow the rate to fall ”.

4. So Far The Etherecash is having more than Membres 44000 joined in the ICO itself. Out of 360000000 total coins autour Pièces 240000000 will be sold during the ICO itself (including the 10crore coins which are on hold by the community for 1-year). So only around Pièces 120000000 will be there to come on the Bitterx exchange.

5. Etherecash sera Hitting the Bitterx Exchange le janvier 2018. The Criteria to get registered on the Bitterx Exchange is to have a sale of at least 1500-Bit Coins and right now in the ICO lui-même Etherecash is having a sale of more than 2190-Bit Coins so far till date.

6. Right now Etherecash est de seulement 1 $ le Période ICO but after getting such a huge response from the Investisseurs and looking towards the demande du Etherecash in the market, it is Predictable that Etherecash can hit the Bittrex Exchange directement à 2$, 3$, 4$, 5$ or even more easily.

7. Hence Etherecash is another very good Investissement opportunity in the market of crypto-monnaie qui a le Eventuellement to increase your investment 2x.., 4x… 5x.. or more in a very short time.

8. Further of all this one more important thing to is, Etherecash is also having an another platform autre que ico où vous pouvez investir in Etherecash and also it provides occasion d'affaires programme basé sur referral concept.

Referral Bonus : Direct Bonus 6% ET Binary Matching Bonus is 8%.

(Content Source : Company Website, White Paper,,,)

For More Details you can visit Company official website from the given link also can download withe paper from the other link. Also interested people can join with me from my below joining link :

Joining Link : http://member.eb3.biz/register.p...

Follow me on youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/...

Ehterecash Company Website Link : Etherecash: The #1 Best ICO of 2017

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White paper Download link : https://etherecash.io/whitepaper...

For further details and queries you can call or whatsapp me on my contact no. “9952461400” any time ��

Thnx for reading….!

sorry for the Bad English ��

Mentions légales : I am not any company official this is just an information shared whatever known. Please use your own sense and invest on your own risk. Cryptocurrency investment is of risk and result can be the anything profit or loss. So please understand that and take your own risk.

Ramesh Jain

Ramesh Jain, Stock et Crypto-monnaie Investisseur

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Il y en a beaucoup que vous pouvez acheter maintenant.

  1. IOTA - sera probablement l'économie de la machine pour le futur Internet des objets. Récemment, une part importante achetée par Bosch. Également compatible avec l'informatique quantique et bénéficiant du premier avantage de la technologie DAG. Transactions très rapides et sans frais.
  2. DEMANDE DE RESEAU - Devrait être paypal 2.0 Il prend en charge les paiements, l’audit, les taxes, etc. en un seul paquet. Faciliter les paiements et réduire les coûts globaux pour les grandes entreprises qui effectuent des millions de transactions quotidiennement.
  3. Golem - Vous permet de partager des ressources informatiques gratuites. Ils veulent créer un super ordinateur mondial en combinant toutes ces ressources gratuites. Je me vois les utiliser parce que je fais du montage vidéo et que j'aurai besoin de puissance de calcul pour louer.
  4. Ethereum - Contrats intelligents

Ce sont quelques-uns de mes favoris dans lesquels je suis investi. Cependant, ne pas acheter parce que vous lisez à leur sujet ici. Faites vos propres recherches. Voici le guide étape par étape.

  1. Consultez leur site Web entier et cliquez sur tous les liens qui contiennent des informations sur la crypto-monnaie. La page d'accueil nous donne l'idée de base et le but de la crypto-monnaie actuelle.
  2. Si vous n'avez toujours aucune idée ou que vous n'êtes pas en mesure de comprendre la crypto-monnaie, vous devriez utiliser des sources secondaires. Essayez de regarder des vidéos à ce sujet sur youtube. Many YouTubers nous fournit des informations faciles à comprendre sur la pièce.
  3. Étudiez leur livre blanc
  4. Découvrez leurs fondateurs et membres de l'équipe principale. Vous trouverez leurs infos sur le site lui-même. Découvrez leurs interviews. Recherche sur leur profil sur LinkedIn, Facebook et Instagram.
  5. Découvrez leur Reddit. Vous trouverez des réponses à beaucoup de vos questions. Utilisez la barre de recherche et si vous ne trouvez toujours pas de réponse, posez-la mieux.

Pour plus d'informations sur DYOR: - Comment faire une analyse et des recherches approfondies sur la crypto-monnaie - Guide étape par étape

Rejoindre le groupe de support Indian Cryptocurrency - https://www.facebook.com/groups/...

William McGuire

William McGuire, Blockchain Marketing Advisor (2017-present)

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How about the top 20 by market cap?

This is now possible with CRYPTO20.

It represents an index fund for the crypto markets. Rebalancing has already taken place ahead of schedule so all ICO contributions from here on out will instantly diversify their single currency contribution into the top 20.

Quelles crypto-monnaies devez-vous conserver avant la fin de 2017?


Rémy R. Hauxley

Rémy R. Hauxley, Éducateur et investisseur en crypto-monnaie chez Bitcoin (2011-present)

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I love pro & con lists. I don’t know why I love em. But I do.

Quelles crypto-monnaies devez-vous conserver avant la fin de 2017?

Perhaps it’s the clarity they offer. The concise simplicity. Like good vs. evil.

But there’s a problem with pro & con lists. Sometimes they are less like …. Harry Potter vs. Voldemort … and more like — Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader.

In other words: sometimes pro’s can be less like hero’s and more like wimps. And sometimes con’s can be less like the personification of evil — and more like a tragic backstory that redeems itself.

With that analogy in mind let’s Pro & Con the following alt coins — before 2017 comes to an end.

Cardano (ADA)

Pro: When I lived in Hong Kong I met and interviewed Alex Miller, Head of PR for ADA. I lively chap with an impressive command of English and Japanese. He filled me in on the massive effort Cardano is making to be legally compliant in every new country they enter — before they offer to sell there. Cardano has myriad upsides (Fast blockchain, great team, growing community). Their best upside however seems to be their meticulous approach to being legal. This helps establish trust. In this case Cardano could be the stereotypical hero.

Con: A new platform. Fairly new. It bills itself as the next best blockchain. I’ve heard this before from many many claimants to the blockchain throne. This isn’t so much of a “con” — just more of a caution, a “wait for it to prove itself” type of mentality.


Pro: Backbone for the IoT (Internet of Things). Machine to machine communication. No mining needed. Secure against any quantum computing hacks.

Con: funny as it may be to say this but — IOTA may be too ahead of its time. This is one of those coins that could redeem itself. For now IOTA is solving problems which aren’t that big yet. YET. This means slow adoption and appreciation of value. But that could be good for some long term focused investors.


Pro: Incredibly quick and cheap money transfers. An impressive number of partnerships with big name banks.

Cons: As it turns out … XRP — the Ripple coin — is not actually used for any of the technology Ripple is creating for all those big name banks. It seems that Ripple XRP may be less like a useful coin and more like stock in the company. This could present regulatory SEC problems.


Pro: It’s like Ethereum but better. It was built from the ground up learning from Ethereum’s mistakes.

Cons: It’s not Ethereum. Yes it learned from Ethereum’s mistakes … but Ethereum is a juggernaut. It dominates the smart contract market and people’s minds. And people’s minds only have room for so much. Plus the problems NEM solves — Ethereum can solve too. Ethereum will just need time to get there.

Bitcoin Cash

Pro: According to Roger Ver, aka “Bitcoin Jesus”, this first fork of Bitcoin is — the original Bitcoin. Perhaps there is validity to this argument. Bitcoin Cash has a faster difficulty adjust algorithm. It scales better. It does not have Segwit — though that may or may not be a pro. Overall it seems to be the most vocal contender for the BTC throne.

Leggi:  Compare oDesk.com, Elance.com, Freelancer.com, Staff.com and TopTal.com. Which one is better from a freelance point of view, and which is better from a customer point of view?

Con: The developers currently in charge of Bitcoin’s core code reject BTC Cash’s propositions for scaling, difficulty adjustment, and overall direction. This type of infighting is not only detrimental to Bitcoin itself but to the crypto community as a whole.

My thoughts on Bitcoin Cash are incredibly mixed. I see pro’s and con’s running neck and neck. Proponents and detractors are constantly in heated debates. This “alt coin” is by far the one with the biggest gray area.

Another note about BCC (Bitcoin Cash) — Coinbase has pledged to add it before January 1st 2018. What happens when they do? Will BCC once again try to claim it’s the original Bitcoin? Try to stage a takeover of the name? This could be a massive event. On the one hand if BCC is instead better — it will overtake BTC — perhaps even steal the Bitcoin name. On the other hand if BCC tries to do this they will cause monumental confusion for all the new people recently entered into the cryptocurrency space — which could lead to a significant drop in prices.

Le temps nous dira.

Now … are you ready for a …. plot twist?

Quelles crypto-monnaies devez-vous conserver avant la fin de 2017?

What if…. and here me out here … what if

The best alt coin to keep before 2017 ends … is Bitcoin?

In my book: Bitcoin Vs. The 2018 Recession — I write: Bitcoin can change.

Then I repeat it. I keep repeating until the light bulb clicks.

Bitcoin can change.

The reason why Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are the future of money is simple. They can change. They are not static. They are not a tulip during the tulip bubble. Or a house during the housing bubble. Or even a dot-com during the dot-com bubble. No. Those things will never change. A tulip will always be a tulip. A house will stay a house.

Bitcoin and Ethereum and most cryptocurrencies are dynamic. They grow, scale, and improve — almost on a monthly basis. They are led by teams of incredibly intelligent people who are motivated both by the lofty goal of decentralizing money AND by the practical ambition of faire de l'argent. That is a winning combination right there.

In the middle of 2017 we saw Bitcoin implement SegWit. After that — the Lightening Network. After that … even more improvements. Due to these improvements Bitcoin will no longer be Bitcoin 1.0 — the Bitcoin we know and love.

It will be Bitcoin 2.0

With time and improvement — with the Lightning network and Atomic Swaps — Bitcoin will be able to do the incredible things Ethereum can do, Cardano, perhaps even IOTA — and more.

So — is there a possibility that by 2020 the “next best alt coin” — will actually be Bitcoin?

It’s a distinct possibility.

Enjoyed reading? You’ll enjoy my book: Bitcoin Vs. The 2018 Recession (Available in paperback and Kindle): Amazon.com: Bitcoin contre le livre électronique 2018 Recession: RR Hauxley: Kindle Store

If you're new and want to buy $10 worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin -- here is my personal referral link: Invitez des amis et recevez des bitcoins gratuits - Coinbase

Merci pour la lecture.

Geno Jones

Geno Jones, Électronique / informatique (2004-present)

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Cloak with Enigma privacy based coin.

Particl Formerly Shadowcash meets all of the visionary aspects that satoshi wanted to see encompassed in Bitcoin. It is my number one pick because it will be the most fully featured blockchain ever developed in history once the current roadmap is complete. Privacy, MADescrow, Built In Marketplace/Bazzar, DApps supporting apps on the chain like ethereum, Proof of stake future proofing green initiatives which will eventually shut down Proof Of Work coins and Cold Staking, Built in Exchange. And there is more… This is my number 1 pick and investment I personally am all in on this one. Not to mention the coin itself is highly deflationary it would only take a small group of people to change the price from nice to insanity and own a large controlling stake in that insanity. People will want to use this coin once the features come to fruition and are fully realized and understood.

Both currencies are undergoing third party validation of their security and ability to keep transactions private.

Ever wanted to purchase something with cash because it lives in a grey area?

Privacy during a purchase is important I believe it gives us the ability to support say the next president that we feel should be elected without having our name shared.

Do you think quora would be half as good with out the anonymous feature? While I don’t use it personally I think it is prudent to believe that privacy is not important if it wasn’t than why are all of our facebook accounts locked why not just open them up completely for public view etc…

For any coin to meet the original vision of satoshi it needs to have a market and it needs to provide privacy both things were of importance to satoshi which were discussed in his now leaked emails. The visionary had a vision that materialized lacking some of that vision but the underlying concept was important and I think the other concepts of this vision are equally important. If an altcoin can meet that vision I think we should support it.

Why these are holders well they bring important aspects to the table that cannot be ignored.

They have a very finite amount of coins that will ever be available on the chain making them a highly deflationary store of value.

The current price yells blue light special considering the age of the coins and how long they have been “waiting in the wings so to speak” To me these coins are already at the moon with other coins just hidden and waiting in the wings.

Leggi:  The US is a very conservative and right wing country when compared to its peers. Will progressive and liberal politics ever become popular in the US?

Very easy choices for me.

Another anon crypto that is not as finite but has a pretty active DEV force is called Verge formerly Dogecoin Dark. The Dev team really did a fine job of making steady improvements using the if you build it they will come theory it seems there hasn’t been much noise about this coin so I figured I would make a little for them and let the team know they are doing a great job. As of this year many others have seemed to take notice as well as the price soared I thought man if that exchange never ripped me off a while back I would still have a million of these coins. That is a mint today I would assume that would be worth a fair amount. Problem is I cannot remember the exchange or what happened exactly if the exchange still had the coins or if I had them in my DD wallet when my HDD crashed either way it was an important lesson I no longer take any risks all my info is backed up in nearly every manner possible.

I see a lot of hype in a lot of coins but really I don’t see anyone trying a project so involved as particl and the issue of privacy is important for all admission or not it is a lack of understanding if you believe that privacy is somehow not important.

So I have a strong stance on this being integrated into any worthwhile coin not for illegal or illicit purposes but to allow people true voting power to vote with their money how they see fit. It may be something I totally will never understand but hey so be it. If a government was ever to adopt a crypto currency how else would they be able to secretly work on things if there were no ability to privately fund the initiative. Some things are meant to be secret for good reasons. Others well maybe not so good but no matter the medium of exchange you will have to allow for privacy to some extent. People will find it one way or another weather they have to trade gold or whatever to achieve it they will do what they do.

Another user mentioned WeTrust Ticker TRST seems like an interesting platform that provides an interesting solution to a common problem.

IOTA to me is an interesting concept if it works as stated and doesn’t contain the bugs that some believe are the downfall of it. I’m not in the mood to gamble on this but it is note worthy the bigger the network the faster it gets hrmmmm sounds like a great concept to me.

Dogecoin has always did good by me as well the price has always been fair enough to buy a lot of coins and wait out the raise after the fall I have netted the most profit from this coin although it is small and not all that finite if enough people continue to buy into this the inflation will mean pretty much nothing. I have always supported this out of personal enjoyment I get from the coin and its community and although a joke for me it had been a profitable joke. Important to note that the DEV team also works on Bitcoin which everyone is already so fond of.

Zcash is interesting dunno how it will play out.

Monero is a fairly popular coin.

Neo is up and coming a clone of ether sort of.

Litecoin hrmmm I am shocked at how things turned out for this coin looking at its begining riding the second spot forever it seemed on coin market cap but people are obviously looking for features in alt coins they are starting to understand the importance of things rather than moving numbers from here to there. But still I am supprised this coin is not at the 100.00 mark yet.

EOS seems kinda neat in concept.

Clams is a very rare asset that has been around for quite some time now it wouldn’t take much to blow a hole in the ceiling as far as price is concerned a whale or two and we would see a much different price point and likely more interest in further development possibly adding features etc who knows. Anything could happen.

Etherum could go insane really the amount of tokens that depend on ethereum’s platform seems to be increasing at an alarming rate I am actually shocked it hasn’t reached its previous highs before the investor issues and the scare with ICO’s and the bug that caused one of the asset to allow theft. It is the backbone of a lot of things.

Bitcoin cash seems to be on a tear lately too… So hard saying where that is going.

There is a lot of potential in this asset class.

The largest for me that don’t weather it gains money or not is particl because it is the shining example of aspiration to integrate most of the best features of alt coins available while adding to it even more new and valuable features not found in other coins.

So if there is any one coin I would hold in the next year Particl is my golden ticket.

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