Quelles actions peuvent donner un% de retour 10 en février 2017?

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I stopped writing after a brief period of 30 days noticing that some people buy based on the answers blindly.

Don’t follow blindly anyone!

The most tragic part was I never wrote the part when to exit which must have caused sheer pain to many fellow traders who align with my thoughts and opinions and just bought the stock being manipulated by the answer.

Probably some of them had hefty earning and someone them had me killed in their mind over dozen times. No!

First, let me check what would happen if you have grabbed the recommendations of the most viewed answer here -

Quelles actions peuvent donner un% de retour 10 en février 2017?

Let’s say we have invested 1L equally to each stock on this recommendation. Taking round figure of stocks -

  • Amount Invested - 699,420.00
  • Current Value - 674,697.80
  • Returns - (-24,722.20)
  • Returns ( % ) - (-3.53%)

Quelles actions peuvent donner un% de retour 10 en février 2017?

What went wrong - Nothing went wrong. This is common in market to fall -3.53% in a month but I can tell my views on these stocks -

  • Voile is a fundamentally poor company. Won’t touch it. It was a sell call this month. In our slack channel, someone was yelling - Sail is beautiful sell.
  • Banque Vijaya - Reported fucking 4 fold jump on february 2! Dump 100% to it. Even it sees a correction, rally will continue.
  • IDBI should be closed immediately on February 8. Loss reported in quarters. No it is a no for this month.
  • Upper Ganges - Excellent stock but why touch till the UP election thing is over ?
  • Ramco - I would have it replaced with Shree Cements which has better fundamentals amongst cement companies.
  • Deep Industries - Making a weekly flag pattern and chance of bearish breakout is more than 75%. Technical says to wait for a breakout.

    As it is for one month’s eye point, no breakout means idle money. Better not to touch Oil segment till ONGC, HPCL deal is done. But weekly breakout will be a massive dance.

Quelles actions peuvent donner un% de retour 10 en février 2017?

  • Jain Irrigation - Nothing wrong. Need a proper exit strategy. Should be closed on 9 or 10th Feb. Support broke.

Quelles actions peuvent donner un% de retour 10 en février 2017?

I did that same mistake again here - Amit Ghosh's answer to What are good stock recommendations to buy in the Indian market? Are there any good blogs or websites that suggest good tips?

I will analyse what went wrong there -

A. Short Biocon -

I had it shorted and made profit but as most people can’t figure out the reason of entry of the trade. They are doomed.

As many of you know I am holding Biocon in my core portfolio (refer: core satellite portfolio construction) and I do plan to hold till it reaches 2000 zone. I take positions in my satellite portfolio to hedge my core portfolio.

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Quelles actions peuvent donner un% de retour 10 en février 2017?

It’s based on somewhat Bull Flag Trading Strategy. The first breakout was really a sell call but it was triggered stopped the immediate next day!

  • Second one was a buy call.
  • Third one was a good sell call.

There is a fourth one forming. Spot it! If you have lost money on my previous call, make money on breakout this time as the breakout is still due.

B. Short Havells -

Nothing is wrong. It was bound to fall but the entry point should be this -

Quelles actions peuvent donner un% de retour 10 en février 2017?

If you are still holding the sell position despite the unrealized loss; don’t worry! You will end up in greenery.

C. Short Adani Power -

There was a tiny note that - “Will be best for scalpers.”

Quelles actions peuvent donner un% de retour 10 en février 2017?

You can do see it went down abit till the next candle and bounced once it touched middle bollinger. Reason -

In this scenarios, there is always a sure fibonacci retracement of 23% approx atleast! Nothing call fall like infinity and beyond. It makes sideways move and then breakout.

It did breakout once two candles. Then generated strong buy signal and I do hold buy position in Adani Power Futures since last 4 days!

D. Short Graphite -

No entry strategy given! Just short it ? Nope, the flag broke upside. That’s entirely my fault. This is one of those rare formation where the retracement ended to the upper side of the flag pole giving a clear short of bull breakout.

Quelles actions peuvent donner un% de retour 10 en février 2017?

Infact, it was a buy signal twice and sell signal once. Currently moving sideways. Watch out.

E. Short Justdial

I short Justdial Futures on daily basis since last 90+ trading days based on my propitiatory strategy which I wrote here Amit Ghosh's answer to How do traders make over 25,000 rupees per day in the stock market?.

Then how I can possibly write buy it ! But in Unofficed Chat I finally gave a buy call when Justdial showed aggressive short covering but also asked to short Justdial 550 CE couple days back for Intraday.

Went well.

That’s why never follow anyone blindly. Understand the logic. In the above group, we discuss about tons of trading opportunities all the time. You need to understand and pick one up! Here is one -

Quelles actions peuvent donner un% de retour 10 en février 2017?

Wipro was at 474. it touched 492 today. Point a is the entry. I did made an entry in my core portfolio.

Quelles actions peuvent donner un% de retour 10 en février 2017?

But satellite portfolio position was taken at point b. Flag is broken! Many people made money. We all acknowledged him for that trade.

Quelles actions peuvent donner un% de retour 10 en février 2017?

You see the mention of Tech Mahindra. It has more probability of going up than Wipro. But I didn’t bought it as I was fearful of bear breakout.

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Quelles actions peuvent donner un% de retour 10 en février 2017?

Well my Algo shorted it. But I got this stock under my radar because of him.

It’s always better to learn the way to find yourself cause that is less time consuming that hunting. Here are some good strategies to weaponize you enough -

Scalping Strategy: Day Trader’s note on Opentrade and Bollingers

Intraday Strategy: Bull Flag Trading Strategy

Intraday Strategy: NR7

Intraday Strategy: Opening Range Breakout

Intraday Strategy: Gap Up and Gap Down

Intraday Strategy: Fundamental News

Intraday Strategy: CandleSticks

Anyways feel free to join our slack channel full of traders.


J'écris à amitghosh.net. All my thoughts are carefully crafted there.:)

Vinoth Kanna

Vinoth Kanna, Admin, Gale.in:Free Stock Ideas & Account Management Service

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I will not suggest stock here but help you pick your own!

Identifying a value pick in the top sector is the key to this question.

Now on the top sectors:

We all know that the budget was on 1st February 2017.

  • Infra boost (Guess few top sectors that benefit on this)
  • Rural Economy boost (Guess few sectors that benefit from this)
  • Railway lines and safety pitch (Guess few sectors that benefit from this)

Yes your guess were right,

Top sectors are

  • Infra EPC contractors
  • Rural Power
  • Engrais
  • Rural FMGC
  • Steel and metals
  • Ciment
  • NBFC

Now how to pick stock? Google and find top Infra EPC contractors and list stocks. Similarly list out stocks in the above sector.

Since you are look for profits in just a month, Fundamentals wont help a much. Lets jump into technical.

Check and note down 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 52 week highs.

Check and note down 7 days, 1 month and 200 day moving average.

If Current price > 7 day moving average> 30 day moving average> 200 day moving average then buy the stock on dips towards 7 day moving average with SL of 30 day moving average. for a target of 3 month high or 6 high or 52 week high which ever is nearer or have 10% target.

If the stock has hit last 3 months or 6 months high and is inching upwards. Buy the stock with SL just below last 3 month high or 6 month high with 10% upside target.

If you find 2 stocks in the same sector, One stock has run up 40–50% and other has rallied only 10–15% in the month and is 10–15% away for its 3 month or 6 month high. Buy the stock with 5% SL and a target of 3 month or 6 month high.

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Learn to read basic technical charts. Just learn to find the resistance and support levels, 10% in February is yours!!

Shoukat Ali

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these stocks:

  2. ITC
  7. BPCL
  9. NTPC
  10. GAIL
  11. ONGC

for more on Nifty50, visit my blog Gain 19% in 99 days by investing only in NIFTY50 stocks

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AskKuber Research Recommendations can give good return in long term. Click to check AskKuber research recommendations past performance & returns detail view Best Stocks to Buy(Stock Recommendations) for long term portfolio investment

Quelles actions peuvent donner un% de retour 10 en février 2017?

Kamal Sharma

Kamal Sharma

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My best bet for definate 10% in feb. Check on them, there are many sites to look for details on analytical charts etc. befor you jump on them.

  1. Divi's lab
  2. JSW Power &
  3. Kaveri Seeds


Lokheshkumaar, Income Tax Consultant,Learning Stock Investment

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I will recommend only those stocks in which i personally have invested and taken risk in it.

1.Niraj Cement

2.Jain Irrigation

3. Kaveri Seeds


5.V Guard

Cheers to Life ! Happy Investing

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