Quelle est une entreprise plus simple à démarrer, expédition directe ou vente de marques de distributeur Amazon?

Raymond G. Walker

Raymond G. Walker, Responsable technique chez AMZinsight.com (logiciel Amazon Sellers)

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Drop shipping is simpler than the private label selling on Amazon. Drop shipping is the best model for beginners to test the waters. You can get hands on experience of many stages of selling on Amazon such as product research, finding the right supplier, keywords research, listing optimization, customer support, etc. In this business model you won’t make as much money due to thinner margins and there are also problems to face because there’s not much you can do about quality control, packaging, returns, etc. In worst case, your dropshipping supplier might stop sourcing or manufacturing your top selling items and this is where you’ll lose your business.

On the flip side private labeling requires lots of work and investment to begin with. As compared to drop shipping, its much more stable and profitable business. You have control on your brand, product quality and sourcing. There are also technical edges on Amazon like better ranking through preferred seller by Amazon’s algorithm.

You can start with drop shipping and learn the whole selling process and you can always upgrade to private labeling or FBA program to get serious in your Amazon business.

Serkan Yildiz

Serkan Yildiz, Founder at Fbawarehousing.com & Easycombine.com

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I don’t think either of them are easy or simple because the competition in ecommerce world is getting crazier everyday. But I want to point out few things you need to consider.

  1. Budget: If you have very limited budget to start, drop-shipping is a better option as you will not need to invest upfront (in same cases you may invest a little bit) but when you do private labeling, you create your own brand. You will need to purchase your own product. If you budget is under $2-3K, I would definitely suggest dropshipping. If you have $10–15k and you are ok to lose few thousands, you may try private labeling.
  2. Fiabilité :When you do dropshipping, your business will rely on other businesses. So if they make a mistake, you will be responsible for someone else fault. Especially if you plan to sell on Amazon, you put your business at risk unless you are sure that your supplier(s) are experienced with it. When you do private label, it’s your product,your image,your listing. Unless you make big mistake, your accounts and business will be safe.
  3. Short-Term benefits: Dropshipping may help you make some profit quicker than private label as you do not need to invest upfront. You will usually pay when you sell the product. With private label, you will not see any profit for a while. Even if you sell your first bulk order,you will need to reinvest that profit to get a larger orders.
  4. Long-Term Benefits: If you want to be successful dropshipper, you should be familiar with some softwares to make necessary integrations, updates, manage your inventory and business. If you don’t use inventory management softwares to automate your dropship business, you will probably not be able to grow your business and potentially have issues with customers and marketplaces. If you handle your private label brand and business successfully, you will definitely be happy with the result at the end. You will have a stable income and safer business.
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Conclusion: If you think that you have enough capital and knowledge, I will suggest private label business however if you are new, you can start with online arbitrage and/or dropshipping business model. Please note that I am not saying dropshipping is not a good business model but it’s just not as easy as most people think.

Bonne chance!

Bishwajit Nath (Jeet)

Bishwajit Nath (Jeet), SEO and SMM Expert

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You may feel a similar excitement just learning about Amazon Private Label.

But what kind of funds do you need into order to get a Private Label Business off the ground? Can you start with just a couple hundred bucks? That's what we will be covering in today's Video.

If you currently do not have the funds to start, there are two things I recommend: 1) Continue Learning about PL! Capital is only one aspect of selling. You need both Capital and Knowledge. In the mean time start building your Knowledge so when you get the funds, you can hit the ground running!

2) Stay tuned to the next video to see how you can start building Capital to launch your PL business!

Capital is a Requirement to be successful at selling on Amazon via Private Label.

The ideal way to build Capital is to Spend Less & to Earn More.

In this video, there are shared simple tips that can get you there quickly so you can hit the ground running ASAP!

Ivelin Demirov

Ivelin Demirov, Full Time FBA Seller. Founder of RiverCleaner.com at Amazon (2008-present)

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In general, drop shipping will be easier, but more competition and lower profit margin.
Private label will require innitial funds, branding and other efforts but is more profitable in a long term.

Cameron Siskowic

Cameron Siskowic, Fondateur (2017-present)

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There are 32 steps to Private labeling. It is the more legitimate way of selling on Amazon. You are actually building your own product lines and brands.

Private labeling is the more physically time consuming as you need to be in one place to see sample products etc

Drop shipping is more simple. It is more of a way to make money immediately, yet, you need to keep repeating the process and you are not owning anything of your own. Private labeling and inventing your own products is more about growing your longterm wealth.

Karen Gwartzman

Karen Gwartzman, Private Label University CEO & Founder

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They all have perks. We have done them all over the last 35 year.

  1. Drop Shipping and Arbitrage - Yes you can make money with both but you have zero control of products, inventory, what they sell for and you sacrifice a lot of your own time and money building someone else's brand.
  2. Private Labeling - You make a ton more money than in dropshipping. You have total control of what inventory, quality, and profit margins. You decide how much $ you want to make. And you build a BRAND that is yours. So all your investments and time comes back to you. eith drop shipping and arbitrage you spend a lot of time having to looks for products and you end up with a ton of different types of inventory.
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With Private labeling you build a brand from 1 and more products. A ton more organized too. And simple to do. We have been Private labeling for big retailers for 3 decades and have private labeled thousand and thousands of products.

Message me if you want FREE training.

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