Quelle est la procédure pour configurer un magasin en ligne?

Merlin Vimal

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For setting up an online store you have to choose an ecommerce platform. I know an site de commerce électronique Ecbilla which enables you to create your online store easily. You do not need technical knowledge.They offer various plans at reasonable price which is suitable for small to large business owners.

The features of this ecommerce platform such as CMS options, secured payment options, customizing shipping options, choosing business location are amazing. They are the first to launch application android for creating online store.

Manjit Lad

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There are 2 ways, either you can build it by hiring a web developer or through some websites, which helps to built it.

Few of them are,

Brittani Johnson

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Aujourd’hui, avec la croissance démographique, de nombreuses personnes demandent beaucoup de choses pour autant de gens. magasins en ligne have been established to fulfill the public demand as a large number of people want to buy the items online. Various online store like- FLIPKART, SNAPDEAL,AMAZON JABONG,MYNTRA. It is the most joyful experience that a public had and in today world online business is growing in a rapid way.

Business en ligne can be extremely profitable and even more rewarding. It is challenging and requires lots of motivation from the business owner in which shopping cart software, a template design,processeur de paiement en ligne , nom de domaine et hébergement sont les principaux composants avant d’établir la boutique en ligne.

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The process to develop or to setup an online store is as follows:-

  1. It start by researching the various solution online.

2. Then we have to give the list of modification to the programmer,

3.Puis trouvez un web designer concevoir une mise en page unique inclut toutes les fonctionnalités souhaitées. une fois la conception finalisée, envoyez-la à votre compilation dans le panier.

4. Ensuite, achetez le nom de domaine.

5.Puis recherchez l'hôte approprié pour votre boutique en ligne.

6. At last sign up for an processeur de paiement en ligne such as paypal for handling your online payment.

Si vous souhaitez démarrer votre propre entreprise en ligne, vous avez besoin des éléments suivants: -

Hosting and domain-we need a good quality hosting because it will be able to handle the load of users. then knowledge of PHP is must. If we want to customize your site then the whole site will be coded with HTML,PHP,JAVASCRIPT. Then designing a site in which a themes of your site matters a lot, So, before you publish your site. Choose the best one. Then give the meilleure plate-forme pour le site en cours d'exécution .Then add the E-commerce plugin and last customize and add items to your website and payment gateway process is to be done through by paying cash through debit and credit card.

So,these are the steps you should follow to develop or to setup online store.

For more information visit us: http://www.kartcastle.com/

Ashok Burasiya

Ashok Burasiya

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Bonjour à tous
Vous pouvez aller chercher myshopify.com
for free 14 Day trial for e-commerce store.
It is simple and user freindly..

Chris Monk

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Réponse d'origine: How does one really setup an online store?

My suggestion would be to use Shopify. There are a few others, WooCommerice and BigCommerce are relevant examples. However I tried them and found Shopify to be much better for the appearance of the site. There is good standard themes which are easy to change plus you can use basic code to update.
1. Shopify has a 14 day free trial and then various prices from there. Its around $30 per month plus a small percentage of sales for the basic (but sufficient one). Increases from there.
2. You handle the delivery and return. Shopify has a good interface to manage this with the orders but that's your responsibility. Unless you dropship (having a supplier that will send out the goods for you - useful but there is a cost associated).
3. That's for you. Social. Paid. Content. There's lots of methods. A lot of articles on this out on Google. Shopify again have a University section to help teach you.
4. You need to source Vendors. Alibaba is popular.
5. Depends on the circumstances. They'll want a minimum order number.

1 & 2 are relatively easy. 3, getting people interested in your product is difficult. 4 & 5 could be problematic. Depends on the product.

Leopoldo Rodriquez

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Réponse d'origine: How does one really setup an online store?

1) The fee entirely depends on your price positioning vs exclusivity of the product

2) Offering a free return within a given period of time is always a great way to earn trust, it is also quite dangerous for business because you incur in the cost of shipping twice so there should be some condition/terms to the return

3)Promoting your store is a question of what you are selling, however, Google AdWords does a very good job if you can fit a reasonable cost of acquisition and can convert at least 2% of your traffic

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4) SSL certificate for secure transaction, a good price, and honest return policy, some testimonials or reviews, and a clear and accurate description of your product (with good images or videos), That is for clients. For Vendors you need to show them you can bring sales and you won’t destroy their brand and/or positioning in the process.

5)That entirely depends on the industry and business model, if you are drop shipping it is fairly simple, if you are stocking, thus, buying or selling on consignment it is a different story so it is hard to answer this question in a very generic way, however, if you can guarantee prompt payments to your vendor, an increase in their brand value, a good customer service related to their product it is a good start.

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