Quelle est la meilleure solution de paiement pour une startup de commerce par abonnement?

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I’m almost certain you’re looking for a simple answer to your question in the way of a specific recommendation, but unfortunately there isn’t one. In my experience, the term “best payment solution” is subjective because each person’s answer will be based on their specific business experience with a solution provider. Further, because there is not a single processor that can service every business or meet the regulatory requirements for every region of the world. The answer depends entirely on your particular needs.

E-commerce businesses typically only require a payment gateway, whereas other types of companies are more likely to require the services of a payment processor. It seems that as a startup e-commerce business, you really only need a payment gateway offering recurring billing .

Overall, your best bet in locating a payment gateway begins with evaluating your needs, and then choosing a payment gateway based on their ability to meet those needs while offering the capability to customize and scale as your business grows.

Another point of consideration is that because you are a startup you will likely encounter additional challenges in locating a payment processor willing to work with you. Generally speaking, startups don’t generate enough transaction volume to produce significant profit for gateway providers, so they tend to avoid partnering with business entities not having a proven business history. You may be limited to only one or two gateways willing to work with you until you accrue enough positive transactional history.


The best payment gateway for your e-commerce business will depend entirely on the specific features and functionalities that you determine are the most essential for your business model. You may have to partner with more than one provider to cover all of your needs, particularly for international transactions. If you are a startup, you’ll face additional challenges in finding a payment gateway provider to partner with.

Vous pouvez en apprendre davantage à partir de ces ressources:

Passerelles de paiement: Introduction

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Défis des marchands de démarrage

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Adyen (disclosure: I work for them) has tools, data, and expertise designed to help online services do the following:

  1. Maximize conversion at the initial transaction: Shoppers around the world have different payment expectations. Also important to remember - in the US, credit cards are king, but in other key markets, including Europe and China, SEPA Direct Debit et Alipay sont beaucoup plus populaires.
  2. Minimiser le soi-disant 'involontaire' baratte. Chaque intervalle de paiement, jusqu'à 10% des transactions échouent pour des raisons allant des cartes expirées au manque de fonds, en passant par des bugs techniques. Des outils tels que Account Updater et les tentatives automatiques peuvent ramener ce chiffre à 1 – 2%.

Adyen travaille avec les principaux marchands d'abonnements, notamment Spotify et Netflix, et nous avons récemment publié un livre blanc sur la façon d’optimiser les paiements des marchands par abonnement, auquel vous pouvez accéder ici: 5 Payments Insights pour l'économie de l'abonnement

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J'espère que c'est intéressant!

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On demand Startups are the most profitable today.
It can be related to such services like: taxi (Uber), food (like Seamless), package delivery (like Roadie) or even childcare service delivery (like Kango)!
If you use the above mentioned services you must be acquainted with some kind of payment methods via mobile apps.
But in case if you are an ambitious Démarrage which is going to build similar application you may be concerned about best web or mobile app payment processing solution. This article will help you find answers on these questions.

Payment feature is the most important part in any delivery/ on-demand service app.

What is online payment option?

According to the Wikipedia a Payment system is any system used to settle financial transactions through the transfer of monetary value, and includes the institutions, instruments, people, rules, procedures, standards, and technologies that make such an exchange possible.

In more simple terms, a payment system is a method for money transferring between endpoints, with the endpoints being the buyer (or buyer’s bank) and the seller (or their bank).

Types of payment methods
There are different types of payment methods which can be used in delivery service for comfortable usage.
Ils sont les suivants: Payment via credit cards, e-wallets, Cash on Delivery.

Preferred payment methods

Quelle est la meilleure solution de paiement pour une startup de commerce par abonnement?

*Infographic is based on open-data resources about payment methods in different countries

Quelle est la meilleure solution de paiement pour une startup de commerce par abonnement?

Payment via credit cards
According to the payment statistics, online shop credit card payment is one of the most popular online payment method today. But, at the same time, it can be expensive for the merchant because of transaction fees. Debit card is an excellent alternative to similar security, but usually much have cheaper charges. Besides, alternative payment methods like external payment cards, bitcoin have become leaders in the payment market, overtaking payment cards.

Portefeuilles électroniques

Wallets like PayPal and Alipay are playing major roles in the ecosystem.

Bitcoin payment processors are cheaper alternative for accepting payments online which also offer better fraud protection… More read payment for startup read in this article: What payment method is suitable for your Startup?

Quelle est la meilleure solution de paiement pour une startup de commerce par abonnement?

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A passerelle de paiement serves a channel between an eCommerce website and the bank that processes a customer’s credit card payment. It can also process debit card and eCheck (ACH) payments. The main function of the payment gateway is to en toute sécurité transmit the consumer’s confidential credit/debit card and bank account data to the issuing bank and get a reply from it about whether the transaction is accepted or declined.

Quelle est la meilleure solution de paiement pour une startup de commerce par abonnement?

Here are some of the best there are:

Norme de paiement PayPal

Quelle est la meilleure solution de paiement pour une startup de commerce par abonnement?

PayPal is a great payment gateway to use because it is instantly recognizable and your customers immediately feel safe. In fact, PayPal probably gives more protection to customers than it does to vendors.

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From a merchant perspective, you know where you stand. There are no start-up or on-going monthly fees. And the current rates are 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.


  • Easy to get started
  • No set-up or termination fees
  • Detailed transactions dashboard
  • Accept credit cards and PayPal on your website
  • Accept 26 currencies from over 200+ countries and markets


Quelle est la meilleure solution de paiement pour une startup de commerce par abonnement?

Tandis que Rayure has not been around as long as PayPal, it is certainly one of the most popular online payment gateways.

The main idea behind Stripe is that they will handle everything. They collect the payments from your customers and send them directly to your bank. Initial payment transfers may take up to seven days, but after that, you can set them up on a two-day rolling basis or weekly or monthly if your prefer.


  • Transactions handled on-site
  • No setup costs or monthly fees
  • Customers can pay using any major credit card
  • Money received is transferred to your bank on a two-day rolling basis
  • Accept payments from around the world

Moneta International

Quelle est la meilleure solution de paiement pour une startup de commerce par abonnement?

Moneta International est la solution de paiement et de gestion de trésorerie conçue pour le siècle 21. Conçu pour répondre à vos besoins, Moneta est facile à utiliser, fiable et sûr. Il s'agit d'une plate-forme de banque en ligne qui offre un compte bancaire réel auprès des banques traditionnelles. Ils travaillent principalement en Europe, à Singapour et en Pologne.


· Rembourser les fournisseurs et les filiales de manière ponctuelle ou régulière.

· Transact virements rapides et simples dans les pays européens 34

· Procéder en toute confiance à tous les transferts internationaux

· Choisissez entre USD, EUR, GBP ou accédez à une fonctionnalité de devise supplémentaire sur demande


Quelle est la meilleure solution de paiement pour une startup de commerce par abonnement?

Vericents a été fondée pour effectuer les paiements en ligne de la bonne manière. L'équipe de Vericents réunit des experts en développement, en sécurité de l'information, en conformité réglementaire et financière, en atténuation des risques et en innovation dans les applications financières. Plus que tout, ils possèdent une riche expérience, ainsi que des connaissances et le désir de bien faire les choses.

Toutes les transactions qui passent par le Vericents Les passerelles de paiement sont 3DSecure, ce qui fournit un niveau de protection supplémentaire et nécessaire. C'est un outil essentiel dans la lutte contre la fraude.

De plus, avec Vericents, vous bénéficiez d'une pré-autorisation et d'une capture des transactions, d'une facturation récurrente, ainsi que de la possibilité d'envoyer un message (e-mail ou SMS) à un client concernant un paiement.

La passerelle de paiement de Vericents vous offre une flexibilité sans précédent. La technologie étant adaptable, quelle que soit votre industrie, leur solution fonctionnera pour vous.

Hope this helps!

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Defining the only one best payment solution is impossible, just because opinions and individual business needs differ. Still, there are many good options to choose from, and the world of e-commerce needs to know about them.

Let me provide you a short round-up of payment services offered by Ikajo International.

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We have been around for more than 15 years, what granted us an opportunity to finish over 14,000 projects successfully. Currently, we process payments in 30+ currencies, what allows our clients to extend their customer base to a global level.

Quelle est la meilleure solution de paiement pour une startup de commerce par abonnement?

Now let’s dig in deeper into the services we offer, exploring which types of businesses cooperation with Ikajo International peut aider à:

businesses caring about security: we offer the possibility to process 3DS transactions;

boutiques en ligne: we process one-time payments, effectively managing online fraud;

businesses seeking flexibility: we offer a wide range of integration methods, from API to a sheer number of CMS plugins;

SaaS: we offer ready-made payment solutions for recurring billing providing you with efficient chargeback prevention tools;

businesses prioritizing transparency: we comply with PCI DSS standards and offer our customers maximum security level.

Écrivez-nous if you’d like to learn more about the services we offer.

I hope I helped.

Bonne chance!

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Dwolla may be a good option here.

Dwolla allows you to leverage the Réseau ACH, et voici no per-transaction fee—so as your subscribers grow, it will still be easy accounting. The documentation développeur is open, and you can start building in the test environment today.

Recently, Dwolla's released an On-Demand payments product that allows you to collect variable payment amounts from your customer's bank account at a later point in time for products/services. So for each month of a subscription, regardless of whether the amount stays the same or changes, you can collect payments right from your users.

Also, I’d encourage you to learn more about our integration with Kill Bill. Kill Bill is a completely open-sourced platform helping businesses grow and scale their subscription-payments infrastructure, and they also have an integration with Dwolla! It’s a great option to investigate.

Disclaimer: I work for Dwolla. Feel free to atteindre avec des questions.

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