Quelle est la meilleure passerelle de paiement pour les transactions internationales?

Jane Benson

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Bonjour - je travaille pour BlueSnap

I’ll add my company, BlueSnap, which provides both a payment gateway solution and merchant account (capable of supporting global transactions) through one integration to our platform. Here’s a breakdown of our core offerings:

Comprehensive features

  • Payment gateway & merchant account in-one
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Built-in fraud prevention
  • Subscription engine

Visitez Caractéristiques et outils | BlueSnap pour apprendre plus.

Le soutien mondial

Flexible integration options

  • An Android SDK to accept credit cards and PayPal within Android apps.
  • An iOS SDK to accept credit cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal within iOS apps.
  • For websites:
    • Hosted Payment Fields with our RESTful Payment API (if you want to design your own checkout experience)
    • Hosted Checkout solutions (if you want to host checkout on us)
    • eCommerce platform plugins for Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and plus encore

Visitez Flexible Integration Options | BlueSnap pour apprendre plus.

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Amit Makhija

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There are various factors to consider while finding out which is the best payment gateway is best. Some of these are:

  1. Service client
  2. Local language & currency support
  3. Payment options/methods
  4. Cost effectiveness (setup fees)
  5. Sécurité
  6. Frais de transaction
  7. Money Transfer to Bank Account

A few days back, while searching for payment gateways in different countries, i found one informative infographic about Top Payment Gateways available Country-wise.

Quelle est la meilleure passerelle de paiement pour les transactions internationales?

Source d'infographie: Principales passerelles de paiement: liste des principales passerelles de paiement 67 +

Currently, there are many payment gateways available worldwide such as, Rayure, 2Checkout, Master-card payment gateway service, PayPal, Et plus encore.

Based on the factors that are listed above, i would personally rate PayPal as the best payment gateway for international transactions.

Samuel Royce

Samuel Royce, Développeur de logiciels

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Almost all of the payment gateways functions, in the same manner, it’s important to make the right choice. Here are a few factors you should consider while figuring out which payment gateway you can use:

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Check out the transition fees associated with a payment gateway. Make sure that it falls within your budget.

Evaluate whether the payment gateway requires you to go through a sign-up process. If yes, then it’s better to avoid such payment gateways.

Look out for payment gateway comes with multi-currency support, especially when you want to expand your online business globally.

In order to know what products (digital or physical) you can sell, check out the terms and conditions of the payment gateways. That’s because some may only allow selling physical goods.

Check out whether your payment gateway accepts credit card, debit card, and PayPal payments.

Make sure that the payment gateway does not require your users to fill up unnecessary fields and so on.

I suggest you read this excellent article. It really helps to deep into the details.

As to the best payment service providers, I can recommend this:


In as little as 15 minutes, you add a simple PayPal button on your site. With that extra time, you can focus on making more sales (or taking a much-needed break). The downside? Customers have to leave your site to pay (upgrade to Pro for an in-site checkout — $30 monthly fee).


Stripe features the best applications of modern-day e-commerce payment solutions: secure, customizable, quick, and easy-to-setup. Plus, the extras will win you over, like allowing customers to buy products directly from a tweet or saving card information for one-click checkouts.


Dwolla says security is “their DNA.” So rather than trusting sensitive data to just any gateway, entrust your payment processing needs to a platform that values security through rigorous monitoring, strong cryptography, and constant refining.


Although, BluePay Processing is a new payment gateway and started operating in 2002, within a short span of time has earned a good reputation among merchants. BluePay accepts payments via credit card and e-checks. It claims to provide the highest level of data security in the payment gateway industry and charges $15 monthly service fees.

Chloe Ward

Chloe Ward, Développement des affaires chez Ikajo International

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Frankly speaking, there’s no right way to answer this question! The choice of a best-fitting solution always depends on the particular needs of your business. That’s why finding a flexible option is the most important.

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Ikajo International is a reliable payment service provider offering smooth, seamless, and secure payment solutions. We have a global acquiring network, process over 30 currencies, and offer 20+ integration options.

Quelle est la meilleure passerelle de paiement pour les transactions internationales?

If you’re willing to learn more about what we offer, here’s the list of our features in a nutshell:

  • Transactions 3DS et non-3DS;
  • gestion de la fraude;
  • solutions pour les devises 30 +;
  • prévention des refoulements;
  • système de protection (conforme à la norme PCI DSS);
  • Options d'intégration 20 +;
  • paiements ponctuels;
  • paiement régulier solutions;
  • paiements transfrontaliers.

As you can see, we offer payment processing solutions of different types. If you’re willing to delve deeper into our services & policies - feel free to Nous Écrire.

J'espère que j'ai aidé!

Rhys Wesley

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As it is closely related I copy my response from the following question : Quel est le meilleur système de paiement à utiliser pour les transactions internationales?

“Best” is a little bit of a tricky word - the right solution for you will depend on multiple factors, including your size, vertical, number of and which markets you wish to reach, and so on.

Having said, that, Adyen may be a provider worth considering. As a global payments system started in a relatively small domestic market (the Netherlands) 10 years ago, it was aimed at large-enterprise size international merchants with complex setups and requirements, from day one (you can read a little about the history here: Notre histoire).

For international online merchants, it has two key advantages (as well as numerous other advantages):

  1. Support for all key payment methods globally, in a single system with unified reporting and one backoffice. That means that whether you want to target Chinese shoppers with Alipay or WeChat Pay, or Brazilian shoppers with Boletos, Adyen has you covered. You can read about key payment methods here and see an overview of all payment methods here.
  2. Direct connections (acquiring licenses) with the card networks in all key global markets. Unlike many payment gateways, Adyen is a genuine full stack solution that was built in-house to span everything from gateway to risk management to acquiring in a single system. Ultimately this means higher authorization rates, and revenue, for its merchants.
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You can read more about how one global merchant - Spotify - works with Adyen.

Also worth nothing - while Adyen was originally built for large international merchants, it has a significant and expanding mid-market customer base.

Katherine Pensatori

Katherine Pensatori, Chef de produit UniPay Gateway chez United Thinkers

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Because there is no payment gateway that handles and processes every currency from every country, you'll first need to decide which countries and currencies you want to service and accept. Here's an article that can help you make an informed decision regarding that: Accepter des paiements par carte de crédit dans différentes devises - Paylosophy

If you are looking for a simple solution that will allow you to process basic transactions (not split payments, etc.), partnering with Payvision, PAY.ON, and Paysafe might be a good fit for your purposes.

If your business needs are more complex, therefore requiring a more detailed and customized solution, a partnering with a payment gateway software provider such as UniPay - Logiciel de passerelle de paiement is an excellent choice. Offering a robust selection of fully customizable features, UniPay’s software can be seamlessly integrated and certified with acquiring banks in your desired geographies.

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