Quelle est la différence entre Phishing et Pharming?

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Phishing and Pharming are two forms of attacks to lure a victim to bogus websites in order to spread malware or collect his/her personal information.

Phishing : It is technique based on social engineering , Victim is asked to supply his/her personal information (ex: Fake Facebook Login page) usually through email or websites.

For ex: Say you got the email stating you have to reset your password or Login to facebook (or any social media) for security reason(This Mail is usually spoofed) . The email contains a link. whenever you click on the link you go to a fake website. when you “log in” using your real username and password , you are actually providing your login information to a hacker .

Pharming : This Attack is usually redirecting your website traffic to a bogus website . This is done by changing host file or by exploiting on DNS server.

For ex: Think now your browsing internet suddenly , your website is redirected to another fake website(Fake website may be the Phising page or XSS ).

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Phishing is a homophone of ‘fishing’ and is similar to the idea behind ‘fishing’. This cyber attack typically preys on oblivious targets to divulge their confidential information and uses a bait to lure potential victims. One commonly used tactic involves the combination of email spoofing as a bait, tricking recipients into releasing personal data from deceivingly known sites.

Quelle est la différence entre Phishing et Pharming?

Sample of a Paypal Phishing Site (Image Source: NZ Health Tec)

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You may have received emails before asking you to change your password for social network accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. Or maybe, emails from ‘banks’ requesting you to login to their system to update your personal information. These are some frequently encountered examples of phishing and involves surrendering of sensitive data about yourself. And it is in such circumstance, you will find yourself lock in the hands of a fraudulent third-party indefinitely, likewise your visitors if your site becomes the next phishing target.


Quelle est la différence entre Phishing et Pharming?

Pharming, on the other hand, is a homophone of ‘farming’, and is a form of cyber attack that redirects all website’s traffic to a bogus site. Pharming is more extensive than Phishing because it requires manipulating a victim’s computer or exploiting a Domain Name System (DNS) server software to change the logic behind a DNS i.e DNS cache poisoning. How DNS typically works is that domain names such as ‘http://www.nicebank.com’ is keyed into the web address bar and gets redirected to a string of numbers such as ‘’. This logic, however, if changed, can redirect traffic to a different string of numbers, leading to malicious websites such as ‘http://www.n1cebank.com’ without visitors knowing.

In comparison with phishing, this tactic is not frequently carried out because of the arduous need to gain access to a server’s DNS and requires the need to inject a computer with malicious code. Still it’s always good to know what this attack is, just as knowing how fascinating the pronunciation of this term maybe.

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Phishing is a term used (and frequently nowadays) when you receive an explicit message with the headers, banner and name of a genuine sender (like your own bank) asking you to reveal your Ids and password due to “server maintenance”. It disguises as a genuine sender and asks you to reveal confidential information. Normally it comes as a email message or SMS message. Don’t respond to it , raise an alert to your genuine sender, they will handle the complaint. Pharming on other hand is a practice in which malicious code is installed on a personal computer or server, mis-directing users to fraudulent Web sites without their knowledge . It is a scamming practice and is different from Phishing which is explicit message. Be careful of both these threats.

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Phishing is nothing but making an user to visit a web site and to enter their personal sensitive information which further may harm them financially or other ways. Whereas, pharming is performing few changes in DNS entries and redirecting an user to a fake or malicious web site or web content which user thinks that it is an original one which they intended to be viewing but in reality it is to be fake or wrong one. Through pharming, hackers manipulates users to visit website which looks similarly as an original one.

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Phishing and pharming are two different ways hackers attempt to manipulate users via the Internet. Phishing involves getting a user to enter personal information via a fake website. Pharming involves modifying DNS entries, which causes users to be directed to the wrong website when they visit a certain Web address.

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Phishing- create fake webpage like Facebook login , use your social engineering skills to believe them that it's original or trick them to login. Now you have successfully attempted phishing.

Pharming- do call spoofing or just call and tell them you're calling from blah blah bank and you need username password (social engineering skills) for security checks. Now you have successfully attempted pharming

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