Quelle est la différence entre Alibaba et Taobao?

Annie Yang

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Alibaba is the name of the holding company for a network of China e-commerce websites like (Taobao.com, Tmall.com, Alibaba.com, et 1688.com).

I understand your questions is referring to Alibaba as a website rather than Alibaba as a holding company.

Alibaba is meant primarily as a B-to-B platform whereas Taobao is meant as a B-to-C and C-to-C platform.

Alibaba sells mainly to foreigners and is offered mainly in English. Taobao on the other hand is mainly meant for local sellers to sell to local buyers.

On Alibaba, goods are priced in US dollars whereas on Taobao goods are price in RMB.

Goods on Alibaba usually have a minimum order quantity whereas goods on Taobao don’t.

Because Alibaba is catered to foreigners and offers ‘foreigner prices’ it may actually be a better idea to buy from 1688.com instead. 1688 is the website local suppliers use to supply to local sellers - hence the prices are lower and the deals are much better.

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Quelle est la différence entre Alibaba et Taobao?

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It’s a wrong question to compare Alibaba and Taobao from the title. Alibaba is a group not only own well known online stores like alibaba, tmall, taobao, juhuasuan, 1688 and aliexpress but also has Alipay, Youku, YunOS, UC browser etc. in different internet industry, Besides, it also invested more than 70 companies.

Hence, we can compare the difference between two websites. Alibaba is an English B2B website for wholesale while taobao is a Chinese C2C website for retail. That’s the main difference between them. Alibaba website focuses more on the foreign trade business while taobao is mainly serve Chinese mainland market. Also Alibaba has a Chinese website named 1688 which is mainly serve the B2B and B2C business in China mainland.

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Taobao is the biggest online shopping marketplace in China, founded in May 10, 2003 by the Alibaba Group. Taobao is where you can find great quality items at extremely low prices. It’s a Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) platform offering high visibility for products and services. While Alibaba.com can be a great tool in making your business grows and succeeds. It’s a business to business platform that aims to connect millions of suppliers and buyers around the world. It’s for buyers who intend to do wholesale buying for low prices. You can find million of products and thousand of suppliers to source from on this platform.

Online shopping in China can be quite daunting and confusing especially if you are inexperienced from it. But you can find a China Buying Agent who can be a great help. They make shopping in China convenient and easy for everyone who wants to shop from there.

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First: Taobao is a retail model. Taobao is mainly focused on retail, for end users.Taobao for C2C consumers also between the sale.

Taobao many businesses are from Alibaba above order products.

Second:Alibaba mainly for the wholesale (including exports and domestic sales), for dealers, agents, Taobao customers are individuals, is a B2C or C2C model. At the same time, Alibaba is also divided into international and Chinese stations(1688).

The only thing you must focus on is that you should find more reliable suppliers and good products from Alibaba/Aliexpress/1688.

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If you are concerned about language issues, you can use Google Translate.

Xin Gu

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Normally, when people saying Taobao, they are referring to taobao.com. It is a super popular B2C website in China. Too be honest, shopping in taobao.combecame a habit that I do almost everyday.

Alibaba refers to B2B website. alibaba.com is an B2B site in English targetting international business while 1688.com is another B2B site in Chinese. There is also price difference from these two B2B sites, which is the reason why I often help international companies to purchase in 1688.com and shipping to other countries.

Further, there is an English version of taobao - Aliexpress.com . This is a B2B site for international customers however the shipping speed may take 3 weeks to 3 months.

Ariana Cao

Ariana Cao, worked at Alibaba

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Alibaba is a big company, it has many subsidiaries. like, http://www.alibaba.com, http://www.aliexpress.com, http://www.taobao.com, http://www.tmall.com, http://www.alipay.com, Etc.

For the difference between http://www.alibaba.com et http://www.taobao.com,

http://www.alibaba.com is , more like a B2B website, and it is Facing global suppliers and global buyers, it has many different language sites.

Les www.taobao.com, it just has Chinese website, more like a B2C, C2C website, for individual buyers.

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