Quelle est la chose la plus folle que vous ayez jamais faite?

Aniket Bharadwaj

Aniket Bharadwaj, LLB at National Law University, Jodhpur (2015-present)

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I have done things you can't even imagine of. Here is a list:

You might not believe many things. Well in that case, you can DM me for proofs. (On Instagram or Facebook) @fidomemes • Instagram photos and videos

So, let's go:

  1. Ate raw bittergourd just to prove it is my favorite vegetable.
  2. Gulped a full orange in one go. Why? Because I was alone in my college hostel on Navratri and hence, Bored.
  3. Value for money--> Ate like a Savage at Barbeque Nation: 8 Chicken Lollipops: 19 Mutton Keema, 4 Paneer Tikka, 9 Prawns, 4 Fish Fries, 12 Chicken Tikka, 7 Kulfis, 13 Gulab Jamuns, 1 Lemonade, 1 Pastry, Barbeque Special Corn, Kheer, Watermelon, Papaya, 4 Brownies, Veg Fry Something, Water.
  4. Won “who eats the maximum chapattis” competition in my college by a comfortable margin of 5 chapattis. I ate 18.
  5. Again, won the maximum “Pav Bhaji” competition. I gobbled down 32 Pavs (buns).
  6. Some crazy things after gym:
    1. Omelette of 16 eggs.
    2. 1.5 Litre Banana Shake in one go.
    3. Same amount of Chickoo shake. Yummy!
  7. 76–80 Push-ups in one go. Again, a challenge. (Bang Bang Challenge)
  8. Carried my friend with an injured knee on my shoulders to the mess because he couldn't walk properly. Friendship Goals!
  9. Cycled to coaching with 270 kgs (approx) on my cycle.
  10. Cycled to the next nearby railway station to handover something to my relatives. They forgot one bag at my home. I don't know how to drive a bike. And CYCLE IS LOVE!
  11. Asked the meaning of a Odiya cuss word from a random female stranger. Word was Bando (dick).
  12. Hopped one bathroom to lock the adjacent bathroom from inside. Why? It's a long story. In short, one guy was irritating me and my group. Took revenge.
  13. Mixed alcohol in my grandma's cough syrup. Don't start judging me. It's a long story and I was a kid.
  14. Replaced grandma's beauty cream with Glue. She used to force my dad to beat my mom.
  15. Sat in my college exams with a supplementry sheet. What's big in this? I took an extra supplementary sheet a day before, wrote important formulas and took it to the exam hall the next day. Cheating with SWAG. Not something to brag about but these things add to your college memories.
  16. Crashed a Colonel's anniversary ceremony.
  17. Proposed my ex by singing a song. She replied in a yes, by singing the next stanza of the song.
  18. Slept in my CAT Verbal paper. Slept means left solving the paper literally and slept. Woke up 10 mins before the next section was about to commence. Got 47 percentile in Verbal. Lol!
  19. Wore a T-shirt with my girlfriend's name for a whole day in my college.
  20. Ate detergent Maggi recently.
  21. Plucked all the mangoes from a tree in my Village home backyard at around 1 AM. Why? Because half of the tree was on my neighbor's side and we had a fight. I was not in a mood to share my mangoes with them.
  22. Ate 'peda' (solidified milk) sitting on the roof of a house in Kota at around 12 noon. What's big and why was I eating there? Well, those pedas were made with love by my dad and bloody fungus were planning to consume them. Kept the pedas in the sun to kill them and consumed all of them on the same day. I don't waste food.
  23. Drank an entire bowl of ghee because the restaurant was too costly.

PS: There are many. I forgot some. I will keep on updating the list as I remember. In case any question popped in your mind, then, YES YOU ARE RIGHT.

Samavedula Venkata Rama Sastry

Samavedula Venkata Rama Sastry, former Superintending Survey Officer at Singareni Collieries Company Limited (1974-2012)

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It was 1990. I was working in Ramakrishnapur as Senior Survey Officer. One day I have taken compensatory rest for working on a Sunday on our daughter’s insistence. She is studying 1 st. class then.She also bunked school, although reason said being not well, it is a lie. Just she want to play with me some games such as trade, ludo etc.. Our son who is studying in 5 th class has gone to school.

My self along with our daughter were playing ludo. My wife was working in kitchen. In those days my daughter used to ask me to do different things such as act like so and so actor, which I obediently used to do so.Also how Ambedkar, Rajiv Gandhi, N.T.Rama Rao behaves if they are empires of cricket. It will be very hillarious. My son is expert about those acts, even now.

So on that day our Daughter suddenly got some wild Idea. She asked me portray the role of a dead man and she will act as a weeping by stander.

So not thinking about the consequences i obliged. I lie down on the floor with my eyes closed and acted like a dead body.Our daughter started weeping “daddy, what happened to you. please get up” and she over acted it.

Her mother came running from kitchen and saw both of us and stunned. She first assumed it was act, because she was accustomed to seeing such type of acts. But I also over acted a bit.

So she stunned and tried to shake me. I stood my ground and stalled breathing. Then with a shock in her face, she kept silent for a minute or so, then she too started crying really. I then knew that the situation is becoming some what serious and I stood up laughing.And my daughter is also started laughing.

Then my wife has become so angry that she slapped my daughter for the first time in her life.She also started scolding me with such a language which was done never before.

Then for four or five days there is cold war between both of us.

Then I learnt my lesson. Do not over do funny acting.

I think this is the craziest thing I have ever done.

Simon Brown

Simon Brown, one says great, two say shite

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Réponse d'origine: What is the craziest thing that you have ever done?

This is a tough question for someone with bipolar1 to answer, so much craziness, hmmm, what is the craziest?

  • Driving down the freeway at 120kmh in a ute/pickup loaded with outdoor furniture higher than the cab and not tied down was silly.
  • Confronting a massive islander (Maori, Tongan?) in a pub who was there with his rugby team was silly.
  • Driving at 140kmh down a busy 80kmh road in the middle of the day was silly, a lot of my driving was though.
  • Throwing my laptop in the river because I thought technology was fucking up the world was silly.
  • Driving slowly in front of a Mercedes driver who I thought cut me off and annoying him to the point where he pulled up beside me at the next traffic light and screamed at me "I'm going to fuck your mother and burn your house down!!". I got out of the car, tried to grab him through the passenger window which he started winding up so started shaking it violently and screamed at him "I am going to rip this out and cut your fucken head off!!". But instead I just kicked the side of his car in. That incident had me introduced to a nice judge, very silly.
  • Stealing stuff, horrible.
  • Attempting suicide, very silly.
  • Spending tens of thousands of dollars of my savings on crap in a mania induced shopping frenzy was silly.
  • Screwing around on my girlfriend while in the throes of hyper-sexuality was silly.
  • Screwing a married woman while in the throes of hyper-sexuality was silly, particularly because her husband was huge and could snap me in half.
  • Writing and drawing on the walls and ceiling of my house, with many references to my similarity to Jesus, Buddha etc was silly, particularly as I'm an atheist.
  • Screaming at people picking up their bags at the airport for being rude bastards who should let others in and out to get their bags and nearly punching on with some guy was silly.
  • Giving away too much money to homeless people on the streets was silly.
  • Asking a cop for directions to the nearest sex shop was silly. (the poor bastard thought it was a set-up)
  • Seeing a fucked up bloke at the casino drop a baggy, pouncing on it and gulping down two pills was silly. (pretty sure it was ecstasy).
  • Trashing a friends house because they couldn't deal with my manic behaviour, that was horrible.
  • Being a complete asshole to the people I liked and loved and then tracking down people who had fucked me over to be nice to them, bizarre?
  • Man, so much stupid behaviour, but I think the craziest was walking the streets butt naked with an axe handle and eventually standing out the front of my neighbours house in the wee hours screaming that he was a paedophile. As far as I know he wasn't and there was no reason for me to do this, I hardly knew him. That was a difficult apology after I came back down. These are just some of the things I remember, god knows what I've forgotten.
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Why do I admit to all this here on Quora? Because I want society to have a better understanding of people with mental illnesses. I couldn't help this behaviour because I was mad at the time. Please understand that people like me can do horrible things, terrible things, but it's the illness that drives them, not the persons character or personality.

When you see the news next time and it informs you about a mentally disturbed person doing something awful I hope you can see beyond them to their illness and feel some compassion for not just the people they upset or hurt, but also for them in the throes of their madness and their loved ones who suffer immensely with them. The guilt involved with these types of actions is immense, particularly as depression follows mania and that's when the consequences of your actions really hits you. Many people with bipolar commit suicide at this point.



Despite widespread public fears of dangerous psychotic patients, individuals suffering from severe mental illness are far more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators of violence. One study revealed that they experienced violent victimization at four times the rate of the general population. In another study, 25% of those with severe mental illness were victims of violence as compared to only 3% of the general population. (Source.)

For the Last Time, Stop Conflating Violence and Mental Illness



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Réponse d'origine: What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

Although I was A2A, I am going to have to add mine anonymously since most of my stories involve guns, hookers, and drugs. (un)Fortunately, none of my stories ever make it to 10s, but most usually top out at a solid 8.


I had a friend who could never get laid. At first he was the joke of the group, especially since he couldn't get with some of the really easy girls the rest of us had. Eventually it became our goal to get him laid one way or another. One night his roommate was browsing My Redbook to find some 'strippers' to do an out call for him. We decided to make it a big deal with 151 daiquiris.

When the girl showed up, we were already pretty drunk off beer, so we offered her one and just started chatting. We asked her how she got into 'stripping' and she replied, "My little brother owes the Nortenos a lot of money, so I am doing this to pay off his debt." At that, one of the other roommates and I locked eyes and non-verbally asked each other for a pow wow upstairs. Immediately we blurted out the same thing, "Her Norte pimp is out side with some homies and she is casing the place for them." He loaded his shotgun and I put a .40 in my back waistband. We quickly covered our plan and headed back down stairs.

I went into the kitchen to start making the daiquiris. At some point, I dropped something that made a loud noise. Without thinking, I bent over to grab it and my shirt came up my back to reveal the butt of the pistol. I got up turned around to see who saw, and everyone was looking at me. The 'stripper' had the strangest look on her face, "What's up with the piece?" "Oh, you know, weird things been happening in the neighborhood." Yeah, like the college students on the corner having hooker and daiquiri parties. She wasn't amused and slightly unsettled. She then asked to get the show on the road.

After a bit we sent her up stairs with the guy she was meant for. After about 20 minutes, she comes storming down the stairs demanding more money and saying we are all fucking weird. We asked her what happened and she said nothing, she sat and talked to him for a bit then ended up making out with him and now needed more money since she doesn't kiss her clients. At this point, he comes running down the stairs yelling, "Whatever guys! Just give her what she wants and get her the fuck out of here!" His roommate forked over the cash and she left. The rest of the night we were on high alert.

A few weeks later we kidnapped him and dropped him off at a pre-paid rub-n-tug to finish what we started.


One day, a couple of my friends and I decided to go to a comedy show in The City. We showed up in Sausalito to pregame at one of our friend's brother's house. Sufficiently buzzed, we walked down to the ferry. Once on the ferry we kept drinking. Once in The City, we bought some 32 oz beers and paper bagged it.

By this time we were pretty screwed up. I can't remember the order of things, but we were almost denied entrance to the club, attacked by the comedian, and a Maserati got its tire slashed. I don't know what it was, but the horrible really came out in us that night.

We ended up leaving the club since we were arguing with the comedian while he was on stage. We had nowhere else to go but Broadway. I think we were in the Garden of Eden when we ordered our last drinks. Some stripper came out and did the stripper-napping maneuver where they grab your hand and start leading you someplace. I was trying to explain that I didn't want a dance, but she ignored me.

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She dragged me to the back room and forced me down on a bench thing. She sat on my lap, looked me in the eye and asked, "Do you like coke?" Again, without thinking I mumble, "Uh-huh." "Do you want some?" "Sure," thinking it was free, "you aren't a cop, are you?" These were the magic words. She stood up and cocked her fist back and said, "HELL NO! What? Are you a cop?!" A bit more than a little freaked out I assured her I wasn't a cop.

She settled down then told me she had to get it from her locker but needed $80. At the time, a gram was about $40-50 for good coke, so I figured I was going to see a good amount of some pretty good stuff. I forgot to think about how shitfaced I was. I went to the ATM, took out $80, and went back to the back room. She pulled out maybe .75 grams and then did half. I thought she might have more in another baggy, so I didn't say anything and finished off the bag. Whatever it was, it wasn't what I called coke and was heavily cut with baking soda. My nose began to burn, and the uptake felt really strange. Way too intense. I was pretty sure I just snorted meth.

After my nose stopped itching, she asked me how it was and I said it sucked. She got kinda offend and told me I did more than she though and she needed another $80. I told her that was bullshit and started arguing about the size and quality. "Do you want me to get one of the guys back here?" She asked. Hell no. I told her that it was fine and I would hit the ATM again. I left the back room. Yelled to my buddies that we needed to go NOW, and practically sprinted for the door. I managed to escape without dealing with the bouncers.

The remaining three hours or so in San Francisco were horrible. I was tweaking hard. I had never done, nor wanted to do, meth. It wasn't fun. We wondered into Chinatown to get some food. The only place open at that time of night was this hole-in-the-wall place that was absolutely packed but only about 12 feet wide. No exaggeration. We had to squeeze between seated patrons to get to the back where there were stairs that led up another two floors of seating. When we finally got to the third floor and sat down, everyone in the room was staring at us.

We were the only white guys in the entire place and with all of us over six foot, we stood out. Guys with creepy tattoos were sitting behind us staring and speaking to one another in Chinese. I am 80% sure they were Triads. We got our chicken and got the hell out of there. I don't remember how we got back to Marin, but I didn't sleep until the next night. What I learned, doing drugs is bad, but buying them from a stripper at the sleaziest place in San Francisco is worse.


One night back in high school, my friends and I tried going to a house party that an acquaintance was throwing. The kid we knew was a mild-mannered and pretty chill guy who went to our school. His brother was a wannabe thug asshole who went to our rival school. I had never met the brother, but I had heard of him.

Before we went to the party, my friend who was driving needed to pick up these two younger kids who were supposed to be hanging out with us. The other friend and I were trying to be all cool seniors and told him we didn't want any lower classmen around. He ignored us, so she and I ignored the kids.

The whole way there, they were talking about the brother and how much of a badass he was. We just dismissed it since they were just stupid sophomores. We assumed his dickheadedness was blown out of proportion.

We arrived at the party, parked about 50 feet from the apartment, and walked up. We knocked on the door a bunch of times before someone finally answered. It was the brother.

"Hey, is your brother here?"
"Why would he be here?"
"We thought he was throwing the party."
"Fuck him, this is my party and I don't know you guys so you can't come it."
"Uh, Ok."

As we started walking away, I thought I saw another one of my friends come to the door from inside the party. I called out to him, but it must have been someone else. Instead, the brother looks at me and yells, "What?! You think you are hard?! Keep walking, leave quietly!" I told him I just thought that I saw someone I knew, but it was useless, he was obliterated. I turned around and started walking to the car.

A dozen or so people had poured out of the apartment now to see what he was yelling about. In order to impress them, he followed me as I was walking to the car. He was right behind me, within inches of my body trying to intimidate me. He may have been my height, but I was bigger, and, as he would soon find out, a whole lot crazier. He continued to shadow me, and every time I looked over my shoulder he would yell something about me being hard or leaving quietly.

As we approached the car, I pulled my key chain out of my pocket. I walked around to the passenger's side and turned around once more to meet his right fist. The asshole coldclocked me for no reason so I rushed him. I hit him right at his waist but he managed to brace himself and grab onto my brand new expensive jacket. He tried pulling it over my head and I heard it start to rip some place. I lost it. On my key chain was a spring assisted box cutter I used for work. I flipped it open and jammed it into his left side somewhere just below the rib cage. He immediately let go, stumbled back, then got up and ran.

I jumped into the car and told my friend to get us out of here. It all happened so fast that they hadn't really seen. We flew out of that complex and got to a shopping mall about three miles away. I asked him to stop and I got out and threw the knife on top of the mall. In a few months, they tore down that building. I then told them what happened.


I think those are my top 3, that I recall right now, in increasing order of craziness.

Bhupinder Kour (भूपिंदर कौर)

Bhupinder Kour (भूपिंदर कौर), lives in New Delhi ,India (2016-present)

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I ran away from my home when I was in 7th.

Quelle est la chose la plus folle que vous ayez jamais faite?

Okay, please no judgment. Let me share the complete story.

A night before this incident happened, we got a call from our maternal parent’s home, saying that we all are going to see a girl tomorrow morning for my uncle (mother’s brother), which means “No School Tomorrow».

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I know all of us used to fall for these THREE MAGICAL WORDS. But unfortunately, not me. Being a super studious girl popular for for solving mathematical problems till 2 am in the lamp light, a day off from school was indigestible to me, especially when I was having a Class test of Social Science next morning.

I request my mom to let me go to school and give the exam. I have prepared badly for it. But, she denied. I got frustrated, and left for the bed earlier. A smile appeared on my mom’s face since she knew I was not old enough to do everything independently, especially when it comes to preparing food. And not to mention, the bus fare to reach school.

Next morning, when she woke up at 9 am, it was a normal and sweet morning like any other morning. But, not for a longer - all thanks to me.

She searched for me everywhere, but I was no where. She, at once, rushed to my room to look for my bag, uniform and shoes. To her surprise, there was nothing. She went to the mirror area and found hair in the comb. Adding to it, she found some dirty utensils in the kitchen dish.

Soon, she realized that her ‘not so old’ girl has woke up early, prepared food for herself, combed her hair, and left for the school at 6:30. Not so surprising for her, she knew I save money and so have enough money to pay as my bus fare.

Mixed feelings aroused in her heart. On one side, she was angry that I went against her decision. While, on the other side, she was worried what if something wrong happens with her ‘not-so-normal’ girl. At the same time, a feeling of proud emerged out in her heart realizing I managed everything on my own.

At evening, when I reached back from school, she didn’t shout at me. But, served me food with a blend of fear and proud. At saying about relatives - I became their new topic of gossips. Everyone started making fun of me and teasing me.

So, this is all that I find crazy enough to find in kids these days.

Wait, what? You want to know what happened in school?

Well, it’s quite heartbreaking to share that the teacher came to class but postponed the class test, which means all of my efforts and the outcome I experienced went into vain.

Russell Backman

Russell Backman, Counselor/School Psych for over 25 years.

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Réponse d'origine: What is the most shocking thing you’ve ever experienced?

I was 21, and living with my then girl friend. Her father was an alcoholic and a mean bastard. He berated everyone within earshot. Eventually his alcoholism caught up with him in the form of cirrhosis of the liver.

He was hospitalized for the last time, and on his death bed. To watch the decline of his body and mind was horrible as he neared death. I was there to give comfort to his daughter (my GF) and his wife.

On the the night of his death, I was there with my mother, and GF friend. He rallied back. It was amazing. He wanted to eat. He actually got out of bed and walked to the bathroom, which he hadn’t done in days etc. He was talking a bit.

Then all of sudden it was like someone flicked his switch from on to off. Within an hour or so he reverted back to his previous condition, then slipped rapidly into death, while we all were at his bedside.

Shikha Jain

Shikha Jain, Head- International Sales (2016-present)

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Réponse d'origine: What is the most shocking thing you’ve ever experienced?

The most shocking thing I have ever experienced is seeing a maid getting removed from her job although when the fault wasn’t hers.

My parents live in Indore in Madhya Pradesh. My mum and dad have a huge circle so once Mom narrated an incident to me which left my blood boiling!!

One of her close friends had a full time maid called “Sugna”. She was working there since last 3 years. She had become like a part of her family.

Let’s call my Mum’s friend “Shalini”

So Shalini Aunty very well knew the character of her husband but never attempted to accept it just for the sake of saving her fake marriage. Let’s call her husband “Sujoy”

One day, Sugna came running to Shalini aunty and said, “Bhabhi apse much baat karni thi (Madam, I need to talk to you)

Shalini Aunty: Arre Sugna, kya hua bolo na. Pagaar Badhani hai? (What happened Sugna? Do you want a hike in your salary)

Sugna: Nahi Nahi Bhabhiji. Baat ye hai ki Bhaiyya humko bhaut pareshan karte hain, gandi nazar se dekhte hain, chedhte hain sur hum bolte hain hum Bhabhi ko bata denge toh bolte hain jan, bol do par Hajari kabhi Himmat nahi hui kyunki hum gareeb hain. majboor hain. ( The thing is that madam, your husband is a creep and complete tharkee. He abuses me sexually and is harassing me all the time)

Shalini Aunty: Mujhe pata hai Sugna par main kuch nahi kar sakti. Ye sab unki aadat ban chuki hai. Main bhaiyya se baat karungi aur ab woh aisa nahi karenge. Please tum kisi se kuch mat kehna. ( I know everything Sugna but I am helpless. I will talk to him and tell him to stop doing all this but please don’t tell this to anyone and forget it please.)

From next day, Sujoy doesn't repeat his behaviour with Sugna Bai but starts searching for a new target.

Isn’t it sad and shocking that a woman who should be strong and throw Sujoy out of the house knowing his character, is hiding things just for the sake of him being her husband and just to protect their image in the society.

Women should always remember that behaviour can be altered but a person’s character can never be changed.

Result: Sugna is thrown out of the house and everyone is informed in the colony not to hire her for any household chores.

Next day, Laxmi comes and the story repeats.

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