Quelle aurait été une stratégie gagnante pour Hillary Clinton d’avoir remporté les élections présidentielles? Ou était-elle condamnée dès le début?

Steve Murch

Steve Murch, électeur indépendant

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To: Madam Secretary Clinton

Date: January 22, 2009

Re: Political strategy, 2016

Thanks to the time-travel machine that Elon and Grimes Musk let me borrow, I’ve just returned from 2016, and let me tell you, you’re in luck!

Come 2015, you’re the clear front-runner choice, you’ll have the endorsement of a president with great personal popularity, your only viable primary opponent will have joined the Democratic Party at the last-minute, and is — get this — a cranky 70-year old, hunched over self-described socialiste with a penchant for shouting whose most concrete legislative accomplishment is likely to be renaming a courthouse.

You’ll have the entire DNC establishment leaning on the scale for you — you’ll even get a debate question or two in avancer so you can really knock it out of the park!

And, while sure, a few Americans might be reluctant to see a woman in the White House, that number will be dwarfed by the millions of Americans who will WANT to vote for you primarily car you’re a woman. In fact, for millions, your gender will be en tête as to why they’re supporting you, far beyond any specific policy notions. So the fact that you’re female is a huge net positive for you. Plus, you’re a centrist Democrat, so you’ll have CNN, CBS, Le New York Times, Washington Post, la Los Angeles Times, NBC, MSNBC, NPR, PBS, L'Atlantique, The New Yorker, Temps, much of academia (at least those who don’t favor the socialist), Hollywood, Silicon Valley and the music industry all generally in line with your political perspectives. And even if you do happen to get yourself into some legal trouble, you’ll have the Lynch DOJ doing its level best to cover for you, handing out immunity agreements like they’re candy.

As if all this weren’t enough, in the general election après the primary, you’ll also be running against the most unfavorable opponent in US history: Donald Trump! Yes, cette Donald Trump! And there’s a hot mic Access Hollywood tape snippet that NBC is going to leak for you that’ll be awesome. I’m serious.

So, your winning “strategy” isn’t rocket science; it’s simply a set of straightforward tactical steps, all entirely in your control:

  1. First off, why am I sending this to [email protected]? Why isn’t this a dot-gov address? Good lord, don’t set up an off-books, self-hosted email server. Just don’t. You’re a Secretary of State, and you’ve got to be aware that you’re not exactly trusted in the public eye.
  2. If you feel you étaient to, at the very least, demander someone in authority for official permission.
  3. Don’t mix foundation and federal work
  4. Don’t lie about it if you did
  5. Don’t joke about it
  6. Don’t correspond with the president via his pseudonym over your server. How is that not classified?
  7. Read US 18, S793(f), it’s only a paragraph. Note that it only requires gross negligence — they don’t even have to prove that you prévu to do harm. So don’t be careless.
  8. Pay attention in your numerous classified information briefings: information is classified by its teneur, not its markings or headers.
  9. Don’t stonewall FOIA and Federal Records Act requests; it’ll look like you’re hiding something
  10. Don’t refuse requests to have an independent observer review ALL emails
  11. Disclose it properly if you do set up a self hosted email server
  12. Don’t say you did so “for convenience,” cuz pretty much everyone knows how to set up multiple email accounts on a single device, and it’ll sound like you’re trying to pull something over on people
  13. If you finally do try to come clean about it, do so fully, and recognize that people feel a right to their own documents. Work related correspondence is not yours, they are the people’s records. Don’t lie repeatedly, and for god’s sake don’t stage a disingenuous non-mea-culpa under a painting of Gernika.
  14. Don’t allow team members to delete Congressionally subpoenaed archives, because that’s a felony
  15. Don’t accept millions of dollars in foreign donations for the foundation and/or speaking fees while you are a sitting Secretary of State, because that’s a major conflict of interest. You remember that agreement that you worked out with the Obama administration about disclosure? Abide by it.
  16. If you hear that your husband is going to meet with the Attorney General while you’re being investigated by the FBI, do what you can to stop him
  17. Don’t call half of your opponent’s voters deplorable
  18. Don’t say that you’re gonna “put a lot of coal miners out of work”
  19. Don’t use lame terms like “Everyday Americans” that only confirm a negative perception that you might be a little elitist and at a minimum overly poll-driven
  20. Don’t shout into the camera “YOU MAY ASK YOURSELF WHY AREN’T I AHEAD BY FIFTY POINTS?” because literally no one will be asking that by then
  21. Avoir un authentique, consistent and inspiring message that comes from within, not pollsters. A camel is a horse designed by committee.
  22. Visit Wisconsin. I mean, you know it’s not assured, right? This is the state that elected Paul Ryan and Scott Walker.
  23. Know that in 2016, hardly any Americans are actually going to deeply care about Dorothy Rodham, whether she got on or off a train, or whatever the hell she did. But we fully understand her life was meaningful to vous. But is my deceased mom’s life story going to change your vote? I thought not.
  24. Understand that while Obama was personnellement popular (witty, great comic timing, good orator, intelligent, fit, good looking, by all data a very good father, etc) many of his policies weren’t. A lot of people weren’t happy with the single biggest “achievement” of the Obama administration— the ACA. The American public doesn’t love being lied to, insulted or taken for fools.
  25. Understand that a lot of the public was also quite unhappy with Obama’s foreign policy results (ISIS-as-JV-team, “violent extremism”, Russian reset, Crimea, Ukraine, Blown opportunities with the Arab Spring, Syria, Libya, Iran deal, South China Sea, etc.)
  26. Don’t allow a primary to be, or even seem to be, rigged in your favor, because it’ll really piss off people if they feel the primary wasn’t fair, and many of them won’t support you in the general
  27. If you’ve got pneumonia, be willing to state it up front and take a week or two off the campaign trail. It’s not a big deal. But fainting and lying about allergies or something might cause people to trust you less.
  28. Don’t just rely on data. Listen to people and understand why a lot of Americans are rightly tired of identity politics, and think sometimes “political correctness” and hard-left shutdowns have gone too far
  29. Since one of your main negatives is that people think you’re elitist and aloof, don’t rope off the press, either metaphorically or literally. Travel on the same bus/plane with them.
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I feel silly even writing the above, because they’re not rocket science. No one seeking the trust of the American people would have toutes doubt about any of these, and you’re a smart, Yale-educated lawyer that’s “the most qualified presidential candidate in history*”!

Anyhoo. The items above are so fundamental I’m sure I didn’t even have to write them down. But I felt I had to say it. Hell, you could probably even get by flubbing a couple of these, but for God’s sake don’t blow tout d'eux.

So good luck, Madam President, you’ve got it made.


*Oh and hey, sorry Thomas Jefferson! I know you were a Continental Congress delegate, that you not only signed the Declaration of Independence but wrote it, that you were a Secretary of State who helped get the French to tip the scales to win our independence as a nation, served as Governor of Virginia and Vice President of the United States and all, but she traveled way more miles than you.

Scott Linder

Scott Linder, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics (2000-present)

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You asked for a winning strategy. I don’t know. But here are some pretty stunning numbers, some of which reveal obvious strategic error.

  1. Clinton made no visits to Wisconsin. Zero.
  2. Clinton made a grand total of 70 campaign stops between September 1 and Election Day, out-hustled by Trump’s 106 stops (3 stops for every 2 of hers). The Last 10 Weeks Of 2016 Campaign Stops In One Handy Gif
  3. While Clinton’s campaign ignored pleas from her troops on the ground in Michigan to shift resources from Iowa (which looked increasingly hopeless to the campaign), those please were ignored. Brooklyn headquarters believed that shifting resources to Michigan would signal to the Trump campaign that Michigan was in play… something they already knew. How Clinton lost Michigan — and blew the election
  4. She attended more than 350 fundraisers, compared with about 50 or 60 for Trump. Her campaign raised $502 million, almost twice that of Trump’s campaign ($258 million). At what point does one stop making fundraising appearances (many in California and New York), especially after the conventions… and instead make campaign visits to swing states? Clinton's and Trump's Campaigns by the Numbers
  5. She outspent Trump almost 3:1 on TV ads ($253 million vs. $93 million).
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Timothy Simons

Timothy Simons, Professeur d'histoire (retraité)

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Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party never presented a coherent platform. In just about everybody’s book, outside the United States, the Clintonian style of government is considered right-wing, even high on the authoritarian scale. They were status quo, law n’ order, pay lip service to a few warts, to attract the basically single agenda liberal, and they never took a progressive stance.

Progressives, if they voted for Clinton, did so holding their noses. Progressives tend to be thinkers, and Trump showed his ridiculous idiocy early. At no time did she address the fears that the times are changing, politically, geographically, demographically, financially, and all that without addressing the weather/climate. She should have pointed out the problems of the country, the world for that matter, and this or that is what we need to start doing about them.

Instead, she was a hawk, and didn’t want to upset the big money, corporations and banks, and she coddled them. She went with the syndrome that lots of money can buy elections. Starting with the banking system, the root of the income/wealth disparity, caused by how the money supply is introduced into the economy through the banks, she calmed their fears, and made no attempt to address the problem.

Progressives, abhorred with Trump, also disliked the prospect of another four or eight years of a fundamentally conservative agenda, still racing down a highway that has turned into a dirt road, with darkening skys overhead, threatening to turn the road into pure mud.

Trump’s use of the free press, by using disinformation (aided by Russian bots) got him the electoral vote, by the thinnest of margins. Clinton’s money bought her the popular vote from the more educated populations, who considered Trump to be the greater of two evils. They considered it probably better to hold the course, than trying to sink the ship, with no destination on the set heading.

Brian Good

Brian Good

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Hillary was the second-most despised presidential candidate in the history of polling. My impression was that she focused on smiling and touting her experience — as if everything were all right and her experience was something to brag about instead of an indictment of her participation in everything that made the world the way it is today.

Half of the voters did not vote. Half of Hillary’s voters were voting against Trump, and half of Trump voters were voting against Hillary. Thus 1/8th of the electorate voted affirmatively for Trump, and 1/8th of the electorate voted affirmatively for Hillary.

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In my opinion the way for Hillary to win would have been to engage the voters who don’t vote, who don’t even register, by proposing plans that might actually serve the people. Jill Stein proposed such a plan — forgive student debt, cut the military budget, free health care for all, a “Green New Deal” making jobs in installing sustainable Green infrastructure. Hillary ran a “more of the same” campaign with no new ideas whatsoever — seemingly without a clue that tens of millions of Americans were hurting.

Her attitude reminded me of Hubert Humphrey when he was nominated as the Democratic candidate in 1968. There was a very porcine Hubert bowing and smiling as he accepted the nomination with the tune “Happy Days are Here Again!” played over. Meanwhile on Michigan Avenue, anti-war demonstrators (who had nominated an actual pig named “Pigasus” as their candidate) were getting their heads bloodied in a police riot on national TV. The demonstrators chanted “the whole world is watching” and it was true.

Bill Carson

Bill Carson, Scientific

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hillary was an astonishingly shitty candidate. She failed to win even when the process was totally rigged in her favor !! She had the media, entertainment, both Republican AND democrat establishment, and she owned the dnc and could thus route out bernie, infinite funding source$, etc, etc, etc……

I think she was doomed from the start, and it was mostly a matter of time. The very basis of the hillary campaign was to burn off the residual fumes of the clinton name. hillary started out about 20pts ahead. Unfortunately she decided to run at the exact time that the clinton fumes were beginning to burn out. As the campaign continued and time passed, the polls tightened. Those clinton fumes were burning cooler and cooler. Literally the day of the election was the inflection point when the polls crossed, handing Mr. Trump the presidency. Had the election been held a week later, the popular vote would have been dead even. One week more and Mr. Trump would have also won the popular vote in a landslide.

Althea Booth

Althea Booth

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I suppose running in any other democracy in the developed world would have been enough, since this supposedly “unpopular” candidate won more votes than anyone in our history other than Obama. But the electoral college is a vestige of slave state-appeasement peculiar to the US and has given us two elections in the past twenty years in which the will of the people was subverted in favor of the dwindling conservative population, so the GOP hangs onto it and won’t let go. In this case, that weakness was exploited even more shockingly than the previous instance. That travesty got us into an endless morass of war. This one is shaping up to be even worse. That dang Hillary, not being able to wave a magic wand and change all that, and dethrone Putin. How dare she?

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