Quel type de personnes possède la Black Card American Express?

Evan Luthra

Evan Luthra, Amex Centurion Card Holder Since '15

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j'ai eu mon American Express Centurion card at the age of 19 in 2015.

I have to say its been one of my most valuable assets and the service I get by far exceeds the hefty Annual Fee.

what do they do for a living?

I build and invest in technology companies.

I have started multiple startups and taken them to profitability. My main company also provides Digital Solutions - we build Mobile Apps and websites - to a large variety of clientele.

What do they own?

I have a lot of nice toys and I like to buy nice things. But what I value most is my memories and American Express Centurion Concierge definitely assists in creating some wonderful memories!

You can see some of my toys on my http://Instagram.com/evanluthra

what type of people are they?

I am a 22 year old Serial Entrepreneur and investor who loves to travel the world and learn from different cultures. You can probably find out more about me on my website: Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Investor and World Traveller

How much is their net worth?

Lets just say I am the 1% of the 1%.

How much can you have on that card?

Technically its a charge card so I am not allowed to hold any balance on the card. I have to pay back everything I spend every month in full. Yes there is no spending limit and I have booked Private Jets, paid for lengthy vacations and yachts all on my Amex but I do have to pay everything back.

Merryl Gross

Merryl Gross

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"Quel type de personnes possède la Black Card American Express?

Whats their profession? what do they do for a living? What do they own? what type of people are they? How much is their net worth? How much can you have on that card?”

Given that you asked me to answer this question, here is my opinion of people who own the American Express Black card:

  • They are in entertainment or another image-conscious business where it is important to be perceived as insanely wealthy.
  • They need to dress to look wealthy, and they believe that their clients will perceive them as successful because they are wealthy.
  • And not a smart type of wealthy that got that way by understanding real value. The stupid kind of wealthy that “makes it rain” and brags about how much stuff cost them.

The card is offered by invitation only. According to Centurion Card - Wikipedia, it is thought that cardholders have a net worth of at least $16 million in order to get offers. Like all American Express cards, there is no pre-set limit. The linked article says that people have made purchases in excess of 1 million euros on the card.

Cardholders are expected to pay their balances in full every month, if it is like regular American Express cards.

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Lee Cole

Lee Cole, Vice President Distressed Debt (2014-present)

Répondu il y a 39w

I have an American Express Centurion Business card. I wouldn’t have the personal card because I couldn’t write off the $2500 annual fee. Most of the people I know who have a Centurion card are in a situation like mine, travel a lot, lots of business expenses. I average $200k to $600k per month on my card. But its all paid for by my company.

My personal card is an amex Platinum card. To be totally honest I don’t see a huge difference between the cards. In the old days believe me, the Centurion had point that if today I were offered the card for the first time I would probably turn it down. There are other credit products that rival it now. The Citi Chairman Card is fantastic, so is the JP Morgan Reserve card (was called the Palladium card) I have both. The Chase Sapphire Reserve card is also damn good and each are only a fraction of the cost.

If you are just looking to impress the cute 18 year old barista at Starbucks the Centurion will still do it, but its not nearly the game changer it was back when it first came out unfortunately.

Yeni Ho

Yeni Ho, I'm an American Express Centurion Card holder

Mise à jour il y a 88w

My father is the primary card holder while my mother, 3 other siblings and I each own a supplementary card.

Whats their profession? what do they do for a living?

My family is primarily in the real estate development industry in a developing country, but also dive a little into the hospitality and travel industry. Everyone works for the family business under different positions.

What do they own?

If you're talking about the fancy material stuff, we own a house in our home country and another house in Singapore where my siblings and I studied and grew up in, and still visit every holidays and weekends. My father, who used to be a sailor before we were born, owns a yatch. We also own a couple of cars, mostly SUVs, including Toyota, Nissan, Fiat, and Porsche.

what type of people are they?

Each of my parents and 3 siblings is different. We have one who buys a lot of cheap things, one who buys very few but extremely expensive things, one who buy both expensive and cheap things and use them to suit the people he/she is meeting. The one thing we have in common is we are very willing to spend on food, and do high end dining about once a week. Other than that, we dine just like anyone else, from road side stalls to food courts to casual dining. We also cook at home if anyone is feeling up for it.

My family can be considered frequent travelers for leisure purposes. We started traveling at a very young age and travel to a country at least once every 2 months. We love exploring different food, culture, monuments, place of interests etc.

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I’m not going to talk about each member of my family but for myself, I spend mostly on home and food. I cook almost everyday for my kids and buy them clothes from gap only if they go on sale. I get organic ingredients whenever available. I buy good shoes from camper and stride rite, and high quality mattresses. I drive a Honda Odyssey minivan. I basically spend money based on my priority, and home and food-related stuff tend to come out at the top.

How much is their net worth?

Let’s just assume that my family meets the minimum net worth that Amex Centurion sets.

How much can you have on that card?

There is no pre-set limit, though we can set a spending limit on the account. This limit can be extended or removed by the primary card holder whenever they want to. We had once charged a Porsche Cayenne on the card with no issues.


There are a lot of Quorians who suggest that the black card is a waste of money and purely to boost one’s ego. My husband has a platinum card. We’ve actually compared and discussed what we can get with each card and the centurion’s benefits way surpasses the platinum in terms of rewards and benefits. This card is not for everyone. It’s specifically targeted at people who spend a lot on lifestyle (shopping, food, travel), which fits us perfectly. The free flights we get just by putting charges on the card more than paid for itself (by a couple of fold).



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I have no idea. Well, I may know some of the sufficient criteria, from AMEX’s perspective. And this goes back a number of years ago.

The other half of the deal is that the prospect show some interest in applying for the product in response to the solicitation.

Personally, I would never pay for a premium card that would want me for a member. Their data mining may have a hard time detecting that.

My throw at the wall to see what sticks list of why they once asked is surprisingly modest:

A completely untouched Home Equity Line of Credit.

Ten or more semesters of private college tuition payments executed by wire transfer/ACH from a checking account. (The sums involved snagged interest, not the schools’ ranking.)

Two vacations in Europe within 5 years.

Lapsed AmEx Green card holder.

One international funds transfer payment (one night’s lodging at a B&B).

Two ATM draws at a US Bank’s private bank branch in Rome.

International calling plan on a home ground line.

His and hers computers bought on-line the same day.

Home delivery subscription to the Wall Street Journal.

Company credit card for business expenses with a few domestic flights and business-class lodging.

One survey response for a free business magazine where my responsibilities and job title may have been, er, the best fit among the choices to qualify for the publication.

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Christopher Richards

Christopher Richards, 30 ans d'expérience dans la gestion du crédit et la fraude

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Traditionally, the type of person that had an AMEX, Diners Club or similar Charge Card (note the difference between Charge Card and Credit Card- they are different things), were people who in the 1950s onwards did a lot of international travel, usually to a number of countries around the world using a variety of currencies; often not returning to their Country of domicile for several weeks, indeed months at a time.

The main advantage was that the card-holder did not have to carry large numbers of Travellers Cheques, and more importantly hard cash in different currencies. From the employers point of view it gave them an “audit trail” of the representatives spending. and the money came out “real time” as opposed to having to provide large stock of money in advance. Expensive if you were using an operating overdraft. There were also safety advantages relating to robbery and theft from both points of view.

Having this audit trail, also gave the employer the advantage of tracking the expenses of the commercial traveller (as they used to be referred to) and making sure that they were not claiming for items that they should not be.

Nowadays. the other advantage is that each “rep” could be issued with a card that its own limit under a sub-reference number so that the audit trail can be even tighter, particularly now that most Countries and Retailers use EFTPOS and PDQ electronic clearing which gives an authorisation for every transaction, and therefore an errant user can be stopped immediately with their card blocked independently of other members of staff.

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