Quel système de point de vente est recommandé pour un restaurant à service rapide?

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It seems that this question comes up every couple of weeks, and I think I've answered it at least a half dozen times. But since this is kind of my job (you all didn't think I love POS systems so much that I did this for fun, did you?), I'm happy to answer it again. Here are two iPad based POS apps—both of which keep (and protect) your data in the cloud—that I really like:

* Changement - Easy as the pie you might be serving in your cafe, Change is like an ideal spouse: it's attractive, uncomplicated, won't cost you a lot, and there's no commitment. What sets Change apart from similar apps is its integration with the Dwolla's mobile payment platform. For the small eatery, the low cost of taking payments with Dwolla over credit or debit cards should be very attractive. You can still take credit/debit payments, too. And though the app syncs your data to the cloud, you don't need an internet connection to work with it. It will store all transactions locally, and sync whenever a connection is available.

* instore - This one gets a little more granular when it comes to your menu (as far as adding details and modifiers for each dish), but it's also super easy to use. Like Change, it makes use of the cloud but no internet connection is required. Instore also sports some nifty social media integration, which means you can update your daily specials and broadcast them out over Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare all from the same console.

I'll also throw a mention out to Breadcrumb POS. I've been researching its capabilities for an upcoming review at Marchand Maverick, and on paper (or on my monitor, anyway) it's impressively full featured for both quick- and table-serve establishments. However, I can't fully recommend it, as I haven't been able to test it out, and this is a big knock against Breadcrumb: they want all kinds of information that is frankly none of their business when a potential customer is in a testing phase. Some of what they require is none of their business even if you're a customer. They want your home address et business address, as well as requiring you to hand over either your FULL Social Security or Tax ID number. They claim that this information is only used to protect your account—i.e. you would confirm it with them when you call up with questions/issues—but when I made up this information I couldn't proceed because my fake SSN didn't match my name. So, they sont running checks on you for some reason. For a service that requires a credit card for monthly payments, I can think of no reason why they'd need such personal information, except that they probably hand that info over to Groupon (which owns Breadcrumb) to use for IDing and researching potential customers there. It's a highly unsavory practice.

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Je pense que Storezigo POS provides a centralize inventory system for quick service restaurants.

Everything you need to manage your retail business.

  1. Gestion des stocks Know exactly where your inventory is and how much you own across your stores, whenever and wherever you need it.
  2. Gestion des recettes Create recipe with diffrent raw material and track the material misuse and usage
  3. Purchasing + Receiving Build purchase orders that suit you and smoothly enforce accuracy when shipments are received.
  4. Gestion des clients Customer Wallet and Gift Cards also option of giving advances to customer.
  5. Cloud Point of Sale Works on mobile and desktop devices with a modern web browser. Intuitive, fast and famously easy to use.
  6. La gestion des commandes Storezigo’s distributed order management allows you to place orders for out-of-stock inventory for immediate fulfillment across the enterprise.
  7. Dashboards + Reporting Instantly know what is selling and who is buying. Use real-time data to drive sales and profits higher.
  8. Employee Management Track each penny with complete Employee reporting
  9. Site eCommerce Each and every thing is connected to a web shop from where orders, customer are synced and products are automatically synced to webs shop.

Quel système de point de vente est recommandé pour un restaurant à service rapide?

Quel système de point de vente est recommandé pour un restaurant à service rapide?

Autres caractéristiques de :

  • Facilité d'utilisation. Storezigo a une excellente interface rendant toute opération conviviale.
  • Bulk Uploading and Downloading of data
  • Easy Migration to Storezigo POS
  • Sécurité. La sécurité est la préoccupation première de Storezigo. Il fournit tout ce qui est crypté et sécurisé par les derniers algorithmes.
  • Les taxes. Les taxes varient donc Storezigo a une meilleure approche en ce qui concerne les taxes.
  • Saisie des informations de vente. Vous pouvez entrer les informations sur les ventes manuellement ou à l'aide d'un lecteur de codes à barres. Une fois le code de stock saisi, les systèmes appellent le prix standard ou le prix de vente, calculent le prix pour plusieurs quantités et fournissent un total cumulé. Il est très facile de saisir manuellement les ventes lorsque cela est nécessaire en vous permettant de rechercher des codes de stock basés sur un numéro de marchandise partiel, une description, un code de fabrication ou un fournisseur.
  • Options de suivi des ventes. Storezigo a plusieurs options de vente intégrées, vous pouvez donc effectuer la vente en une ou plusieurs étapes.

Chaque entreprise est unique, donc les gens derrière Storezigo peut personnaliser le logiciel en fonction des besoins du client.


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For every Quick Service Restaurant business, billing and serving order quickly is a most important thing, as people who visit takeaways have a mentality of not spending much time. So that the work should be done in a faster way.

Just Billing QSR POS Software et Application mobile (12000+ downloads with 4.7 rating) makes your work very quick and easy by placing an order, real-time serving time and billing in just a few clicks.

Quel système de point de vente est recommandé pour un restaurant à service rapide?

Faits saillants de JustBilling

1. Quick & easy billing

2. Get started with pre-defined business templates

3. Thumbnail images of products, categories on the billing screen for faster selection

4. Use mobile camera as a bar-code scanner for a large number of SKU

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5. Automatically calculate local taxes. No accounting skills needed

6. Connect receipt printer, KOT printer, barcode scanner

7. Professional template for your invoices, estimates, order receipts

8. Print invoice directly from a smartphone or send to your customer by SMS, email or WhatsApp

9. Manage customer accounts and balance

10. Issue refunds or return with ease

11. The digital display screen for Kitchen to efficiently manage Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT)

12. Track inventory in real time

13. Manage suppliers, purchase accounts, and balance

14. Customize multi-level tax structure, discount, currency, app interface language to localize

15. Access real-time reports & analytics to see your business growth

Just Billing works both offline and online.

Fully functional just billing basic version is ABSOLUTELY FREE FOR 1 YEAR.

Visite: Restaurant pos systems

Download Just Billing mobile app - Just Billing Point of Sale - POS with GST - Android Apps on Google Play

Windows point of sale - Free Retail POS software and Restaurant Management System

Contact us-

Email - [email protected]

call - +91 4040404030

site web: ERP and Billing App for Retail, Restaurant and Business GST software POS Billing Software for Retail and Restaurant with GST

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Most top cloud POS systems for restaurants are designed for both full service and quick service. The advantage of this is that you have more flexibility in features and pricing plans and room for scale should you expand your business. I’ll cite a few examples that fit a quick service type, but you can also explore this detailed POS systems for restaurants guide if you want to check your other options.

1. TouchBistro - highly popular iPad-based POS system that caters to restaurants of any size, be it quick service or full service. Also adaptive to the requirements of fine dining or fast casual. It’s EMV-compliant and has end-to-end restaurant management features like inventory control, sales reports and staff management.

2. Toast POS - perhaps the most popular Android-based POS system and also compatible with quick service operation. It also provides back office processes like CRM, time-specific menu planning and staff management.

3. Revel Systems POS - highly scalable and fits a quick service operation, too. It also features integrated finance and accounting tools to help you keep a close tab on profits and loss. Likewise, it has an hybrid architecture (as most cloud POS systems are) enabling you to continue operating even on internet blackouts.

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Quel système de point de vente est recommandé pour un restaurant à service rapide?

Because of the daily shifts, the order systems of QSR’s eat up precious time. Also, managers take too much time to the back office functions which are failing to assure the quality fast food and services.

EBT - Enterprise Business Technologies Pvt. Ltd.offers a comprehensive POS billing software solution with expertise in Retail, Hospitality and Forecourt businesses.

Whether you have quick service or fast casual restaurant, bakery, café, pub or coffeehouse, our QSR POS billing software saves time and money by seamlessly manage all your front and back house operations.

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Our Quick Service Restaurant POS software is an ultimate solution keeps your:

-Services integrated and track orders placed

- KOTs, order status

- Generate billing for the orders

-Recipe Management

-Cloud-based POS

-Multi-currency option

Quel système de point de vente est recommandé pour un restaurant à service rapide?

We have executed some of the complex Restaurant solutions and have the most experienced team on L S Retail in UAE (Dubai)region & in India.

We have more than 50+ Associates in 3 - Nationalities, 2- Off-shore Development centers, 4 - Sales Office, and 1 - Disaster Recovery Center & more than 50+ clients.

To know more, fill the details here - All-in-one Quick Service Restaurant POS Solutions in India & UAE (Middle East).

We suggest, before going to implement POS biling software solution - GET THE COST ESTIMATES NOW!

EBT is a premier implementation and business partners of Microsoft Dynamics and LS Retail in UAE & India which provides all-in-one retail & restaurant management software solutions.

Je vous remercie.

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Today, increasing consumer preferences has resulted to ever shifting menu landscape of quick service restaurants. The quick service restaurant industry has entered into digital era mainly due to growing consumer demands and increasing commodity cost. Until recently, innovation in quick service restaurant was primarily driven by credit card networks. However, the increasing adoption of digital devices such as signage systems, kiosks, point of sales, handheld devices and digital menu cards have fundamentally changed the nature of employee customer interaction.

The QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) ecosystem market is poised to go through intense transformation in next several years, due to entangled drivers of mobile device proliferation, rapid changes in consumer behavior resulting into new customer and merchant experience, and transition of hardware systems to cloud. These changes are expected to occur under the backdrop of innovation in kiosks, point of sales, digital menu cards, signage systems, handheld devices and software solutions and services.

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