Quel est le moyen le plus simple, le plus simple et le plus rapide de créer une application mobile?

Puja Pandey

Puja Pandey, Business analyst chez MageNative

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If you want to develop/create a mobile app in a very easy, simple and fast way then you should go with MageNative. MageNative Mobile app Builder provides a Mobile solution for E-Commerce merchandisers to create a fully Customizable Native App and enhance their businesses.

The reason behind advising you for MageNative is that if you are unaware with technical knowledge or you don’t know how to code then MageNative will help you out.

Features provided by MageNative for mobile app

  1. Zero coding Required - You should simply point and snap, intuitive, and enter particular properties in online structures. No need of coding required.

2. Push Notification - Push notifications let your app extend beyond the browser, and are an incredibly powerful way to engage with the user.

3. Single Page Checkout - In our MageNative Mobile App Application,customers can easily checkout from a single page and fill all the information in different steps of the checkout procedure.

4. Multi Language/Currency - This feature of MageNative is very much benefi cial for the store owners to display their store in various languages to their customer.

5. Synchronized with Store - MageNative Mobile apps provides synchronization i.e any changes made from your application or from your store will reflect each other instantly.

6. All Product - type Compatible - In MageNative Mobile Applications all types of product are supported.

7. User Friendly - Customers can easily Login with the mobile app via using their social account like Facebook, google+, twitter, etc.

Some clients of MageNative-

Quel est le moyen le plus simple, le plus simple et le plus rapide de créer une application mobile?

Quel est le moyen le plus simple, le plus simple et le plus rapide de créer une application mobile?

Payment Gateways Method

There are several payment gateways method supported by MageNative, such as:

  1. COD (Cash On Delivery)
  2. CC Avenue2
  3. Passer votre commande
  4. PayPal
  5. Pay U
  6. Autoriser .net

For more query, you can contact us on Skype or WhatsApp, or mail us at [email protected].

Nathanael Montgomery

Nathanael Montgomery, CMO for AppGyver – The fastest way to build apps that matter.

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It sounds like you're not after the 'full coding' option? If that's true, then there are two options. You can choose a hybrid approach and use something like PhoneGap which will take some of the pain out of coding for iOS / Android and alleviate working with two languages.

However, if you're not into that, then you're looking for a no-coding or low-coding approach that offers as much freedom as possible. I've been working at AppGyver for several years and we've developed a number of tools starting from command line tools all the way to a full-stack visual platform called AppGyver Composer that lets you build apps in your browser and take them all the way to publication.

This is what I mean by full-stack:

  • Visual, in browser drag-and-drop builder
  • Build complex logic that drives your applications behavior visually
  • Guided integration of external data (if you want to have access to thinks like an external database resource for example)
  • User management built in
  • Fully managed backend
  • And a whole bunch more.
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If you don't go with a full stack option, then you're looking

Annie Garret

Annie Garret

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To date, on the Internet, you can find a lot of articles on how to start programming, develop applications, games, etc. As a rule, such articles are written by professional programmers, they correctly and in detail describe all the stages of preparation and development of the product, and it would seem that everything is fine, but there is one thing, such publications describe technical issues and lack basic concepts in a simple human language that will understand the person who has not written a single "Hello World".If you decide to master the development of applications on Android, the first thing you are advised to study Java. It is right. You, full of enthusiasm, full of promising ideas and the belief that your future application will certainly change the world, run to the bookstore, buy the thickest book on Java, go home, turn on the computer, rubbing your hands and getting ready to create, open the book and begin ... Polymorphism , encapsulation, inheritance, abstractness, classes, objects ... After half an hour the desire to create disappears. I will explain to you the basic principles of programming for Android in 2 minutes, knowing that you will start writing your first application on the m Gooch language Java.We will treat the development of the application as a multi-storey building. What do we need to build a house? To begin with, we plan and paint everything in steps - we need to draw a plan, drive the equipment, dig a foundation pit, lay the foundation, build a box, bring the communications. In programming, also, without a plan and a vision of the final result can not begin. So, the plan is ready, what's next. The construction of the house consists of two main points - the construction of the building itself and the conduct of communications. The body is the appearance, this is what the tenant sees and feels, what he interacts with, and communications, this is what makes his living in the house possible, but at the same time their work is hidden from the eyes. Those. By clicking on the light switch, we see the result - the light comes on, but due to what it's caught fire we do not see and it's possible that we do not understand, and we do not need to understand it. Similarly, with the application - there is a user part that we see on the screen, buttons, switches, etc. We press and get the result, and what happens behind the screen does not bother us.

So to make your application you need to create appearance and logic. Appearance is not difficult to create, Android applications are developed in a special program - Android Studio, this program has all the necessary tools to make the interface in minutes - this is the simplest part of the development, the problems begin when things get to the point - how to make work all that we have done.

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The logic for Android is written in the Java language, in this language, as in our real world, everything is objects. What does it mean? Imagine our world, everything that happens in the world is the interaction of objects. From the fact that I do these objects and with whom they interact depends our whole life. Here everything is simple, if you want to eat dumplings, then you go to the shop, hand over the money to the object the seller, and the seller counts how much money he received and, on the basis of this, gives you a certain amount of pelmeni, and you return home. Everyone is happy.

So in programming, in order to get some result, you need to take an object and ask it to address another. It's simple. But there is one thing, each object fulfills its functions, you can not ask the dumplings vendor to wash the car, for this you need to go to the sink and turn to the car washer, each object has its own type - seller, car wash, dog, pelmeni (yes - yes , dumplings are also an object).

Back to building a house, we will not build a house ourselves, we need to call suitable objects and ask them to do what they know how. Will we call the vendor a ravioli? It is unlikely that he will help us, we better call an engineer, foreman, laborers, masons, drivers of excavators and other workers. Each type of workers, as we have already realized, only performs its function, can no longer do anything. Our task is to create an organized group of these comrades, explain to each worker - where to go, what to transfer to the other, what to get in return, etc. Those. to establish interaction of objects.In the development of the application, everything also, we need to create the appropriate types of objects for this case, and then create the objects themselves and ask them to perform the functions inherent in them.

It may seem complicated, but the guys from the wonderful company Google already took care of us, they created a huge number of types of objects and taught them all the necessary functions. All we need is to create an object of the right type at the right time and in the right place and ask him to do his job, how it will make us little concerned.

In programming, one of the most important concepts is called inheritance.

We can take one of those classes that the guys from Google created for us and create its heir, add any functions and enjoy it to health. This is very convenient and therefore inheritance is used in programming everywhere.

Do you feel any better?

If you can not create the application yourself, you can contact the company I worked with - the GENICO company.

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Shirley Rogers

Shirley Rogers, Mobile App development, Local Digital Marketing.

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To develop any mobile app you must have good knowledge of Java. To become an iOS app developer, you need a Mac computer to run the programming tools. Also some of tutorials and many web sites available with its help you can learn how to create mobile apps by your own.
Second way is get some professional company who has experts who will create mobile apps for you. SKI USA is a mobile app development company providing customized app for your business. We provide all services from app development to maintenance and promotion.

Devika Venkatesan

Devika Venkatesan, SEO & SMO Analyst

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I would say Elite mCommerce

Elite m-Commerce (EMC) is an eCommerce mobile app builder. Elite m-Commerce is available for Magento & Prestashop eCommerce platform. Elite m-Commerce is a native iOS and Android eCommerce mobile application. Using Elite m-Commerce, eCommerce store owners can easily integrate the mobile app for their store. With the help of Elite m-Commerce app, store owners can reach out to more number of customer’s thereby increasing revenue.

Elite m-Commerce facilitate merchants to select their own online shopping app themes which would be an added advantage for the Brands to showcase them in the mobile app.

If interested, see more at : Développement d'applications mobiles


Devika Venkatesan

Rudolf Olah

Rudolf Olah, software developer, codes constantly

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Create a Hello World app in one of these frameworks:

  • React-Native (requires JavaScript knowledge)
  • Angular 2/4/5+ with NativeScript (requires JavaScript knowledge)
  • Qt or PyQt with qt deploy which can build targets for Android and iOS (requires C++ knowledge for Qt, or Python knowledge for PyQt)
  • newest option is Flutter with Dart (Google is pushing it alongside Android)

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