Quel est le meilleur plugin WordPress pour Stripe?

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There are a lot of great plugins you can use with Stripe and WordPress. Here are some of the best gratuit options:

1. Simple Pay Button (free)

Les WP Simple Pay Lite pour Stripe plugin is free and allows you to easily add standalone pay buttons to any WordPress site. Literally only takes a few minutes.

Quel est le meilleur plugin WordPress pour Stripe?

2. Stripe with WooCommerce (free)

As of February 2016, the Stripe integration with WooCommerce is now free �� WooCommerce itself is also free. So you can download the Passerelle de paiement WooCommerce Stripe plugin and start accepting credit cards on your store.

Quel est le meilleur plugin WordPress pour Stripe?

I recommend checking out this more in-depth post on 4 ways to setup Stripe for WordPress.

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You can simply add Stripe to WordPress via tool called Payzard. The good news is you can implement it in minutes, the better news is that this solution is gratuitement.

You don’t have to be a technical person to implement payments to your website. There are no shortcodes needed to make it work, so, believe me, it’s a piece of cake.

Voici un tutoriel étape par étape so you can see how to add the payment button to your website and how to connect it with Stripe. You can also make your own edits in the checkout to meet your business needs.

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De plus, lorsque vous êtes connecté à votre compte Payzard, vous pouvez suivre vos performances et vos conversions. Par exemple, vous pouvez vérifier le nombre d'affichages de boutons, les clics de souris des visiteurs, le nombre de tentatives de paiement effectuées par les clients et le nombre de paiements réussis.

Payzard works also with other payment gateways (over 100) so if your country is not supported by Stripe, you can simply use a country selector to find the best option for your business.

Hope that helps!

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Stripe is a great payment gateway to use when selling things with your WordPress website. There are a number of free plug-ins that you can utilize to help you accept payments from your site with stripe.

It really depends what type of e-commerce solution you're using, but most support stripe integration and have plugins that can make the process easier.

I like using gravity forms which also has an add-on specifically for stripe but you can also use Easy Digital Downloads or Woocommerce which have support for stripe and multiple plug-ins that you can choose from.

Hopefully the center helps and good luck with your WordPress website.

If you want to learn more about WordPress, checkout the various playlists have available on my channel dedicated to WordPress.

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The installation of the Stripe plugin is easy in WordPress, because the file transfer is done within WordPress without you needing to leave your web browser. So here’s how to set up Stripe in WordPress in just a series of simple and straightforward steps:

Aller à Plugins > Add New sur votre site WordPress.

Enter “WooCommerce Stripe” in the Search Plugins bar.

Author is WooCommerce.

From the WordPress left menu, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout > Stripe.

And then adjust the settings to ensure it works well and accepts payments in WordPress.

Customer Usage.

Les clients peuvent payer sur la page de paiement sécurisée et simple de Stripe en utilisant:

  • une nouvelle carte
  • un compte ApplePay
  • a card saved on the system if they’re returning customers.

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The best option depends on your project needs. If you need to accept payments via Stripe on your WordPress site, then take a look at the options in the WordPress plugins directory:

WordPress › Search for stripe " WordPress Plugins

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Paiements Stripe is free and has over 9,000+ Active install. If accepting credit card payments quickly and painlessly on your WordPress website with little setup time is what you’re looking for, this plugin is for you.

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