Quel est le meilleur moyen de vérifier l'identité réelle d'un utilisateur avec le moins de friction possible?

Evyln Rink

Evyln Rink, former Public Relations Coordinator at Edelman (2016)

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There are quite a many software available on the internet which perform this very function. I highly recommend you using one as they provide real-time verification processes efficiently. It is only a matter of time that online businesses and merchants will start using them as a standard.

Shufti Pro, a UK based company, provides online KYC et ID checks services. It captures a user’s picture and image of presented documents, verify their accuracy and then produce results in the back-office. It an excellent service that not only verifies but gives proper evidence to remove any ambiguity.

You can always reach out to me to learn more about it!

(Disclaimer: The OP is an employee at Shufti Pro and hence, closely familiar with its workings. The app is highly recommended, not because of my affiliation with it, but because of its accuracy, efficiency and prowess.)

Vikas Kalwani

Vikas Kalwani

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The best way to verify a users real identity is using the blockchain technology.

Quel est le meilleur moyen de vérifier l'identité réelle d'un utilisateur avec le moins de friction possible?

Velix.ID is one such platform which enables friction-less identity verification across the globe. Contemporary methods of identity verification are time consuming, incur massive financial losses for both businesses & individuals and often compromise the personal information of the user.

It is a universal, obscure, transparent, decentralized, time and cost efficient ecosystem for identity verification. Individuals control their own personal information and what information they share with whom. It doesn’t allow a user to put his identity information on the blockchain. It allows for a seamless real time exchange of verified identities between businesses & organizations with explicit consent of the User.

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Velix.ID Livre blanc

Velix.ID Bitcointalk

Velix.ID Blog

Dror Matalon

Dror Matalon, Always Be Building

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  • Charge their credit card a small amount.
  • Deposit a small amount into their bank account and have them verify the amount. Dwolla uses that.
  • Send them a postcard to their address. nextdoor.com does that.

Obviously, all these have some kind of friction, either cost to you, or you need to convince the user to let you charge their card.

Martin Cocaro

Martin Cocaro, Techie by nature, www.mcocaro.com

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The best way to verify an identity online is to use the users' phone number -- an identity that they already use on a daily basis. You can use a standard two-step verification process (SMS with PIN code).

RingCaptcha is a new service that helps you onboard verified users into your apps in seconds. Plugins for web, APIs, and SDKs of all flavours are available.

[Disclaimer: I'm part of the team behind RingCaptcha]

Robert Maynard

Robert Maynard, Deux licornes de la chambre à l'IPO

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(Not a troll for business)

This is exactly what me new company has been workin for four years. It's up and running at A New Kind of Credit Bureau (apparently I can't name the actual site, but I think that's a hyperlink. We match online identities and conduct thorough background checks instantly.

There are others out there, one of them require the subject to participate:

Instant Checkmate



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Been Verified



Bonne chance dans votre recherche.

Andi Cook

Andi Cook, Gourou de la vérification

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On the front end request name and phone number and perform a frictionless subscriber level identity verification with the telecommunications carrier on the back end. visit TNS | TNS Verify pour apprendre plus.

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