Quel est le meilleur moyen de transférer de l'argent de l'Allemagne vers les États-Unis?

Bhargavi Tripathi

Bhargavi Tripathi, MTS (membre du personnel technique) (2015-present)

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More and more financial services are popping up everywhere. But especially when it comes to sending money abroad, it is important to use a service that you can trust. I will show you the best institutions and services for your international money transfer. These should be very cheap and simple to send money from Germany to the USA. Read review and compare these services using comparison tool ExchangeRateIQ and the best one:

  1. TransferGo
  2. CurrencyFair
  3. WorldRemit
  4. Azimo
  5. Transferwise
  6. Xendpay

Make selection on the basis of:

  1. CA devrait etre moins cher manière
  2. CA devrait etre simple- You can use debit card or a normal bank transfer
  3. The money should be arrived immédiatement
  4. Availability of customer le faire
  5. suivi of your transfer

Choose the best money transfer service and ÉCONOMISER DE L'ARGENT!

Veronika Lubnow

Veronika Lubnow, studied Ph.D. Students & Finanical Economics

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Transfer Options:

1. Worldremit- donne habituellement un meilleur prix que Transferwise

Joindre TopCashback -> Join Worldremit Navigate to World remit from top cashbackonce you transfer 100GBP or 125 euro or 150 dollars you will earn the cashback. Check ici pour les autres pays (n'oubliez pas d'utiliser le code FREE pour la première transaction gratuite sur Worldremit)

Below is what you will earn using WorldRemit and topcashback combination.

  • Joining bonus on topcashback i.e. 10 gbp+ / 100 SEK / 10 dollars
  • 15 gbp/ 150 SEK / 15 dollars on topcashback for navigating to world remit from top cashback. You can transfer this money to your bank once the transaction is ‘payable’. It takes time but worth the time. Also, topcashback is good for any other shopping.
  • 20 gbp / 200 SEK on worldremit (check ici pour les autres pays). Vous obtiendrez un coupon du montant mentionné et vous pourrez le transférer dans n’importe quel pays. Il n'y a pas de restriction minimale.

2. XendPay - donne habituellement un meilleur prix que Worldremit or TransferWise

Joindre XendPay using this link and transfer more than 100 Pounds or 125 Euros or 150 dollars or to get free transaction charges and good exchange rates. Yes, you do get 10£ / 10 Euro / 10 dollars as you join.

It gives incredible mid-market rates and gives you the option of paying ‘NOTHING’ in fees (if your conscious allows you!).

They also show a recommended fee to pay which you can also consider paying if you feel like (even adding a small fee – if you decide to pay – it beats the rates offered by most of the banks and services).

3. TransferWise - first transaction of 500 euro free if u use this link -> TransferWise

Transferwise is transparent about the conversion rate applied up-front and charges fees as low as under 1% and is very open about it. You know what you will be charged when you place the request.

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No surprises with any of these alternatives – you know up front what you are being charged.

4.Azimo is the better way to transfer money. Use my invite and get 10 GBP off your first transfer -> Code d'invitation

Try if it has started it’s service for your source and destination also

Depending of the location you can collect the money in cash or transfer it directly to a bank account. Because no one like to pay fees or have a low rate exchange. Furthermore, Azimo les taux sont souvent mieux que le taux officiel trouvé sur Autorité de la monnaie de confiance du monde.

SI VOUS naviguez vers Azimo avec TopCashback obtenez 21 GBP supplémentaire pour la première transaction.

5. Transfergo Get First free transaction use referral code: 61qQub

If you Navigate to transfergo (register on transfergo first) from TopCashback obtenez 12 GBP supplémentaire pour la première transaction. Try if it has started it’s service for your source and destination also.
Good for large amount as it has only 0.99P charge for transactions more than 2000 GBP

You can register to TransferWise and then navigate from TopCashback get additional first time bonus

6. MoneyGram: naviguer via TopCashbackfor additional cashback

7. WesternUnion: naviguer via Quicdo for additional cashback

Ocie A. Mardis

Ocie A. Mardis

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‘Swapping' your currency for someone else's is one way to get a cheaper rate than going down the traditional route.

TransferWise was set up by two Estonians who were dividing their time between their native country and the UK.

They ended up exchanging the money with each other, helping them to come up with the concept for the business.

TransferWise works by redirecting your payment to another user of its service who is receiving an equivalent transfer in the opposite direction, cutting out the costly process of converting the currency.

Its charges are based on a minimum amount and vary depending on whether you are sending or receiving money, and the type of currency.

To transfer £1,000 over to France on the same day with TransferWise, including an upfront cost of £4.98, would result in your recipient getting ‎€1,175.02 on April 27 2017.

The minimum amount you can transfer is one euro so you can send even small amounts.

Transferwise charges different fees depending on where you are sending money. For example the lowest charge is 0.5 per cent to send cash to the USA or Europe, but sending money to Colombia or Vietnam adds a 1.5 per cent fee.

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Nachiketa Kumar

Nachiketa Kumar, Indian Expat in US for more than 10 years

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There are a number of options that are available when sending money from Germany to USA. It will be best to use a comparison services like RemitFinder to see who provides the best exchange rates. Here is the comparison table on their website - Best exchange rates to send money from Germany to United States

Quel est le meilleur moyen de transférer de l'argent de l'Allemagne vers les États-Unis?

The above screenshot only shows the top 4 options but all the top half a dozen transfer providers have very competitive rates. I think you will not get anywhere close to this through Paypal. And, many such providers give very good deals on first transfer which may further help in further bringing down the cost.

And, never use a direct bank to bank transfer. I am telling from personal experience that the rates will be very bad and you won’t get anywhere close to what some of the newer companies are providing. Hope this helps!

Gagan Kataria

Gagan Kataria

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I believe I am eligible to answer this question having transferred money overseas from last over 12 years. I have used many different services such as Western Union, Money Gram, Banks etc. But recently I stumble across a service name Transfer wise. It is really a wise method of transferring money overseas as their exchange rate is the most highest I found and their service is almost lightening fast. I normally receive my money in my overseas account within an hour!!!! which I find amazing as compare to banks as they can take a day or two. Their exchange rate is even better than Western Union and Money gram or their likes.

In terms of their fee, their fee is almost between 10 to 20 percent of what other companies or banks charge. (I was paying about $30 with Western Union and I pay about $4 with Transfer wise). And moreover your first transfer is free, here is the link below for your first free transfer.

Obtenez votre transfert d'argent international gratuit

Enjoy and have fun transferring with Transferwise.

Sophie Leclerc

Sophie Leclerc, Traveller

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There are quite some good reflexes to developp if you want to make sure you send your money abroad at the best conditions. The good news is that acquiring these good reflexes won’t take you long ��

  • First reflex, you ought to use a money transfer comparator.

Why? Because there are so many current and new solutions out there to tranfser your money (more than 200 serious ones and new ones are created every week) that the best solution will depend on where you are sending your money From and towards where, in your case from Germany to the USA. The best solution will also depend on the amount you will send.

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For this you can use Moneytis, saveonsend or Remitman par exemple

  • Second reflex, and this might be the most important in your case as you do not seem to be in a hurry to transfer your money, you must follow the exchange rates very closely.

Indeed, there can sometimes be between 10 and +30% difference in the worst case scenarios (what happen to the swiss franc1 in January 2015 against the euro, or the GBP drop due to the brexit2...)

The good news is that now solutons like Neomy exister: Neomy vous dit quand sont les meilleurs moments pour envoyer de l'argent à l'étranger

Quel est le meilleur moyen de transférer de l'argent de l'Allemagne vers les États-Unis?

Neomy is a girl who loves exchanges rates 3and sends you notifications when there are good moments to send your money abroad.

In your case you would simply need to let her know that you are interested in receiving rates for euro towards USD and she would send you alerts to let you know when are the good moments for you to trigger your transfers which will save you a lot of money.

You can chose if you prefer to receiving your alerts trhough e-mail or Facebok / Messager

Using reflexes 1 & 2 doesn’t take much time and should help you out make the most out of your transfers

Profitez ��

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1 Why the Swiss unpegged the franc

2 Brexit Britain: Pound drops to $1.28

3 Taux de change

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