Quel est le meilleur moyen de faire expédier des marchandises des États-Unis et du Royaume-Uni à l'Inde?

Mahesh Murthy

Mahesh Murthy, Have been a marketer all my life - worked in India for of my years of experience. Have sold vacuum cleaners...

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Voici ce que j'ai fait:

1. Got an account with Shop And Ship.

2. Then found an even better service: Borderlinx a service from DHL. Got an account there. (Have since stopped with Shop And Ship)

3. What this lets you do is get a local shipping address in the US, UK etc - and order stuff to be delivered there even though you're not a US resident.

4. You can order multiple items from multiple online stores in the US and when they arrive, you're notified. These items can be combined into a single shipment that saves you money, includes customs costs, and comes with trackable delivery. This works out less than what Amazon charges for overseas shipping. Especially when different orders are combined.

5. Voila - I get what I want, with no hassles. DHL makes sure stuff clears customs, I get a customs receipt, and assured delivery. And a lower cost of freight.

6. I recently improved this further. I noticed Amazon and other sites (like Google Play) showed me different inventory and prices if I visited their site from a local (UK / US) IP address instead of an overseas one. Often these local prices and choices were better.

7. So I bought a VPN called TunnelBear for about $50 a year (other options, including free are available). Now I tunnel thru and go see what a local in the US or UK sees. Then order like a local, get it delivered to a local address. And THEN have it shipped to me. A new world has opened up, I tell you.

8. The reason I paid for the VPN is a little different. Most free VPNs I found came with bandwidth limits. Paying removes the limits. It so happens I have an Amazon Prime account - for free shipping within the US. And it comes with unlimited free movies and videos to watch. For that $4 a month on TunnelBear, I can VPN in unlimited bandwidth - and can watch entire movies free on Amazon by VPNing from India or wherever. Plus the same software works on my phone and tablet, making those local-isable too at the touch of a button.

Hope this helps!

My $0.02,


Pramod Nammi

Pramod Nammi, works at Unisys

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The above answers are quite accurate. But you as far as I know Shop and Ship by Aramex has got some frustrateed reviews in the recent time, I cant seem to remember where I read them though. Google is your friend here ��

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So here are my suggestions:

  1. comGateway-Link: Shop USA Online | International Shipping | Ship from USA | U.S. Address
  2. HopShopGo (popularly referred to as HSG)

Both of them work in the same way, by assigning a US address in your name in the state of Oregon and they have a great customer support.

Here's a scenario where you have hurdles every step of the way:

Problem no.1:
I want to buy some thing in a U.S. Online store because, you know, its a lot cheaper(gadgets) or better(clothes and such). Now, for sites like google playstore that restrict access based on your country, quelle Mahesh Murthy said is a brilliant option.

TunnelBear \m/. Works seamlessly and I can choose what country I want playstore to think I am from (US or UK). I use the free version and it does its magic.

Problem No.2:
So now that I'm in the site, I choose my desired product, add to cart and check out... But oh no! *bum bum bum* I need a US only credit/Debit card!

Entropay: Carte Visa virtuelle prépayée, carte MasterCard en plastique, cartes prépayées en ligne, cartes de crédit virtuelles EntroPay
What entropay does is it magically(or not) creates a Virtual Visa Card that can be used in the US/UK sites. All you have to do is sign up, enter your valid card details, and sometimes the site may ask you to verify the card by placing it in front of the Webcam. Don't worry, this is a totally legit and legal site and they don't steal your data or anything. So after you link your card with entropay, your Virtual card is ready and you can just add "Top-ups" like you recharge your prepaid phones. Use this card's details(card number,CVV, expiry,etc) in the online stores.

Now that you have a virtual card, you may use it any number of times in most online stores and have them ship it to the US address you created in the above sites. You need not inform comGateway/HSG every time you buy something from the US. You just give the US address to the store and when the package arrives at your US address, comgateway will inform you. And you can have them ship it to India with minimal costs.

Alternatively, you can even have comgateway/HSg buy your product for you instead of creating a Virtual Card. But I think they charge you some amount each time. Its up to your discretion here.

Finally, I have to say, all the mentioned methods on this page, do have some rare bad reviews like delays in shipment and such. Again, Google is your friend here to chose what works for you best.

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Having a friend/relative abroad get it for you works with 99.99% of the time ��

"À votre santé"

Mohak Gambhir

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Shop and Ship by Aramex is your new best friend. I use it very often to shop from Ebay, BestBuy & Aliexpress etc.

Comment ça fonctionne?

You get a 'virtual' shipping address in NY, London and Shanghai - all for a sign up fee of $35. Then every kilo you ship is billed at $8.

You use the virtual address in the ship-to address on any site, they deliver in NY (usually free shipping), Aramex in turn ships to your doorstep within 3-5 days in a metro city in India. They take care of duty in a fairly transparent way.

Borderlinx offers a similar service.

Hope this helps!

Baki Billah

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À mon avis, Qwintry is the best way to get goods from the US or the UK and get shipped to India. I have used several shipping services but found Qwintry as the most reliable one.

Quel est le meilleur moyen de faire expédier des marchandises des États-Unis et du Royaume-Uni à l'Inde?

Qwintry offre la cheapest shipping service and does not make you pay any extra charge. It will save your time and money. Moreover, they offer insurance too in case of any package went missing. However, I haven’t faced this kind of situation yet. I appreciate their service and I am a regular user of Qwintry. Hope you will like their services too.

Vinod Kumaran

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Open a free account with ShopUSA website. Use Your Unique ShopUSA Address as Shipping Address from USA retailer. Visit www.ShopUSA.com

Once your Stuffs reach ShopUSA Address, It will be dispatched to your Address in India. You may also wait for consolidation. i.e., Consolidate all the parcels into one, Amazon US, Fab, and Ebay US into a Single Parcel and Ship to your Country.

Delivery in 2-3 Days with 100% Free Insurance

Simple way to ship anything from USA

Quel est le meilleur moyen de faire expédier des marchandises des États-Unis et du Royaume-Uni à l'Inde?

Manasi Desai

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Here is the perfect solution for your all questions.

Transit Address App its newly launched app

  • They show you deals and discounts from popular websites of USA, UK, UAE e.g. Zalando.uk, bestbuy (USA) , Amazon.com(USA), Souq.com(UAE)
  • If your product is not available on above websites, just buy a product from any website and add Transit Address for local delivery.
  • when you select product they show you approx custom duty and freight charges, so you can calculate exact cost of the product. They are offering Re. 1/- freight cost for first 500 grams shipment (launch offer for limited period)
  • How to use it - Download app- register yourself - buy a product- get shipment delivered at Transit Address warehouse in respective country- Transit Address will deliver your product at your doorstep with custom clearance.
  • don’t get discouraged shop across the globe and grab discounts in various countries chilling at home.
  • https://play.google.com/store/apps/details…
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Anuradha Iyer

Anuradha Iyer, Marketing Specialist, Product Head :Shop and Ship

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Hi! Here to help you with some International shipping solutions. You can Use Shop and Ship and suggested by others too for you. The shipping charges are 10 USD for the 1st 500 gms and 8 usd for each additional 500 gms+ Service tax. the custom duty depends on the products. SnS will do the clearance for you. Please feel free to write us for more queries

Nathanael Rush

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The cheapest, easiest and least stressful way to get UK / US parcels to India is by using a parcel broker.

Parcel Brokers like ParcelHero have special relationships with large couriers such as DHL, FedEx and UPS so they can offer you very cheap shipments.

ParcelHero give you free door to door tracking, free basic insurance, free automated shipping and customs documentation and a best price guarantee .

TL;DR Parcel Brokers!

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