Quel est le meilleur logiciel pour construire une grande plateforme communautaire avec un marché?

Michal Faber

Michal Faber, Spree Commerce Evangelist / COO chez Spark Solutions - Développeurs Spree Commerce

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Spree Commerce is what I would use - an upcoming open-source solution used by 45.000 businesses around the world - including multi-million ones like Bonobos or Fortnum & Mason.

We at Spark Solutions (Ruby on Rails & Spree Commerce Developers) have just finished what I think is the biggest RoR & Spree Commerce implementation in the world - a multi-merchant B2C Marché with 3 million products from 50+ merchants, one checkout, one Paiement, multiple integrations.

I would recommend using open-source Spree Commerce Pour les raisons suivantes:

  1. FLEXIBILITY & DEVELOPMENT SPEED: Spree is written in Ruby on Rails (cadre web), highly customizable and well supported by the community (several useful extensions). With Spree you can release an MVP faster than with any other framework.
  2. CUSTOM LOOK: On the front-end you can use Bootstrap (CSS Framework) which is a template / theme framework which let's you create your custom Mobile-ready, Responsive Web Design
  3. FACEBOOK-LIKE UI: On the front-end we also use React (bibliothèque JavaScript), which is created, supported and used by Facebook for a facebook-like user experience.
  4. SEO SUPPORT: Relevant, Meaningful URLs, On Page Keyword Targeting, Clean Content thanks to Twitter Bootstrap, a responsive CSS framework search-enginge-friendly, On Site Performance Optimization Minimizing HTTP requests for better search engine crawler behavior
  5. UNLIMITED SKUs: Spree can be optimized and cached in multiple layers to sustain millions of SKUs. We've built a marketplace with 3 million SKUs which handled 15.000 requests per minute in load testing / DDoS simulation.
  6. CUSTOM PROMOTIONS: Promotions within Spree are used to provide discounts to orders, as well as to add potential additional items at no extra cost. Promotions can be activated in three different ways: when a user adds a product to their cart, enters a coupon code during the checkout process or visits a page within the Spree store
  7. CUSTOM REPORTS: Spree has a sales reports module in the admin panel. You can also use additional extensions to create custom reports that fit your more complex requirements.
  8. EXTERNAL ANALYTICS: Spree easily integrates with Google Analytics, Mixpanel and other analytics tools.
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If you need help with Spree Commerce let's talk.

Veronika Stoma

Veronika Stoma, Une partie d'une équipe talentueuse de développeurs du marché https://campusonfire.com

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Today exists a number of software and a wide choice of developers teams. All these can be a solution to your request. You are only to choose any according to your budget.

Campus on Fire https://campusonfire.com can be one of such teams. Our developers can deliver you a fully-functional community platform with a marketplace within 2–3 months. After building many marketplaces, we decided to invest in a platform that allows us to leverage components and libraries.

We have a great experience of building community platforms as well as peer-to-peer marketplaces. One good example is Boomerang.life - a pay-it-forward social community.

Igor Baklytskyi

Igor Baklytskyi, Business Development at Rademade (2017-present)

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To build a LARGE marketplace platform you should have software with such main characteristics:

  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited vendors
  • Produits illimités
  • Fully Secure and Reliable

Online Marketplace Software by Rademade provide all this features. It is the high quality and well optimised Ruby-on-Rails/Angular4 code which can withstand high user traffic (Airbnb, Kickstarter, AngelList are written in this programming language).

Mariah K. Young

Mariah K. Young, Payouts for Marketplaces with Dwolla

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Typically when building any marketplace, you need an effective solution for delivering payouts to those selling on your platform. It's not enough to just build the front end, but you need to send payouts on the back end.

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Starting from scratch is an option here, but it's not the quickest/most effective route. Some marketplaces use credit card-based services and others still use checks, but there are downsides to both (fees, low control and time cost). A good solution for delivering payouts in your marketplace is Dwolla.

Dwolla provides a modern, RESTful API for integrating ACH payments. Pensez à Dwolla as an easy on-ramp to the ACH network. You design the front-end, while Dwolla handles payouts (or pay-ins) on the backend.

For marketplace payouts, consider these case studies:

Andrew Boon

Andrew Boon

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If you’re looking to build an independent website that you control and have a full-blown Marketplace built-in, you would need a community management system - a platform that would handle memberships, billing, authentication, profiles, content and naturally the Marketplace itself.

UNA community platform does just that - it’s an open-source, free community software system with modules like profiles, blogs, conversations, discussions, albums and, incidently Marketplace, integrated with Stripe Connect to handle transactions. Try it out!

Sten Ivan

Sten Ivan, Co-founder at Vamonos Coworking

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Vous pouvez envisager d'utiliser Arcadier as the software provider to build your marketplace that's reaching to a large community. Whether you're looking for something off-the-shelf and ready to go or something entirely customized, we can work with you to provide the best solutions according to your needs and budget. Parle-nous today to ask any questions and find out how we can help you turn your idea into reality! ��

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