Quel est le meilleur logiciel de dropshipping?

Melanie Brodsky

Melanie Brodsky, Marketing Coordinator at Inventory Source

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Determining the best dropshipping software unfortunately just isn’t a straightforward answer. There are a number of factors you should take into consideration before deciding which dropshipping solution will work best for you and your business. Coming from a dropshipping background myself, I too have been through this process, and I hope I can shed some light for you on the comprehensive segment of ecommerce that is dropshipping. There are two types of dropship software out there - those that come with integrated product sources ready to fulfill and standalone inventory management systems that have the ability to integrate feeds with no pre-integrated product sources.

One of the considerations you should keep in mind is how large you want your product selection to be. Are you wanting to integrate thousands of dropship products, or only a few? This is important because if you are wanting to import large quantities of products, you are probably going to want to go with a more intricate dropship software that allows you to manage and customize your product feed in bulk. Otherwise, you are going to be spending countless hours tediously modifying and categorizing your products. However, if you want to just upload 10 to 50 products, a simple dropship program like Oberlo might best fit your needs.

Another aspect you should contemplate before making a decision on a dropship provider is shipping. Most of the suppliers coming from easy-to-get-started dropship programs like Oberlo are shipped from China and take an average of two weeks or longer to ship the product after an order. That doesn’t take into account the time it takes to get from China to wherever the destination is located. If shipping times don’t matter to you, then great! This may be the solution for you. However, if you are wanting quicker shipping times, consider using a dropship software that works with solely or mostly with suppliers that have warehouses based in your country. The shipping times are exponentially quicker, usually being around 2-5 days. This is also good if you don’t want it to be obvious to your customers that you’re a dropshipper.

To help better explain, there are a few different types of dropship solutions. As I mentioned above, there are programs like Oberlo that are great if you are wanting to sell in a specific niche with a smaller selection of products. These applications integrate easily with your ecommerce platform and allow you to effortlessly add products into your store with minimal time involved. The downfall of these applications, however, are longer shipping times and they often can only integrate with one ecommerce platform. Oberlo, for example, can only integrate with Shopify and connects with Aliexpress, who sources their products from China.

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Another type of dropshipping solution are inventory management software platforms like Ecomdash et TradeGecko. These software platforms are a little more complex than the type of applications I mentioned above, but they are great if you have multiple sales channels and/or thousands of products you want to sell. By utilizing a software like this, you will be able to gain access to generic inventory data feeds from their integrated suppliers that you can push to your store. You will also be able to edit and manage your product feed in bulk, so this option may be the best for you if you are integrating thousands of products to multiple platforms. However, a drawback for these softwares are that you have to either manually upload the inventory feed into your store every day to reflect the most accurate data, such as stock-levels and new items. Or, you need to hire a developer to write a script to do this automatically every day.

Lastly, there are inventory automation software platforms, like Source d'inventaire. If you are only wanting to load a few products into your store, you may want to go with the simplest option. However, if you’re wanting tools to completely customize your product feed in bulk, such as categories, variations, pricing rules and exclusion rules, and automate your dropshipping process, this option may be the one for you. With dropship automation software, you don’t have to worry about hiring a developer or manually uploading your inventory feeds. The software does all that for you automatically every day. You do, however, have to become an approved reseller with your supplier(s) before you can gain access to their feed. Although, Inventory Source now offers IS Direct, which allows you to automatically upload products into your store from hand-picked USA-based suppliers without having to go through that process.

As you can see, there’s no simple answer to what the best dropship software is because it really depends on the goals of your business. But, I hope this made it a little more clear for you!


Jerry, former Saas Expert

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Hi, I would like to recommend you a best dropshipping tool: ShopMaster.

ShopMaster now integrate with eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce , and Wish platforms. It has a intutive interface and easy to use.

Quel est le meilleur logiciel de dropshipping?

You can just connect your store to ShopMaster and then start to import product for selling. It wupport 30 supplier sites now and I believe there will be more in future.

Quel est le meilleur logiciel de dropshipping?

With ShopMaster Chrome Extension, you can directly inport products by one click on the product, or import all products by URLs or category.

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Quel est le meilleur logiciel de dropshipping?

Quel est le meilleur logiciel de dropshipping?

ShopMaster has auto repricer and you can add your profit by value or %, and then sutomatically form your find selling prices.

Inventory& Price monitor can scan suppliers’ stock and price changes, you don’t need to worry about out of stock or lose your money.

If you use Aliexpress a a supplier, that would be perfer work wth ShopMaster. It support auto order Ali prodcut, sync tracking and update to your online store! Try it now with forever plan and you got 50 free managed listings and all the fundtions above. click ici à visiter.

Deena Barisa

Deena Barisa, SEO Executive chez YellowBot (2014-present)

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The best dropshipping automation software for WordPress & Woocommerce websites is the AliDropship plugin.

It is particularly useful if you’re looking to increase your efficiency and streamline your approach when it comes to creating a successful dropshipping store.

I’ve written a nice article here with a full-length AliDropship Review où vous pouvez obtenir des informations plus détaillées, mais juste toucher ce qui a été discuté; Il existe de nombreuses fonctionnalités de ce plugin WordPress qui le rendent idéal, notamment:

Fonction d'importation- Les produits peuvent être importés instantanément d’AliExpress en un clic de souris

Prix ​​automatisé— Automatically track and price your products in relation to your suppliers costings, meaning relational markups can be achieved as soon as your suppliers make price changes

Quel est le meilleur logiciel de dropshipping?

Conversion de devise- Vous pouvez choisir un prix différent pour les articles en fonction de leur emplacement géographique, ce qui est particulièrement utile lorsque vous utilisez des stratégies de prix psychologiques (0.99 $) qui ne se traduiraient pas directement par le même prix si quelqu'un du Royaume-Uni achetait (0.78).

Les options d'expédition- Des options d'expédition sur mesure peuvent être définies en fonction de l'article, du poids, de la taille et de la destination géographique.

Paiement- Offre plusieurs passerelles de paiement (Paypal, Paypal en un clic, PayU, 2Checkout, Stripe, etc.)

Panier abandonné : Can automate emails to visitors who abandon cart during the purchase process, potentially offering them a discount to convince them to come back and complete the transaction.

Système de commande automatisé (un clic)— The plugin allows you to automatically transfer and send all of the order details to the AliExpress supplier with the click of one button, yes that doesnt matter if their are 3 orders or 3000, it’s still one click.

AliDropship 25% de réduction

Eh bien, si vous êtes intéressé à obtenir un% de réduction de AliDropship 25, mon article Medium contient un lien de réduction que vous pouvez suivre → AliDropship Review 25% de réduction

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Profit Scraper

I began my drop shipping career with Profit Scraper and haven’t looked back since. The product offers a one stop shop for all you Amazon to eBay dropshipping requirements Note that during 2017 Profit Scraper had closed it applications for new members (due to popular demand). Membership has recently reopened however I suspect it wont be long to this closes.


  • Lower minimum monthly subscription of $67 per month
  • Automatic Ordering and price monitoring
  • Service à la clientèle
  • Easy to use platform

Les inconvénients

  • Currently closed to new members

Price – 1000 items: $0.10 per item per month

plus de détails Best dropshipping software

Jenny Sponton

Jenny Sponton, Owner CEO (2016-present)

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If you are looking for something that can help automate your ordering, Spot N Paste is great! Its the first software tool (chrome extension) that allows you to program the supplier that you are using so that it will paste easily. It easily copies from eBay, Amazon, or even Shopify. There are lots of other features that it has as well as other features that are in works to be added.

You can also check out the facebook page and message directly if you have questions. Spot N Paste

Zul Fadzly

Zul Fadzly

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Hi there, there is a software for dropshipping that I highly recommend called dsgenie. It hives step by step training and guidance. It has its own community to help you as a dropshipper achieve your goal. It can automates and manage dropshipping activity which make dropshopping easier and much more profitable.

Just checkout this link. DSGenie

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