Quel agent Taobao est le meilleur?

Wendy Ling

Wendy Ling, Director of Operations (www.cnxtrans.com) at CNXtrans

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CNXtrans (www.cnxtrans.com) is the number one Agent Taobao for buying and shipping internationally from Taobao (www.taobao.com) or Tmall (www.tmall.com). Start by submitting your order to us via CNXtrans - Your China Import Export Shipping & Logistics Solution.

Depending on the size and volume of your shipments, purchases can be shipped all the way to your doorstep via air courier, air cargo, e-packet, ocean freight or even by railway cargo (train). Because of the plethora of shipping options offered, CNXtrans is the most cost effective way to purchase in bulk from Taobao, Tmall, Alibaba, 1688.com, JD.com, Kongfz.com, Amazon China, Mogujie et ship internationally to your doorstep in more than 200 countries around the world. Both our railway and ocean shipping options come with DDP service - meaning it is inclusive of customs duties, customs clearance and delivery all the way to your doorstep.

All Taobao, Tmall and other purchases will be sent to our main warehouse in China first where we will inspect your goods for quality and consolidate/repack them optimally to minimize the chargeable weight of your shipment. We will then select the most cost-effective shipping option for you given the size of the shipment, the type of goods being shipped and your required shipping speed. Best of all, we do not charge for warehousing, storage, repacking or consolidating goods at our main warehouse in China.

Our purchasing, warehousing, logistical and shipping services are more cost-effective and go far beyond what typical Taobao agents are willing to offer. This is why thousands of businesses around the world use CNXtrans to buy from Taobao, Tmall and other Chinese websites/suppliers and ship internationally to their doorsteps, warehouses or even Amazon FBA warehouses around the world. Some also use us as a service de dropshipping and have all their goods sent to our warehouse in China where we then ship to their customers all around the world.

Cliquez ici to start making Buy-For-Me orders from China via CNXtrans.

Cliquez ici to start making International Shipping orders from China via CNXtrans.

If you have any queries, feel free to email us at [email protected].

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Quel agent Taobao est le meilleur?

Annie Yang

Annie Yang, Je travaille chez Chinaebuys (Chinaebuys.com), un important commissionnaire de transport en Chine.

Répondu il y a 124w

Well we don’t want to sound too full of ourselves but at Chinaebuys (www.chinaebuys.com) we are fully committed to being and do honestly consider ourselves to be one of the best Taobao agents around, helping international buyers from all over the world buy from Taobao and other China-based shopping websites like Tmall, JD.com, Meilishuo, Handu.com, Paipai, Dangdang, Amazon.cn and the list goes on and on.

We offer international shipping to you via DHL and FedEx which is essentially a premium courier service which offers door-to-door shipping, full shipment tracking capabilities, and an extremely short delivery time (2–4 business days) at heavily discounted rates. These heavily discounted rates are only possible due to our long term relationships with DHL and FedEx and our ability to ship in bulk.

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Here are some points on what makes Chinaebuys stand out from other delivery agents.


Compared with Taobao agents, Chinaebuys is the more cost-efficient way of buying from China and shipping internationally to your doorstep.

What makes Chinaebuys a smarter choice than using than typical Taobao agents when buying and shipping from China?

Many Taobao agents require you to make payment by topping up cash accounts on their website and having them deduct cash from it whenever you order through them. Often each top up has to be made in lump sums of $100 or more, and often only in muliples of $100. Furthermore, they charge you a handling fee for each top up.

Chinaebuys strictly stays clear of such practices and ensures that you only have to pay the exact amount due for each transaction that you make with us, without any excess charges. Every transaction you make with Chinaebuys comes with a PayPal payment invoice and every online credit/debit card payment is made securely through the PayPal payment gateway hosted on PayPal's website, without requiring you to have a PayPal account.

Many Taobao agents also price up by the products you buy through them by giving you an exchange rate that is marked up from the prevailing market exchange rate by greater than 10%, sometimes even 20% or more. In contrast, Chinaebuys converts at the rates that banks and PayPal convert at for us.

Unlike Taobao agents, our Buy-For-Me service fee of 8% includes PayPal and international credit card handling fees. Most Taobao agents charge a 3–5% fee on top of their service fee when you pay them via PayPal or international credit cards.

Taobao agents tend to charge an exports customs clearance fee on a per package basis. Chinaebuys does not charge any exports customs clearance fees.

Taobao agents tend to have a minimum assisted purchase/buy-for-me service fee of at least USD $5 or well over 30 RMB per order. Our minimum service fee is much lower at just US$1! Furthermore, if you submit several separate BuyForMe orders in quick succession before we make the purchases for you, we will count them all as one purchase, ensuring that the service fee for your transaction is minimzed.

Some Taobao agents do not include fuel surcharge in their quoted international shipping rates and charge you separately for it. At Chinaebuys, our international shipping rates are all inclusive of fuel surcharge.

Most Taobao agents require payment only in US Dollars. Chinaebuys accepts most major currencies, allowing the vast majority of our customers to pay in their local currency unless they choose otherwise. This saves you on currency conversion costs since most payment mediums would otherwise charge a currency conversion fee.

Lisa Cheng

Lisa Cheng

Répondu il y a 98w · L'auteur dispose de réponses 316 et de vues de réponses 1.2m

There may be a plethora of agents in this fiercely contested industry. But it all boils down in choosing the right agent which can best fulfill your needs:

  • Offers Flexible Payment Options: When you are dealing with the Agent for the first few orders, it may be ideal for you to use safe payment method like Paypal as it has buyer and purchase protection policy so you can shop more confidently and securely.
  • 24-Hour Customer Support

Agents that offer 24-hour Customer Support have high propensity to instantly cater to your needs, promptly resolve issues and expedite your order fulfillment.

  • Prix ​​raisonnables
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Avantages pour les membres

Choose an agent with loyalty program where you can enjoy more perks from your membership, and ultimately can bring more savings for you, especially when you have recurring transactions.

Frais de service

Most agents charge 8% to 10% commission. But you can also find reliable agents offering lower service rate at only 5%. Make sure to learn also what available services are covered by this fee.

Coût de livraison

A major deciding factor is the shipping price. Your choice of courier depends on how fast or how long you are willing to wait for your parcel, cost considerations, safety of your parcel, order volume, type of products, etc. It’s good to work with an agent that offers flexible shipping options with reasonable rates and can advise which method is best for you considering those factors that are important to you.

  • Good Quality Control

Quality Control is crucial as it is frustrating and costly to receive a bad product after waiting and paying for the item cost, shipping cost, etc. This is why you may need the service of an Agent to help you in getting the right product.

  • Cost Savings / Value-Added Services

Consolidation Service

The cost for first ½ kg is the most expensive than the succeeding halves in international shipping. When you’re ordering multiple products from different sellers, you can save cost when you can combine your orders in one box.

Free Removal of Boxes/Packaging

Some agents offer free removal of shoe boxes or unnecessary packaging to minimize your parcel’s volumetric weight.

Taxes douanières

Agents can help you save a lot in taxes.

Autres services

Taobao Agents also offer product search for a fee, or without extra charge! Likewise, for product photos.

It’s not easy to define ”best” or find the best. Most of the time it is relative to your experience which influence your understanding, perception or judgement about the service, and ultimately your choice of Agent for long-term partnership, especially when you have recurring transactions to meet business needs.

If you need the Service of an Agent, Taobao Age. www.taobaoage.com is here for you. We strive to offer all of the above in order to optimize your online shopping experience.

In Taobao Age. we offer you only the best that we can because you deserve the best.

For more information about our services and offers, visit us at www.taobaoage.com.

Carol Hilton

Carol Hilton, Taobao Sourcing, agent d’achat et d’expédition en Chine

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With 8 years Taobao international shipping delivery experience, TaobaoGuides et JFBees Taobao agent- Buy and ship goods from China with 0 service fee served hundreds of thousands satisfied overseas Taobao shoppers and we won the highest credits as well as 4 crown seller on our Taobao store among all the Taobao shipping service provider in China. Every year, Over 100,000 overseas Chinese and students ship their Taobao, JD or Chinese online shopping packages through our Taobao shipping delivery service, hundreds of thousands Taobao packages being delivered to 112 countries and districts around the world. For more advantages please check Advantages of TaobaoGuides Taobao International Shipping Delivery Service.

Tracy Li

Tracy Li, Agent maritime en Chine chez Impoort Bridges, Co. (2004-present)

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I wont give a long answer like most of the answers found here, and I also won’t give an in-depth marketing pitch. But I will tell you that TaobaoAge is one of the best Taobao Agent there is. You can ask anyone who has tried TaobaoAge and for sure they will recommend it to you.

At TaobaoAge most of our agents are fluent in English, so don’t worry about communication barriers and once you enter our website you will directly be greeted by an agent on our chat box. TaobaoAge is very easy to use, just go the website and you will see for yourself. I will only tell you two services that TaobaoAge offers that will be more than enough for you to see that we are one of the best Taobao Agent.

1.) Product Checking - We have a dedicated quality assurance or checking team for all your purchases. We check the quality if it is good or decent. Along with that we check each and every inch of your product to make sure that there are no hidden defects or dents that are not visible at first glance. And lastly they check the color, size, and model of the product you bought to make sure that it is exactly as what you ordered.

2.) Free 180-day Storage - This is the home run service right here. In order for you to save a ton of shipping cost we give you a free 180 day storage for all your purchases, and then we will send them all in one delivery. This will directly lead to a lower shipping cost for you. This basically lead me to choose TaobaoAge, this service and feature is just too good to pass up.

Well, that’s my pitch right there. Read reviews and read the comments and experiences of other users those will be the main reckoning on whether who truly is the best Taobao Agent. But for me TaobaoAge all the way my friend.

Philip Sarsfield

Philip Sarsfield, Direct to Bank e-commerce manager at Akirix LLc

Répondu il y a 149w

Most Taobao agents are good and it is difficult to tell the difference between most of them.

You should check the ratings and make your choice based on the consumer ratings provided on the Taobao website.

Look for ratings from consumers in the same or a similar location to where you are based

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