Que se passerait-il si tous les pays étrangers refusaient d'envoyer de l'aide à la fois à Israël et aux Palestiniens jusqu'à ce qu'ils signent un accord de paix durable?

Elke Weiss

Elke Weiss, Israélo-américain

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Israel would suffer, but would survive. Agence centrale de renseignement rates Israel as a stable economic power. Most aid goes to defense, so Israelis would sacrifice more for weapons.


Israel has a technologically advanced free market economy. Cut diamonds, high-technology equipment, and pharmaceuticals are among its leading exports. Its major imports include crude oil, grains, raw materials, and military equipment. Israel usually posts sizable trade deficits, which are covered by tourism and other service exports, as well as significant foreign investment inflows. Agence centrale de renseignement

The Palestinian Authority would suffer a lot more. Israel can survive without aid, we do have industry and commerce.

The Palestinian Authority gets one third of all revenue from foreign aid, which provides essential services for half of the Palestinians and allows for the government to run. (How Much International Aid Do the Palestinian Territories Receive?) Also, if Israel is providing aid, that would be cut off as well. So the Palestinian high tech sector (10% of the budget, Palestinian tech startups offer hope to struggling economy) That’s water aid, which would be a complete loss to agriculture ( 13.4% of the source budget) -Net loss 33%+10%+13.4%= 55% loss of economy.

Complete economic meltdown.

So, I think Palestinians would starve to death, and Israelis would lose money.

Not a good strategy.

Zohar Hirshfeld

Zohar Hirshfeld

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This is a great question. I will start with the easy part, Israel will not be affected (GDP in 2016 expected to be 315B, so the military aid from US will not make much difference).

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Palestinians who currently rely on Foreign money (roughly 25% of their budget comes from Foreign aid). They will not be able to pay salaries, run clinics, etc. The PA would have two options, get a hold of themselves and drive to a solution that will be a good long lasting peace with Israel (including economical freedom, etc) or resist and use terror to generate pressure in order to receive aid. If the current leadership will not be topped, probably the latter will happen (based on historical behaviour). There is a slight chance (very small, maybe 1%) that there will be a change of mind and the people will push for a long lasting solution. One which would be good for them. I would not put my money batting on that option though.

What is sure to happen though is that Israel will be blamed for everything and new resolutions would pass in the UN against Israel.

Larry Rivetz

Larry Rivetz, I was a criminal defence lawyer specializing in homicide defence for 30 years .

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The palestinians would finally make peace if all the nations that give it aid, both openly and surreptitiously, really stopped supporting it. The leaders , who pocket large portions of that money, would move to the Persian Gulf states, and new , perhaps responsible leaders, would have to make peace to feed their people. The effect on Israel would be non-existent. Israel receives 3billion a year military aid from the US, nothing from anyone else. That money must be spent in the US, and is as much aid for Lockheed as Israel. It has no impact on Israel’s domestic economy, and some economists feel that it hurts the economy, inhibiting domestic production of certain military systems, that would be revenue producing if produced domestically and exported. See the Lavi aircraft program.Israel’s gdp is over 300 billion per year, so foreign aid is a neglivle part of their economy, and would not cause them to change their policy, or accept a peace they would otherwise reject.

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Gilad Sabo

Gilad Sabo, Israeli

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Nothing would happen to Israel. Just read about Israel economy and its GDP, you can start from Wikipedia. There are over 100 violent conflicts world wide at the moment, why is the Israeli-Arab one justify uncalled foreign involvement?

Shy Alon

Shy Alon, Next door Neighbors

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Israel would blame the Palestinians and the Palestinians would blame Israel.

In Gaza people will start dying (they are heavily dependent on foreign aid) and Israel will be blamed for that too.

Desperate Palestinians will step up terrorist attacks and Israel in response will increase security measures.

So more death, more misery and no peace.

(Israel won’t be effected as the aid it receives from the US pays for the air crafts it buys from the US).

Chad Hatten

Chad Hatten, studied at Normandale College

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This would have more of an effect on the Arabs, because the PA is heavily reliant on foreign aid to fund their operations. They do not have the tax base to support their government at all.

Additionally, if all foreign aid of all kinds ceased, that would include the arms that go to Hamas, another point of pressure.

Ultimately, more terrorism is the likely result.

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