Que pourrait-il se passer sur le marché de la crypto-monnaie en cas de blocage de Tether?

Paul Mitchel

Paul Mitchel, BS Economie et politique publique

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Clearly, the risk is still there and traders are responding by reducing their exposure to Tether. This reduction has played into the current bear market. This can explain why we have had such a broad selloff across crypto-currencies as tethers are used to trade not just Bitcoin but other cryptos as well.

If there is information that Tether supply isn’t backed up by real currency, we can definitely expect a violent market reaction simply because markets always sell on emotion first so we will have a major selloff. And nobody knows when and how the market will recover from that one. I would guess though that Tether and Bitfinex owners very well understand this and are doing everything possible and I mean - everything in their power - to find the money and back up Tether with whatever missing reserves before an audit that is forthcoming, I am sure.

As a thought experiment, let’s see how Tether coins actually work.

Say, we have a surge in the price of Bitcoin from $1 to $2. As more traders join Bitfinex and other exchanges, the demand for tethers goes up, these are issued automatically as traders buy tethers with their Bitcoins. A trader who sells a $2 Bitcoin gets 2 tether coins and uses those to buy other crypto currencies. The Tether balance sheet now has 1 Bitcoin for 2 tethers which are now in circulation. The company must instantly back up those 2 tethers with $2 real U.S. dollar bills deposited somewhere in reserves (via selling 1 Bitcoin it just got, or by other whatever means). If they do not (did not), and then Bitcoin crashes from $2 to $0.5, those 2 tethers in circulation are now worth only $1, not $2. That’s the issue.

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The question is: has the market already priced in a possible meltdown in Tether values or not? Nobody knows.

Kenan Ekici

Kenan Ekici, studied at Hogeschool PXL

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Depends on the timing of the market. If we are past the bear market, the tether crash could mean as little as slicing off a few billions of the market cap, which on its own is not a big deal. However when the fud spreads, a chain reaction (as volatility proves) could result into another great bear market.

A vast amount of (smarter) people in the crypto market do know Tether is very dangerous to hold right know. This is partially good news because like the Bitconnect selloff, none of the whales will give a shite. Meaning people will not be selling their own investments in reaction to the event (inb4 you have been warned). It's great to see people knowing what is legit and what might be not, these days. And if you cover your ears and willingly ignore rumors, especially in a market like this, you deserve to get burned.

I do hope Tether can prove it is legit though or we are ready to see the next great crypto drought.

F Mark Kosierowski

F Mark Kosierowski, Écrivain indépendant (2014 présent)

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I think it would be the end of the beginning.

Market speculation would be dampened, almost by definition. (I’m referring to the theory that tether was being issued for the sole purpose of buying Bitcoin.)

This would hopefully usher in a new ear of value based cryptocurrency investment.

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So, the beginning of the market was all insider acronyms and wild, groundless valuations. $1 was as good of a guess as $10,000.

Value based investing would be a very welcome addition to the cryptocurrency market.

Naif Amoodi

Naif Amoodi, Développeur web et administrateur de serveur chez Rhyzz (2005-present)

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Réponse d'origine: What would happen to the cryptocurrency market if the stock market crashed?

In my opinion, it would depend on the cause of the crash. If its related to some serious economic problems, people from that country might consider investing in cryptocurrencies. This happened in a country a while back but I can’t remember which country it was. People there started to feared their government backed fiat might lose value and so they had started investing in Bitcoin.

Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson

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Réponse d'origine: What would happen to the cryptocurrency market if the stock market crashed?

It’s hard to know with any certainty.

A localised market crash due to government action regarded as oppressive could see people putting money into cryptocurrencies in the hope it would prove to be a safe haven for their wealth. The increase in demand would cause the prices to rise.

On the other hand a stock market crash could result in people selling other assets to meet margin calls, which could result in a wave of selling of cryptocurrencies, and the slump in demand would cause the prices to fall.

Mark Ravers

Mark Ravers, J.D., Licensed Attorney, Trader, Mediator, Tinkerer

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Everyone owning tether will own a worthless failed digital currency. That should be the extent of the problem (I don't believe the FUD about bringing down the entire market.) At most, bitfinex may go down and bitfinex customers may lose some of their holdings in the process, but additional exchanges should not have a problem - except for losing the tether that is already on their books. Bottom line is that tether is too small to do widespread damage.

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