Qu'est-ce qu'une adresse de facturation?

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A billing address is the address connected to a specific form of payment, which is typically a credit or debit card. Companies use the billing address to verify the authorized use of such a card. It is also where companies send paper bills and bank statements.

Billing addresses must match what the card issuing bank has on file, or the attempted purchase may not go through. When the cardholder moves, the billing address must change to match the holder's current address. This can be accomplished by contacting the card issuing bank.

The billing address is different than the shipping address, which is the address where packages get delivered to. Billing and shipping addresses may be the same, but are sometimes different. When the billing address is different than the shipping address, additional order vérification may be necessary to validate the order.

A billing address also allows online merchants to reduce fraud through a service provided by the card networks (i.e., Visa/MasterCard/American Express) called Système de vérification d'adresse (AVS). AVS compares the numeric portion of the billing address that you provide to the merchant with the billing address on file with your card issuer.

For example, if your billing address is: 123 Main Street, Somewhere, CA 94000 it would check the '123' in the address and the '94000' zip code. AVS is used in addition to other fraud prevention techniques such as CVV2 (Card Verification Value) values and authorization with the card issuer.

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There are different answers to this question.

For your bank and credit cards: your billing address is the address where you receive your personal mail. Snail mail, not e-mail, of course. This is where your bank sends your snail mail statements and the address the bank has on file as your physical residence.

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If your personal address is a post office box, you may be required to provide a physical address, the place you reside.

For medical bills: your billing address is the place the bill goes for the services rendered. In some cases, as for children of divorced or separated parents, the billing address is not the physical address of the individual.

For utilities: your billing address is the address the bill for your services is to be sent. This may be the address of the place the services were rendered or the address of the individual or business that own the properties.

Basically, your billing address is the place anyone you owe money to can send the bill and expect to be paid.

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The instrument through which any Service Provider aims to covey to you the information about how much you owe them is the Invoice (the technical term) which in everyday conversation is loosely called the “bill” . And Service providers are required to follow a process where they are supposed to send this information to their customer at an address which the customer has provided to them as an address of contact and where they wish to receive this bill . This address is known as the billing address.

One thing to keep in mind is that when we talk about billing address you have to guard yourself against having an expectation that any taxes included on the bill will be exactly according to the tax rates of that “billing address”.

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Meaning if your billing address is X but your service address (where you are actually receiving the service or Adresse de livraison(where you receive your packages from an e-commerce site like amazon and others) is Y which is different from X , then it is Y (which is NOT the billing address) that will dictate how much taxes you pay.

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A billing address is where your bills should be sent and delivered so that you will receive them. The billing address may be different from your home address. Unlike in a city, in many rural areas there are sometimes no house numbers or street names. Your mailing address would be: Rural Route 4, different from your home address of “Blank Rd” which leads 5 miles before reaching the 1 and only house on the other end of the road- yours. Instead of driving to the Post Office, you would drive only to the main road or “Rural Route” to pick up your mail. Your mailing address may be “General Delivery” at a City, State. This is a free United States Postal Service address location if you are traveling, homeless, or if you want mail delivered separately from the rest of the household. You will pick up your mail at the Post Office. There are also Post Office Boxes available for a fee at each USPS location. You pick up this mail at the Post Office too but can do it after usual USPS hours.

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The billing address is chosen to do specific form of payments typically a credit card or debit card. It is represented as the address where you are receiving the statements. The companies check the billing address to verify the authorized uses of the card. It is also where the companies send paper bills and bank statements.

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Contest makes a difference but typically a billing adresss is the address associated with your credit card, where you receive the statement. Many online purchases require a billing address as a measure to deter fraud, as this information must match what the credit card has on file for the purchase to be successful.

If unrelated to a credit card, it's the address where you receive mail.

People who have a post office box will have a billing address different from the physical location of their home.

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