Puis-je transférer mon Bitcoin acheté par Zebpay vers cex.io pour acheter Ethereum et puis-je utiliser mon compte cex.io en Inde?

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Oui, Bitcoin Exchange, Négoce BTC USD, BTC EUR - CEX.IO is available in India and can be used to purchase bitcoins and ethereum.

As for purchasing on zebpay and transferring to cex.io, I will suggest to go other way round, as cex offers better rates (at least for the time I have accounts on both of them) , even with inr to dollar conversion. You get more bitcoins or ethers with this strategy.


Sous Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) 1999, iIndian residents are prohibited from trading in foreign exchange, including trading on binary options in US dollars where the underlying assets may be bitcoins, stocks, commodities etc in domestic and overseas market.

Due to this reason, the bank has closed my credit card from which I was doing the transaction.

So, henceforth, I strictly advise against trading on the exchanges like cex.io, using FIAT

Palash Bansal

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Oui, CEX.IO is available in India.

Puis-je transférer mon Bitcoin acheté par Zebpay vers cex.io pour acheter Ethereum et puis-je utiliser mon compte cex.io en Inde?


  1. Firstly register to CEX.IO website.(Its not necessary to put money to register it, you can just create an account and later can add money if you want to)
  2. Transfer your zebpay wallet bitcoins to your offline bitcoin wallet(eg.- bitcoin core/multibit/electrum).
  3. Open finance page of CEX.IO, and click on Deposit button right after Bitcoin section. CEX.IO will create a recipient address for you. Put this address in your Bitcoin wallet and send bitcoins.
  4. In around 10min. when network will confirm transaction, CEX.IO will start reflecting your bitcoin balance.
  5. Now you are ready to trade your bitcoins and can sell it to buy USD/EURO/Ethereum/BitcoinCash
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Amoul Singhi

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Yes You can.

You can transfer your bitcoin/Ethereum from one wallet to any other it takes around 30 mins for the transaction to complete. Once you create a profile with Bitcoin Exchange, Négoce BTC USD, BTC EUR - CEX.IO or any other website you have a wallet with them and then you can use the unique code of your wallet to transfter bitcoin from Zebpay to Cex. Once your bitcoin are reflected in cex you can sell them and then buy Ethereum for the same amount.

For the second part yes cex can be accessed from India I had created my profile around 6 months back and I am still using it.

Mridul Singh

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Yes you can do that, and you can also operate your account from India.

  1. Inscrivez-vous pour cex.io account and complete the process
  2. Go to wallet , under deposits select Bitcoin, you will be provided with a Bitcoin address to which you are supposed to transfer your funds
  3. Copy the address and go to zebpay, select send Bitcoin and there will be a small + icon at bottom right, add the address there along with any name (basically like creating a contact in a phone).
  4. Select the address, and the send bitcoin page will come up, where you can select how much you want to send, there's also a fees associated to it. Typically 0.0005 Btc (depends on how much you transfer)
  5. Click send and the funds will be transferred to your cex account after verification. Usually takes 30 mins.
  6. Once the get's reflected in your cex account you can use these funds to buy Ethereum.
  7. Go to btc-eth trading pair and place your order.
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Alternatively, you can just buy eth directly from Zebpay, they have started support for Ethereum as well.

Samy Raj

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Dont transfer Bitcoins. There is high transaction charge. Instead invest the bitcoins in USI-Tech and then buy some ethereum from Changelly and use it in CEX, Its the best way to do it. If youre going to move bitcoin directly then youre already at a loss. It also depends on the amount of bitcoin that you’re willing to move. Zebpay charges depending on the amount. So if yyou feel that the fee is negligible then go ahead and transfer. Always move your bitcoins to invest at USI-Tech.

Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel, Pharmacie

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Yes you can if you are KYC verified customer than you can do it to any exchange.

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