Puis-je gagner de l'argent en achetant en gros chez Alibaba et en vendant plus cher sur Amazon?

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Yes you can! As a matter of fact, you can make a fortune buying and reselling on amazon.

There are two ways, actually three ways you can make money by buying and reselling on amazon.com

First way is called Seller/Merchant Fulfill.

This method involves Seller being responsible for shipping, handling and customer service of each product sold through this method.

Second method is called Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA).

This method is the easiest and most convenient way to sell your product on amazon. Amazon take care of everything for you from shipping(to customers), packing, handling, delivery, and customer service.

Third method is called Dropshipping.

Allow me to go into details of the methods mentioned.

Seller Fulfill:

Assuming you have a used camera you want to sell on amazon. You go to your seller account and list the item for sale.

A buyer buys your camera. Congratulations! Your item has been sold, Buyer has paid for your item… please Ship!

Amazon hold the payment until you ship, upload tracking information and the item got delivered to your customer.

What you do next is to pack your camera, go to USPS(or any courier you prefer), ship to your customer address, obtain tracking number, upload the tracking number on your seller account(this shows both buyer and amazon that you have shipped the camera), reply to your customer inquiry(if any), resolve any issue your customer might encounter…

This means you are responsible for everything from shipping to delivery of the item you sold.

After the transaction was successful, amazon will disburse the payment they received on your behalf to your account after they have removed their fees.


Lets say you found a product on alibaba for example:

Puis-je gagner de l'argent en achetant en gros chez Alibaba et en vendant plus cher sur Amazon?

Nikon MLL3 Remote Control.

Lets say this remote is listed at 2usd on alibaba but this same item is been listed and sold at 10usd on amazon.

What you need to do is to buy(preferably in bulk) from the seller on alibaba.

When you received this item, you then ship to amazon warehouse address provided to you when you create your listing.

When amazon receives your products, they process it(usually takes about 5 to 14 days depending of product type and quantity). After amazon accepted you products, your item will be available for sale on their website.

You will be able to monitor your product from your account. You will be able to know when your items has been sold, quantity remaining in your inventory, you can change the price of your item, e.t.c.

So whenever your item sold, amazon will pack, ship and deliver your product to the buyers. All you have to do is to keep an eye on your inventory to see if you need to replenish your inventory i.e send more products for sale.

Amazon will take care of everything on your behalf including customer service and returns…

Mind you, amazon charges extra fee for their fulfilment. you can calculate the total cost here: Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator


This method is simple and easy but you must first build a genuine relationship with your supplier before using this method. Instead of receiving the products you bought on alibaba by yourself, you can ask your supplier to ship directly to your FBA warehouse.

Those are the ways you can sell your products on amazon.

You can follow this link for a guide on how to get started: Amazon.com: Amazon Services - Training and Tutorials

Bonne chance!

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Amazon FBA is a business just like any other which means sourcing, employee management, accounting, admin, etc. Amazon isn’t a get rich quick scheme… Actually, expect hard work and many sleepless nights on the road to success but yes YOU CAN MAKE MONEY ON AMAZON.

Il y a souvent beaucoup d'histoires de succès sur Amazon FBA, mais personne n'aime raconter l'histoire de l'échec. La cause principale de l'échec est la faible profondeur. De nombreux vendeurs interviennent avant même de lire les directives d'Amazon, car le démarrage de votre entreprise sur Amazon est un processus simple, mais sa mise à l'échelle, en revanche, nécessite un peu de réflexion.

Step by step tutorial on How to start Amazon FBA business you can read here.

Findnig right supplier on Alibaba is the secret to being successful in Amazon business. No-one here is going to divulge their exact source. It is your single most important asset when it comes to selling on Amazon FBA. You can have all the capital, know-how and resources in the world. But if you don’t have a source or a manufacturer, you are DEAD in the water. It’s the first step to a successful Amazon business, or ANY business really. A restaurant is nothing without recipes, a blog is nothing without writers and a tech company is nothing without its programmers and engineers. Same with FBA, if you don’t have a product to sell, you have no FBA business.

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Guide to Buying from Alibaba, importing from China and selling on Amazon you can read here.

La plupart des gens se sont probablement préparés à une concurrence insensée en se concentrant uniquement sur les règles générales régissant la vente sur Amazon.

  • Produit léger et petit
  • Peut être expédié par voie aérienne
  • Prix ​​de sourcing entre $ 1 - $ 5

Eh bien, toutes les choses qui vous ont facilité la vie sont faciles pour quelqu'un d'autre. Pour un nouveau concurrent, il y a très peu de risque de perdre $ 2500 sur le produit + marketing dans l'espoir de trouver un gagnant.Si votre produit coûte $ 10-15 / unité et doit passer par Ocean Freight pour être compétitif, vous ' La concurrence diminuera considérablement. Vous n'allez pas trouver le même niveau de concurrence parce que les gens ne sont pas disposés à «risquer» autant pour une marque de distributeur lorsqu'il y a des investissements moins chers.

Didacticiel pas à pas sur la recherche de produits rentables à vendre sur Amazon, vous pouvez le lire ici.

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You sure can! Margins are much healthier if you add a little value in the marketing though, and invest less in inventory in the beginning.

And by less, I mean none.

With Alibaba, you’re talking at least a few hundred dollars worth of product, export/import taxes, fulfillment services, and a whole lot of headache. Which is worth it when you’ve got a working sales funnel bringing in $30k+ a month.

But to do all of that maintenant? That’s risky business, and totally unnecessary.

Plus, Amazon is where reasonable, objective people go for good deals. That is not an ideal scenario for healthy margins. And the moment sees you start doing well with a product? You’ll find yourself in the ‘More Offers from 3rd Parties’, while Amazon steals the listing for themselves.

There’s a simpler, cheaper way to do what you’re trying to achieve.

The key is to start with just un produit, build a nice and simple sales page for it, then market it in the right places (test and experiment). When you make a sale, go to Alibaba’s little brother, AliExpress, and order the product to your customers address using the ePacket shipping method.

It will take a few weeks to arrive, and you should be transparent about that (there are even ways to make it more desirable, be creative!). Fast shipping is a luxury you give up in the beginning to test a product idea without investing much.

How to come up with winning product ideas (Quoted from my other answer, ici ) ...

Notice how I bolded un produit, up above?

Successful e-commerce stores almost always follow Pareto’s principle— that is, 20% of the products listed make 80% of the profits. In the beginning, your goal is to find un produit that costs less for you to buy, ship, and market than what you are selling it for. Significantly less.

Après ça, you can start up-selling related products to existing customers to grow what we call the customer lifetime value (CLV).

CLV is the total revenue generated from each customer on average.

Ensuite, vous avez la customer acquisition cost (CAC), which is how much money it costs to acquire new customers.

When CLV is greater than CAC, you’re in business. The greater the difference, the more healthy your business.

If you try and start with more than one product, a couple things will go wrong:

  1. You spread yourself too thin. You can’t possibly afford to spend enough money on ads to test every single one. Even if you can, you still fail because of reason #2…
  2. Your store will lack cohesion. A bunch of random products thrown on a storefront doesn’t look good. And when the website doesn’t look good, customers get spooked and won’t buy. Design and branding is so, so important.

You have to build from the ground up. One product at a time. When you find a winner, you can expand your collection for a better consumer experience. No reason to stress yourself out, waste more time, and spend more money trying to do too much.

I get over 100 e-mails a month asking for advice. I can’t possibly respond to everyone with a well-written answer. There are two reasons I delete these e-mails and they account for 95% of questions:

  1. The person hasn’t even built a site yet.
  2. The person is trying to sell more than one product.

Because I know they’ve already lost.

Now, when I’m looking for products, I’m looking for things that strike me emotionally, or that I know would strike others emotionally.

Things that make me laugh, things that make me fear losing something, things that get me excited for their novelty, things that make me feel proud (status symbols), things that resonate with my self-image.

Those are the impulse buys, and those are the things that get shared virally (which greatly lowers your ad spend!).

You want something that sells for $20 to $50 (for American customers, at least), that you can pay $1 to $10 for. You will often spend more on marketing and shipping than the actual product.

You want to buy from AliExpress in the beginning, They have almost everything, super cheap, and you can ship anywhere in the world for a reasonable price with the ePacket option.

When you make a sale on your website, you order from AliExpress to their address and opt for the ePacket shipping option. Yes, it takes a little longer to ship, and you should disclose that. But once you are getting consistent sales, you can order in bulk to a fulfillment company and have them package the items better, and ship them faster.

These days I get most of my ideas from entertaining gifs or videos I stumble upon. Then I go and search for the product on AliExpress.

That’s how fidget spinners got popular. And now they’re in every convenience store in my area. They FLY off the shelves. The margins are excellent, too.

Your ads should generally be videos or gifs on Instagram or Facebook. If still pictures are better for the product, that’s okay too.

Another way to find potential winners is Amazon, eBay, etc’s hot/trending/best sellers.

Puis-je gagner de l'argent en achetant en gros chez Alibaba et en vendant plus cher sur Amazon?

Here’s the best sellers for pets. Generally I would start digging into narrower niches on the left side but already that bark collar on the right side has caught my eye.

Especially since as I right this, my puppy, Kelso is outside barking at squirrels and god knows what else. Neighbors cannot be happy…

Here’s Kelso, he’s the man.

Puis-je gagner de l'argent en achetant en gros chez Alibaba et en vendant plus cher sur Amazon?

A quick search for “bark collar” on AliExpress returns some interesting results…

Puis-je gagner de l'argent en achetant en gros chez Alibaba et en vendant plus cher sur Amazon?

Here’s a funny option. Call it the “BarkBeak”. Selling price: $19

Puis-je gagner de l'argent en achetant en gros chez Alibaba et en vendant plus cher sur Amazon?

Not what I’m looking for, but this could sell if your ad was a video of you training a dog not to bark using these things, with before/after footage. Selling price: $19.

Puis-je gagner de l'argent en achetant en gros chez Alibaba et en vendant plus cher sur Amazon?

Here’s another option— a little more humane than a shock collar. This collar emits high frequency sounds like a dog whistle when your dog barks, to dissuade him. Selling price: $29

Puis-je gagner de l'argent en achetant en gros chez Alibaba et en vendant plus cher sur Amazon?

And finally, the shock collar. Probably the same one we saw on Amazon’s best sellers for $19.99. But people go to Amazon for deals— we aren’t competing there. $39 would be totally reasonable on your own site. In fact, that’s what I paid for mine a few years ago (on Amazon!).

Vous avez l'idée.

Your video ad will show a dog barking, then acting disciplined when the collar does it’s job. It shouldn’t look like an As Seen On TV ad, a casual video will do.

Building a page to sell your product…

Once you’ve got a product, it’s time to build a simple website to market it. It may sound intimidating if you’ve never built a website, but it’s actually really easy and you don’t need to know how to code. I filmed myself building an entire site and explained all the nuances. You can watch that here.

Advertising and troubleshooting…

Give it a shot. Sometimes the first product just doesn’t sell like you thought it would. In that case, change the site up to sell a new product, using a different domain.

Sometimes, your ads just suck. Here’s how to know what to fix:

Let’s say you’re running ads on facebook. You pay by the click (cost-per-click). You target dog owners in their 40’s (more responsible, more disposable income).

If your click-through-rate, the % of viewers who click the ad, is less than 1%, you need to fix the ad. If your click-through-rate is 1–3%, you’re doing alright but if you did better, facebook will charge you less for the ads.

3% or more… keep up the great work!

Now for the percentage of visitors to your site that buy… it’s harder to give you guidelines. What you should be paying attention to is: what the product costs you, what you sell it for, and how much clicks are costing you.

If you buy for $3 and sell for $39, and clicks cost $.50 a piece, you can sell to 1 in every 71 people and still make money!

$.50 that is… but still!

Now if you’re selling to 1 in 50, you’re making $11. Sweet!

Make your page even better and sell to 1 in 20, now we’re talking! $26 net profit! Sell 10 a day and we’re talking just shy of $100,000 annual profit.

Best of luck! Let me know how things go: [email protected]

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Yes you can I have friends who do very well from doing this. The secret is playing the long game. Most of us want our goods the next day or at the latest the day after and for that we are prepared to pay a premium. My friends simply buy things that are not fads and crazes. Auto accessories, led lighting, tools Etc. They then buy them from Alibaba or the like and are happy to wait the month or so delivery time because of the discount in cost. They have a large inventory and so although the profits are not massive the amount of product they sell is. The other secret is to buy things that rarely go wrong. Returns can quickly wipe out any profit and goodwill. A lesson they learnt when buying a lot elctrical outlets that were dodgy.

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Absolutly,you can make money from Amazon selling wholesale products from Alibaba,but you need to undserstand how it works to avoid pitfall.There are many online training that teache you how to get started.

One of the easiest way to start selling on Amazon is through FBA.

With Amazon FBA,you job is to unsure you products get to Amazon,then they will take care of the rest.

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There are many people who are making 7 figure every year by just selling on Amazon.Getting product from Alibaba or Aliexpress, ship it to Amazon.

If you are interested in build successful amazon business that can generate you 7 figure every year, you can check amazing selling machine course.

This is by far the best Amazon FBA training on the internet.They have trained more than 1 million students how to make money on Amazon.

Vous pouvez en apprendre davantage sur Amazing selling machine and subscribe to thier free training.

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