Pourquoi PayPal a-t-il lancé une telle campagne publicitaire contre Apple et Apple Pay?

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Négociation. Paypal and Square are the strongest competitors to Apple Pay and with NFC could become true leaders in the domain of payments, both on-line and of-line, squashing credit card companies. Unlike Apple, they are not bound by platform or devices and could as well use Android and Nokia/Motorola/RIM devices. Provided that payments have a strong winner-takes-it all effect, this could send all the other competitors into the oblivion.

The only hic is that Apple won't let them use NFC for at least next year, making them loose precious momentum and gaining visibility for Apple Pay and not for them.

They could try to compete with Apple on the Android devices, but Google already have Google Wallet and is unlikely to make it easy to them to override the product it is currently pushing (remember Google+?).

All in all, they are trying to keep Apple Pay out of becoming mainstream as long as they can't have access to NFS too.

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L'histoire montrera que c'est une publicité regrettable

This can only be seen as desperate and less than creative in retrospect. Attack advertisements can never be seen as operating from a position of strength. Inaccurate alignment of events (iCloud : easy to guess passwords) and products (Apple Pay : tokenized payment cards) are something even worse. It may produce a chuckle but the psychology is weighted towards a negative emotion with even a sympathetic audience.

Association malhonnête

Additionally, the technology Apple Pay is using does not have a single connection to iCloud and thus, is disingenuous. More directly, the foundation of Apple Pay is a technology (NFC, tokenization, one use payment cards, encryption, etc.) that Visa, MasterCard, EMVCo, every card issuing bank in the US and every payment card acquiring bank has researched and verified as being more secure than any other mobile payment processing system. Apple Pay is more secure than any payment card in circulation. Apple even went one step better by locking the system to live biometrics.

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Thus this is an attack on the entire banking system as well as Apple. Ironically, PayPal will be forced to use tokenization and biometrics at some point in the future.

#PayPal Gagnant

I think that the optics on this PayPal Ad is one of a hyper response to Apple Pay and it may be a fashionable attitude to be “in your face” with advertising, to me it never really works. The ad may be retweeted and go viral, but so did Charlie Sheen “winning”:

Pourquoi PayPal a-t-il lancé une telle campagne publicitaire contre Apple et Apple Pay?

Giving Apple A Taste Of It’s Own Medicine?

One may argue that the “Get a Mac” [1] advertising campaign was mean spirited and perhaps one could draw this conclusion if it is seen on a very surface way. The fact is there is humor and even Steve Jobs said that ads perhaps sold more PCs than Mac in some circumstances. There was a hip vs. unhip narrative with an underdog aspect to the mac character. At times there was some edge when related to crashes of PCs but this presented actual problems. There always was a true and verifiable direct connection to a true flaw and not a tangental connection or fabrication. Whereas PayPal is relating an iCloud password guessing issue with an entirely unrelated new and highly secure mobile payment processing system. There is not an ounce of equivalency.

Pourquoi PayPal a-t-il lancé une telle campagne publicitaire contre Apple et Apple Pay?

Pourquoi PayPal a-t-il lancé une telle campagne publicitaire contre Apple et Apple Pay?

Compare and contrast till your heart’s content. Have fun with it like Apple did. PayPal has strengths and a good story.

Don’t be desperate.

Don’t be disingenuous.

PayPal est meilleur que cela.

1 Obtenez un Mac

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Why wouldn't they?

To be honest, I think PayPal would be justified being more aggressive, and I'm certain that people like Brian are overreacting to something very small.

Let's think of other, more factual ways to attack Apple. What has Apple been accused of in the past (Critique d'Apple Inc..)?

  1. Highly aggressive business model rests on the weary shoulders of disenfranchised Chinese migrant workers and forced "interns" who make an average of $1 to $2 an hour
  2. Highly aggressive lawsuits coupled with spiteful and reactionary policies (Steve Jobs banned all books from a group that published an unofficial biography of him that must have hurt his feelings or something from the itunes store)
  3. Other highly aggressive business practices (my apologies go out to Adobe Flash, the vast majority of open source technology, anything Apple views as a threat, etc.)
  4. Highly, highly, très questionable tax practices
  5. Seemingly petty refusals to honor warranties (easy attack route for any company)
  6. Cult-like following (strange, strange, étrange idolization of Steve Jobs)

It just goes on and on. There is no end to the controversy Apple has generated. This ad is insignificant.

Note: I'm not claiming that other companies are "better" than Apple, even though there is support for that argument as well (Critique de Microsoft looks downright friendly in comparison). I merely think that Apple is a very easy target for attacks, and that relatively speaking Paypal is being very nice to Apple.

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Pourquoi ne pas?

One one side, you have a payment giant well-versed in the subtleties of payments and transactions reaping profits though it is a subsidiary of eBay.
On the other side, you have Apple, a well-heeled consumer electronic giant that is beginning to move into the shores of the payment with what seems to be impressive.

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Apple may not have even releases their product, but we know how good they become, once they settle soon enough. So does PayPal. It isn't fear. It is stratégie de marketing, exploiting one another's weaknesses. And the fireworks have just begun.

It's not disingenuous.
The ad doesn't indicate that Apple Pay has any connection to iCloud. I disagree with Brian Roemmele calling the ad to be disingenuous. Specifically, it' just an allusion to remind people of vulnerabilities exposed often in Apple. It's clever marketing strategy. As a consumer, I don't mind it at all.

Having said that, I am most-awaiting a come-back allusion ad from Apple. Like the one they made for Mac.

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Momentum, now that everybody's talking about Apple Pay, it's the right time to remember people of PayPal.

I think that the tone of the ad is what makes it viral.

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