Pourquoi faut-il quelques minutes pour recharger ma carte de débit mais 7-10 jours pour récupérer mon argent auprès d'un fournisseur?

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Below is what happens when we pay through credit/debit card

Pourquoi faut-il quelques minutes pour recharger ma carte de débit mais 7-10 jours pour récupérer mon argent auprès d'un fournisseur?

The crediting to merchant is not immediate, it takes 2-3 days to reach merchants bank, but we get the SMS confirmation from merchant based on deemed ledger balance.

When a transaction fails or you cancel the order below is what takes place

Pourquoi faut-il quelques minutes pour recharger ma carte de débit mais 7-10 jours pour récupérer mon argent auprès d'un fournisseur?

The Major difference here is when we are paying we are authorizing it with password etc.further process is automated.

When they have to reverse a transaction, it has to go through merchant approval, then credit card service provider approval ( like rupay, visa, master), then your bank approval.

in other words , when paying your are authoring all of them together ( Logging in to merchant site then fill card detail) but in case of reverse it is multiple payers need to approve.

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Good to know the banking behind that. When it comes to debit card, the source of fund is your CASA account. Your account is debited instantly debited to finish your purchase on the store. Same in case of your credit card, but the credit limit decreases and the payment is recorded. Ultimately its the matter of securing the payments to deliver the product to you. In case of merchant, he might not get the payment immediately, it takes a day, days or week to get the payment from his bank. Unless he receives payment from his bank, he will not be able to pay you. A process of Reconciliation and Settlement between Banks and Merchant is the source of delay. However, more than 7 days is not usual when you request for a repayment.

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Trey answered 90% of the stuff. The authorization that was held on the account stays put till merchant bank sends(assuming merchant bank is different to issuing bank) a confirmation called 'clearing'.
If it's not received in the hold period the money gets stuck for so many days.
Some lousy merchants/merchant banks don't bother sending reversals that happened on the same day. So your money is stuck for the holding period.
If the transaction is sent for clearing, they have no option left than to send another clearing transaction to reverse the original which might tKe 4-5 days.

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A couple of reasons. You didn’t say “why” you were getting a refund, but obviously vendors investigate every refund to some extent which takes time. Furthermore they are not going to issue a refund when it takes 1–3 days before the deduction from your checking account actually is deposited into their bank. In other words, they’re not going to give you money when that have not yet received their own. That factor alone causes a delay in many cases although some vendors will do it instantly as a matter of courtesy.

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Well understand that although the money is taken from your account immediately the company is only receiving an authorization. This is to say that the company is getting confirmation that you have the money available to charge for the purchase you are making. Companies get the authorization and then have up to 30 days to "post" the transaction and charge your account. Due to the charge being in an authorization mode the company can't simply immediately reverse the charge. This is why the time to receive credit can take longer than the time to swipe your card and notice the money has been taken. Although the process can be aggravating understand it is not the bank trying to harm you or make access to your funds anymore difficult.

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Because to get your money back from a merchant you normally have to go through a chargeback procedure (issuer Bank, franchise, acquirer bank then the merchant), in order to "prove" that there was not a finalized debit card purchase. It takes days to complete.

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