Pourquoi Ethereum et LiteCoin ont-ils tellement augmenté durant la dernière semaine d'août 2017?

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I’m surprised that no one here mentioned the most likely reason for Litecoin’s explosion.

Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin, has been tweeting about the Lightning Network for the past few weeks. Yesterday, he ran a Litecoin Lightning Network transaction and showed off on his Twitter account:

First Litecoin Lightning Network request/payment happened! �� @JackMallers sent me 0.01 LTC. That's a cheap cup of coffee! XCHARXXCHARX @foudre pic.twitter.com/U58o7TRsf9

- Charlie Lee [LTC] (@SatoshiLite) Septembre 1, 2017

The Lightning Network is a third party layer on top of existing blockchains - in particular, Bitcoin (BTC, not Bitcoin Cash), Litecoin, Decred, Vertcoin, Viacoin, and others.

If Lightning Network works as predicted, then transaction fees across the LN will cost no more than a few cents - even for Bitcoin - and all participating cryptocurrencies will be able to scale to thousands, if not millions, of transactions per second. With this kind of scale, the technology will be in place to take compete with the entire payments market, including Visa’s credit card system.

Lastly, Lightning Network opens the gateway to something called atomic swaps - which means that any participating cryptocurrency can be traded for any other on the network. So, if you own Litecoin, and want to purchase something from someone who only accepts Bitcoin, a Lightning Network node could manage that transaction and trade for you, seamlessly and automatically.

This technology is, by far, the most promising on the horizon for Litecoin and many of the other cryptocurrencies.

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Pourquoi Ethereum et LiteCoin ont-ils tellement augmenté durant la dernière semaine d'août 2017?


Ethereum has actually gone to $400 before, making it easier for it to remake that climb.

Metropolis is coming in a month, a critical update to the Ethereum network. This update will bring zk-Snarks. “They are proofs that you have performed a computation over some inputs without revealing all of the inputs. Zcash uses these proofs to verify transactions while protecting users' privacy.” Basically, they could be bringing increased privacy to the Ethereum blockchain!

A Russian bank making a deal with Vitalik, Ethereum’s cofounder. In fact, Putin, Russia’s leader, also had a meeting with Vitalik a little while ago.

Pourquoi Ethereum et LiteCoin ont-ils tellement augmenté durant la dernière semaine d'août 2017?


For Litecoin, it’s price has been staying relatively low while other’s have increased quite a bit. I’d say it’s been due for an increase in value for a while.

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Probably more importantly, Litecoin is implementing a lightning network, and Charlie Lee has been tweeting about it.

Litecoin was also added to Coinbase some time ago, making it easier to purchase. This was a while back, but it still affects the price.

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thats a great question.

lets start with ethereum.

ethereum is only one that has a real use cases today apart from bitcoin.

there have been start ups (ICO) built on ethereum. microsoft and jpmorgan are some of the companies in enterprise ethereum alliance.

for lite coin it has grow about by 30USD over the last month. as bitcoin transactions fee are highly ,people find litecoin very similar and with negligible transactions fee.

in both the cases it is use cases that has accelearted the pricing.

hope this was helpful.

for more info on blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurencies .

you can subscribe to my channel here.

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Pourquoi Ethereum et LiteCoin ont-ils tellement augmenté durant la dernière semaine d'août 2017?


  • Metropolis upcoming hard fork.
  • More general development in the eco-system reinforces the underlying protocol
  • Russian government strikes bank deal with Vitalik

Sur le plan de Litecoin, I think it’s because people are realising that Bitcoin cash may not be able to sustain itself. Litecoin is the hedge for bitcoin too and with the upcoming hard fork in November, smart money moves into Litecoin.

I’ve recently set up a slack channel for the crypto community - Join BlockMastery here.

Richard Orr

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I believe they both are benefiting from the higher price of Bitcoin over the past month or so. While Bitcoin is divisible down to eight places, there is still a perception that it is more expensive than LTC or ETH. However, the percentage of gain in the lower price coins will be multiple of that invested in Bitcoin.

So if you invested equal amounts in BTC and LTC, the LTC will naturally grow faster than the BTC—if only because you will be able to buy about 10X more coins.

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Etherium is also coming up on a fork.

Finally, Etherium is the coin/token of choice for funding ICO. As people move in and out of ETH-20 coins, Etherium will be bid up, or down depending on the flow of traffic.

The way the Cryptos are working, there will be ebbs and flows depending on the day of the week or month…

Pat Kelly

Pat Kelly

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OK, so there is a lot of conjecture on why coins go up and down . Then there is post move predictions. I will comment only ethereum, using stability points, cost of security, and upcoming system upgrades. The recent stability price point of ethereum is between 270- 300 for weeks before this general rise in price. You can look at it two ways people's selling ETH at that price find buyers at that price range there for giving it stability. The other way too look at is expense is equally revenue at that price point. So what are the ethereum expenses security or aka mining and transaction payouts per month which is 4.95 eth per reward so if eth is ten dollars and the reward is 5 ETH per block and blocks are mined every 15 seconds and 5000 blocks are mined a day so 25000 eth are rewarded to miners you would pay 250000 dollars a day in expenses. Then do that for 30 days you get 7.5 million a month in expenses. So in a sense if eth was at ten dollars you would need 7.5 million dollars of income to come into eth to remain at a stable price point. Now think about eth at its current price range multiple that times 40 you would need 280 million to be paid out each month. Well how did eth plan for this not the best but better than 280 million it paid 240 million a month, well how come there is a difficult level with ETH and it is starting to go up so last month eth roughly paid 190 million but as eth price rises so do expenses. The difficult is increasing over time raising the stability point. The last part is the upcoming changes in Byzantium speculation grows and market cap goes up fast as not true market cap but as market driven value. If you place 1 million dollars in Ethereum the market does not grow 1 million dollars it grows compared to the last buy for ethereum if people are buying eth at higher prices because of an influx in money and eth Sells for 450 last then you multiple all the coins times 450 and that reaches market cap. Purchase another way if you have 101 coins and a 100 of them sell for a penny and the last one sells for a dollar your market cap would be 101 dollars not 2 dollars as that is all the money put into it over time it will even out but in the short term it can really away the price.

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Abe Buckingham

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When cryptocurrencies gain value it’s because they have a good hype-man bolstering speculation. They lose value when governments ban them or the hype dies out. In either case it’s essentially a social phenomenon and has no single cause other than people are irrational and unpredictable.

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bcuz of supply and demand

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