Où puis-je me plaindre auprès de McDonalds?



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Ask Manager at store to give operation manager contact number. He is liable to provide you that information. But as soon as you ask the number to complaint, than the particular manager will get too scared and will do anything or everything to resolve your issue. Even he will go beyond and break company policies to make sure that you don't complain to his boss and he will make sure that you walk out happily or satisfied.
Apart from that you can go to company official site and input your concern at feedback column. Definitely someone will call you.
If this also does work than make a statement that you will post your story at social networking sites or will go to consumer court according to the seriousness of the issue.

Naomi Burhoe

Naomi Burhoe, Manager at McDonald's

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There are several wways to make a complaint to a McDonald's store.

  1. You can find the website McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey on McDVoice.com on your receipt and go step by step through the survey process.
  2. You can call the store phone number listed when you Google the store location.
  3. There should be a 1 800 number for actual customer complaints as well.
  4. I think there is a corporate complaint line as well, for stores that aren’t franchises. My store is a franchise so any complaints will return to either to owners or the general manager.

Anuj Tripathi

Anuj Tripathi, Search Engine Optimizer at Lead Panther DigiTech (2018-present)

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you can file complaint on consumer complaint forum website-www.consumercomplaintforum.com. you can visit here. They take action quickly on your complaint.

Christine James

Christine James, Community Manager chez HissingKitty.com

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There are lots of places you can complain about any business, even one like McDonald's. The problem is that many places will not actaully get you anywhere. I would now, I've been working with customer complaints for 5 years now.

My website HissingKitty provides the best information for customers to complain about any business, including McDonald's. If you need their contact info or email address, check out our website: McDonalds Complaint Information.

Britt N Randy Perdue

Britt N Randy Perdue, Swing Manager at McDonald's

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Too make a complaint go to the website on your receipt and it will take you step by step.

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