Où puis-je acheter Ripple en Inde (INR)?

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hello friends… I Give you best ans………..where you can buy ripple easily in India with INR……………

Où puis-je acheter Ripple en Inde (INR)?

Currently, Indian Government doesn’t have any specific law regarding cryptocurrency in India although there are several laws in India with the combination of those certain laws cryptocurrency can’t be said illegal.While Indian government is working hard to study it and making a specified regulation for it.but ondulation provides one frictionless experience to send money globally using the power of blockchain. By joining Ripple's growing, global network, financial institutions can process their customers' payments anywhere in the world instantly, reliably and cost-effectively. Banks and payment providers can use the digital asset .…..

The Santander (a UK based bank) was the first who accepted this coin. There are more than 75 international banks who are accepting Ripple as a currency….

here is ans.

India's first multi cryptocurrency Wallet and Exchange, Buy and sell cryptocurrency in India, Buy ripple in India;_

J'ai aussi écrit des critiques sur buyucoin sur support. vous pouvez voir ce lien

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first of all sign up in here:-

Où puis-je acheter Ripple en Inde (INR)?

Than you have to Enter Your Details:-

Où puis-je acheter Ripple en Inde (INR)?

upload your KYC:-

Où puis-je acheter Ripple en Inde (INR)?

This is a safe and easy method For buy ripple in India with INR!

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First of all I would like to tell you that buy Ripple using money which you don’t need for long time . Ripple is going to become the next rocking cryptocurrency.

Ripple’s market cap shot up more than 2x in the last week alone taking Ripple’s market cap to nearly 30 billion USD. While there are many platforms where Indians can buy Bitcoin et Ethereum, Ripple coin exchanges are very few in India. Below, we look at some cryptocurrency platforms where people can buy Ripple (XRP) in India in INR.


  1. Koinex https://koinex.in/?ref=11af0e
  2. BtcxIndia
  3. CoinDelta
  4. BuyUCoin

There are lots of misconceptions about these coins so first study about it and only then buy. There are others coins too which you can buy.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Ripple (XRP)?
    Ripple is a payment network for financial institutions and an alternative to SWIFT. Ripple has two platforms: a payment network (RippleNet) and a cryptocurrency, Ripple (XRP). While RippleNet allows banks to transfer money, all the transactions are recorded on the decentralized XRP Ledger.
  2. What are benefits of Ripple?Fast and ScalableLow transaction feesUsed by 100+ global financial institutions
  3. Is Ripple legal in India?
    Like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ripple is not currently regulated by RBI. RBI issued a third warning last week warning cryptocurrency users and traders in India on the risks of cryptocurrencies and ICO’s.
  4. What documents are needed for eKYC?PAN Card,Aadhaar card,Bank documents – Passbook (or) Canceled Cheque

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Il y a deux options:

Based on the recent price of Bitcoin it makes it very difficult for people to be invested in bitcoin which wont give much returns and so more interest in alt coin have sprung up. Surprisingly India doesnt have any wallet to support these except Buyucoin. I would advice against using Buyucoin because rates are extremely costly and a huge difference between buy and sell which leaves hopes for Ask only and Indians are not trading but more in a hoarding bitcoins in hope of good returns next year. If u plan to invest 10k then compared to the second option u will get 8400 actual worth of bitcoin.

Second option is much favourable. Get an Indian wallet first like Zebpay or Unocoin. Zebpay is better since lower buy rates and less difference between buy and sell. Then either transfer directly to any foreign wallet like kraken or many others having addresses of Ripple, dash, ethereum etc through bitcoin directly or via a currency exchange mediator like shapeshift or changelly. You can get best rates on http://coinswtich.co along witb the rates they charge. All of the transfers to your preferred altcoin will take atleast 10 percent of your investing worth. So if u plan to invest 10k and add 10k to your wallet by the time it comes to kraken it will be just 9k left.

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Kraken allows u to convert all of your altcoin to bitcoin and then u can send it to your zebpay wallet back and it will too take some charges from both sides for sending and receiving. So withdraw only when u have urgency or you have made a killer of an exponential profit to really come out ahead of your deposit.

You can signup with zebpay using my referral if you liked this answer


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While it is currently not possible to directly buy Ripple for INR, what you can do is buy Bitcoin or one of the alt coins through Unicoin, Zebpay or Coinsecure and then exchange it to Ripple. As it usually goes, the fees for buying with government issued money are always somewhat higher, but that’s the only way for now.

Mentioned exchanges are among the most used and trusted in India and they have a solid user base. Of course, it goes without saying that before using any exchange you should do your own research and find out which of these look best to you.

Once you’ve acquired whichever cryptocurrency you wanted to go with, it’s time to figure out which one to use to now convert to Ripple. Again, you’ll want to look for lowest fees and most trusted services. You can compare fees and rates from different exchanges on Switchain and use it to finalize the transaction right there.

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For now, the only way to go is to use websites such as Unicoin or Zebpay à get some Bitcoin for INR and then get Ripple on another platform.

These two exchanges are well established in India and a lot of people really trust them. Of course, it goes without saying that before using any exchange you should do your own research and find out which of these look best to you.

Once you’ve acquired Bitcoin, you can look for places where you can now get Ripple. One way to go about this is to look at services (mostly free) that compare rates on a few exchanges et offer you the one that is currently giving the best deal.

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Où puis-je acheter Ripple en Inde (INR)?

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India does not have a good exchange for Ripple, but you can easily buy it using Bitcoins which you can purchase from Zebpay/Unocoin.

Once you have bitcoins then you can use CoinSwitch .co to convert Bitcoins to Ripple. CoinSwitch aggregates all major exchanges like Shapeshift/changelly and many more to provide a rate comparison. Then you can select the best rates and convert directly from their platform with no extra fees.

Here is their tutorial on how to convert to Ripple

CoinSwitch: Comment échanger des bitcoins (BTC) en Ripple (XRP)

You can also check the video tutorial:

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