Où puis-je acheter et échanger une crypto-monnaie?

Vlad Ciobotea

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Here’s a quick 3 step process for you on how cryptocurrency trading works:

Où puis-je acheter et échanger une crypto-monnaie?


You need to understand that cryptocurrencies usually trade with other cryptocurrencies, the most popular one being Bitcoin.

That being said, if you do not have any Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) yet, then you must get some first in order to start your trading journey. If you do have BTC or ETH, jump to Step 2 bellow.

Some platforms make it really hard for users to buy BTC and ETH with their Credit Card or Paypal, because they make them go through rigurous verifications, which may take days, even weeks, which can lead to many lost trading opportunities. Furthermore, they don’t accept many countries.

The options I’m recommending you will let you buy BTC & ETH as fast as you desire, thet accept Credit Card and/ or Paypal and they accept most countries. Pick the one that fits your needs best. Here are your options:

  1. Fastest options, no verification needed, can buy in first day: www.localbitcoins.com & www.changelly.com (a bit higher fees)
  2. Fast verification, accepts many countries, fair pricing: www.coinmama.com


After you’ve got your BTC or ETH, you will have to send it to your preferred trading platform.

Où puis-je acheter et échanger une crypto-monnaie?

I’d suggest www.binance.com, because of the following benefits:

  • Vous pouvez vous inscrire, vérifier et échanger rapidement (dans la première journée)
  • Ils sont sécurisés (activer l'authentification 2-Factor)
  • Ils ont les frais les plus bas (% 0.05 à 0.1%)
  • Ils acceptent des centaines de pays
  • Ils ont une bonne sélection de pièces

Most other good crypto platforms have closed registrations for now (such as Bittrex), en raison du grand nombre de nouveaux utilisateurs enregistrés. La plupart sont également très stricts sur les pays qu’ils acceptent. En outre, même si vous parvenez à créer un compte sur certaines plates-formes, elles mettent plusieurs jours, voire plusieurs semaines, à vérifier votre compte et à vous laisser échanger. Cela vous fera évidemment perdre de nombreuses opportunités.


Start trading your cryptocurrency.

J'espère que ça aide. Que vos bénéfices prospèrent!

Tim Ventura

Tim Ventura, Responsable marketing digital

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Où puis-je acheter et échanger une crypto-monnaie?

All aboard the hype train! I buy at Coinbase, trade on Binance, and frankly I’m starting to think the whole thing is bullshit.

Yes, I’ve made more than I’ve lost trading, but just like Daniel Jeffries says in The Cryptocurrency Trading Bible, “anyone who spends five fucking minutes trading knows it’s crap.”

You can buy & hold, buy on news, or try to play the trends: the first two methods have a shot at working. Playing the trends is literally gambling, and the trends change unpredictably on a minute to minute basis.

  • Buy & Hold: There are over 1,600 coins on the market now. Do your research, find ones that you genuinely like & believe will become successful, and buy those. I like Ethereum and Ripple. Over a period of months I believe the rising tide will continue to lift both.
  • Buy On News: If you see a bunch of stories breaking about a “hot new coin” (like Ripple two weeks ago), you can bet that speculators will be putting money into it, pushing the value up. Buying in can work, as long as you’re aware that “everything that goes up must come down” at some point. However, in my experience news-driven speculation tends to produce a smoother curve than daily market trends.
  • Play The Trends: There are a lot of formulas for doing this, none of them work reliably. Sorry, that’s been my experience. You have a million different inputs driving the price of these currencies, including a large number of “Pump & Dumps”, and likely other more nefarious means of manipulating the markets as well. The markets do not act predictably, and as Daniel Jeffries has written, only about 20% of these trades seem to actually make money - the rest just garner fees.

I can’t help but wonder exactly how any of these cryptocurrencies will ever find use in actual commerce. Ethereum, which is an “established” currency lost 25% and later regained about 20% of it’s value this morning. Three weeks ago, Bitcoin did an even deeper nosedive, slowly regaining value since then.

My standard disclaimer: cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. This post contains personal opinions only, and not financial advice. I take no responsibility for any financial decisions that you make

Emily Anderson

Emily Anderson, ancien ingénieur en cybersécurité

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Afin de buy cryptocurrency you’ll need an portefeuille cryptocurrency. once you have a portefeuille Compte puis achat et vente is very simple.

I advice you to invest in Ethereum, as Ethereum is the most rentable cryptocurrency right now. Here’s a link in how to invest in Ethereum.

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If you want to know about the top cryptocurrency wallet, then read the following articles.

A little more about Ethereum - Ethereum mining: Les exploitation minière processus is easy and involves a few different procedures. To know on Ethereum mining read the following article.

Types de mines Ethereum:

  1. En construisant une plate-forme minière.
  2. Mineurs Ethereum en ligne gratuits.
  3. Mineurs en ligne payés.

Mine Ethereum libre: L’extraction gratuite de Ethereum consiste à soumettre votre adresse de portefeuille Ethereum à quelques sites Web en ligne. Ces mineurs en ligne vous donnent ensuite une petite quantité d'éther. Pour en savoir plus, lisez l'article suivant.

En construisant une plate-forme minière: Cette méthode vous donne des rendements élevés si vous avez les connaissances et si vous le faites correctement. Vous pouvez configurer un ordinateur avec des ressources élevées et puissantes et vous êtes bon pour le mien. Conseils pour une bonne exploitation minière:

  1. Utilisez des graphiques hauts et puissants.
  2. Assurez-vous que le taux de hachage est élevé.
  3. Assurez-vous que la consommation électrique est inférieure.
  4. Rejoignez le plus grand pool minier.
  5. Mine uniquement lorsque le niveau de difficulté est faible ou moyen.

Mineurs en ligne payés: Ce sont des mineurs de nuages ​​en ligne. Vous devez vous abonner et acheter un forfait. Une fois que vous avez choisi la configuration d’extraction requise et effectué les paiements. vous allez commencer à faire du bon Ether.

To know more about Ethereum visit and follow Ethereumin - Ethereumin est le plus grand blog gratuit Ethereum pour débutants et professionnels. Ici vous trouverez tout, du tutoriel Ethereum au hack Ethereum

Atit Patel

Atit Patel, Entrepreneur and Forex Trader (2015-present)

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There are so many websites/traders out there from where you can buy or trade cryptocurrency.

Coinbase: It is one the most reputed and largest Bitcoin broker. Currently, it is serving in 32 countries.

It is only limited to 4 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Aditional services and features offered by coinbase:

  1. Instant purchase of $1000 worth of cryptocurrency per week with valid and verified credit/debit card.
  2. PayPal withdrawals.
  3. Price alert.
  4. Highly secured and safe Web and phone wallet.
  5. Simple and easy to use web.

Binance: It offers a substantial numbers of cryptocurrencies. It carries almost all the coins including Ripple, ADA, etc. If you are looking for some professional trading experience then Binance is a good place to trade.

Aditional services and features offered by Binance:

  1. Safe and secured Web and mobile wallet.
  2. Professional trading features.
  3. More then 100 currencies.
  4. Less transaction fees.

Où puis-je acheter et échanger une crypto-monnaie?

Les inconvénients:

  1. You can only buy very few coins with USD.
  2. High deposit fees on Dollar and Euro.

Changelly: If you already have a wallet and just looking to buy coins, then this is good place to buy. It accepts clients form all over the world and it also have over 90k happy clients.

Changelly charges 0.5% fees which is normally charges by almost all wallets and currency exchange services. It also accepts USD and EUR.

Où puis-je acheter et échanger une crypto-monnaie?

Neil Hampson

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It seems like there are new sites for this springing up almost as often as there’s a new ICO. The main things I look for in an exchange are security, ease of use and there needs to be enough money being traded so I can actually trade.

I’m very far from a techie guy, but I have a history with basic trading which seems to be all I’ve needed in crypto so far. I put together a guide on getting started buying/selling/trading here: How to Trade Cryptocurrency — For Beginners – Talz Mag – Medium

It also doesn’t hurt to have multiple exchanges if you have enough of a bankroll to look at arbitrage opportunities. My current goto is Coinbase to convert my USD into crypto in the first place and then I use Binance as an exchange to trade alt coins. If you just want to hold one of the big caps like Bitcoin or Etherium you won’t even need the exchange.

Cryptocurrencies are not physical coins they are electronic, a digital asset that remains as data. The technology behind the cryptocurrency controls a large part of its value which holds new technology on the secure way to identify and transfer money.

This year alone has seen an absolute explosion in the number of cryptocurrency offerings. Find out below about the other high-profile cryptos such as NEO, Monero, Ethereum Classic, Dash, IOTA, and Zcash.

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Ripple can be described as the next generation of payment networks. Originally set up to engage financial industry leaders, the digital currency has been a leading technology so far. This cryptocurrency has exploded over the past few weeks, when in just one day Ripple advanced by 71%

Lack of regulation for cryptocurrencies mean that they are highly volatile by nature, and an investment with this can make a lot of money fast, and at the same time it can turn and one can lose money fast. The reason it is not yet accepted by a lot of businesses is partly due to the lack of regulation.

There is a set amount of digital coins that can be created and which was outlined from the beginning, after that number is reached no further coins can be produced.

The blockchain is the master ledger that records and stores all the transactions and mining activity, trades, and purchases. At the same time, it requires validation of ownership. Technically a transaction is not finalized until it is added to the blockchain which usually takes a few minutes and is irreversible. During the time between transactions, the units are not available for usage by either side, which prevents double spending, fraud, and duplication.

They are attractive to people who worry about direct control of national banks and governments. Privacy and anonymity are key to the ownership of these coins which many people appreciate. It is more and more difficult to identify accounts of users. Generally, transactions are cheaper than the traditional way using banks.

Overall cryptocurrencies can change the financial world, and for the moment it is all still being worked on. Users of these coins still do need to remain aware of their limitations and volatility for the time being and foreseeable future.

Saibaba Bhamidipati

Saibaba Bhamidipati, ancien directeur des livraisons de la société de développement mobile (2011-2017)

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Follow below steps.

  1. Register with a company that buys and sells bitcoins - coinbase, bitstamp, localbitcoins (for peer to peer transfers) and may such.
  2. Review on these companies on internet - they should allow buying and selling in and from your country.
  3. Review your countries cryptocurrency laws - do you have to buy from a firm registered in your country, can you send money out of your country for buying cryptocurrency and what are the remittance limits, if any. If trading in cryptocurrency is legal, I would not suggest it.
  4. Review taxation laws (when and what tax applies at each stage of your dealing with currencies). You will be moving the tokens a lot and converting from one to another. Your countries Tax laws need to help the overall tax calculation easy for you. Step 3 and 4 may seem daunting, but very easy on internet. Almost everything you need to know will already be published in some paper on the internet.
  5. Once you have done your due diligence and zeroed in on the company (let us call this a Company) you want to trade with, create an account with them. You can do these activities in parallel, but transact in money only after you completed all the steps till 5.
  6. Be prepared to go through KYC (identity verification). Be ready with documentation as per their needs and submit. There is huge load these days and most companies are taking 1 to 2 weeks to approve (you may fine one that goes it in a day, so good luck).
  7. Link Bank account and transfer money to this company. Make a payment and purchase BTC or Ether. I suggest Ether as most ICOs are only accepting Ether.
  8. While you are doing above process, register in parallel with a Cryptocurrency exchange (https://www.binance.com/?ref=180..., there are others like bittrex etc). They too have a KYC (identity verification). We will call this Exchange from here on. Please note that you need to register on an exchange only if you plan to exchange your coins (BTC or Ether that you purchased with the company) to buy some other like Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, Cardano, etc.
  9. Now on the exchange click deposit, chose the coin to be deposited (must be same as what you purchased on the company website / app - like Ether or BTC) and exchange will show you an address (a very long alphanumeric key). Do a computer copy of this address (don't write it as you can make mistakes).
  10. Assuming you are doing all this at same time and have your company app open, click on send (chose coin if it offers multiple ones) and they will ask for an address where to send - here paste the address you copied from exchange.
  11. You will also be asked how much you wish to send. IMPORTANT NOTE - Since you are trying out first time, do not send anything more than $5 equivalent. I would suggest try with $1 if its possible. send lowest possible value. Even if you lose you can sleep ok.
  12. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE - Steps 9 and 10 may vary a lot depending on the company and exchange you have chosen. Read well. Be slow, methodical and review 10 times before completing task. Unlike credit cards, banks etc, here there are no undo buttons. Once money sent to an address that is not yours will be lost for ever.
  13. MOST IMPORTANT NOTE - Until now all your money is with company or exchange. You do not have anything with you. So if either company or exchange defaults, gets shutdown in their country of operation or are hacked, you pretty much lost everything. Therefore next step.
  14. By now you should have heard about wallets. Choice 1 - buy hardware wallet. Make sure the recent Ether standards are supported by your hardware wallet (All ICOs are expecting this - ERC-20 compatible). Choice 2 - Register with MYETHERWALLET (there are many phishing websites, so please do your research and get to the right one, else you lose it all). Choice 3 - what you are doing until now, keep the money on company and exchanges. Side Note - Cardano / ADA has its own wallet called Daedalus. I am sure some other coins may also have the same.
  15. Download the coins from exchange or company to your hardware or software wallet.
  16. SUPER IMPORTANT - The wallets will ask for passphrase, give out pass phrases and also share your Private Key and address. #1 Write down these on paper and electronic document. #2 Save paper in locker and electronic in a hardware storage device and again put this in locker. Download keys only after encrypting them with passphrase (most wallets provide this option and please use it). #3 delete all unencrypted key and passphrase documentation from your computer systems. #4 Never share your passphrase or private key. #5 share your address with those who need to know only, like exchanges and company and any ICOs you may participate in.
  17. Now you may look into ICOs, if such investments interest you. There are many sites that detail out. I am noting a few below: please do a thorough research yourself on each of these or any other you come across before investing - basics is, read online reviews, read white paper, check out their plan, timeline, feasibility of solution, chances of it really being accepted by people (gut feel on this), TEAM, if already backed by big industry players (tech, finance or retail players). Many ICOs with good to decent reviews have ended token sale - Naga, http://Trade.io, THETA, COMSA, indaHash, Crypterium. Look them up on exchanges and when listed or already listed, see if any of these make sense to invest. Also there are already popular coins like Ether, Ripple, Stellar, Cardano, Litecoin (some of these investments may also grow faster than Bitcoin - your job is to invest in the ones that will :-). I personally like Ripple and Cardano and THETA and http://Trade.io. Do look up HOQU. If any of the below interest you, do register by clicking on below links, so I get my referral. Fluzfluz concept, existing partners makes it sound interesting.
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Mentions légales - Je ne partage que mes connaissances limitées et rien que pour le savoir. Il ne s'agit en aucun cas d'un conseil en investissement ni d'un conseil juridique ou fiscal. Je ne suis pas qualifié pour en fournir. Ce n’est pas non plus une recommandation ou un encouragement à investir dans des crypto-monnaies.

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