Lorsque je me connecte à un réseau privé virtuel, mon adresse IP changera-t-elle?

Chris Luth

Chris Luth, computer geek and Internet user since 1993

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In general, yes--the IP address that other sites and servers see you as coming from will be that of the VPN provider you're connecting to rather than your direct address.

For clarity, note that votre IP address doesn't actually change when you use a VPN. You connect to a VPN server, and then your computer basically becomes like just another workstation on the VPN provider's private network (that's why it's called a "virtual private network")--and just like you were sitting in the VPN provider's office, all of your Internet traffic passes through the VPN provider's Internet connection and thus appears to come from their network. If you were to actually look at your network settings, you'd actually see that your computer is assigned two IP addresses--one "real" one from your own network and one "virtual" one from the VPN provider's network. The VPN provider uses your "real" IP address to communicate with you, but all of your other traffic is associated with the "virtual" address and is thus tunneled through your VPN provider's network, and that's how other external servers will see you when you access them.

That said, if your VPN provider has enabled what's called "split tunneling," then only traffic specifically directed to the VPN network (e.g., if you're connecting to a corporate VPN, this would be accessing internal resources on your corporate intranet) would go through the VPN tunnel. In this case, all other traffic, including general Internet browsing, would appear to come directly from your actual IP address. This arrangement would only be the case with a corporate VPN, though--certainly not with a paid VPN service you might use to secure your browsing over public wifi hotspots or to access U.S. streaming media resources from outside the country.

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Eduard - Gabriel Munteanu

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Not necessarily. As far as traffic going into the VPN is concerned, it will. Whether or not your global IP address changes depends on whether you route all your traffic through the VPN or just what's required to access it. In other words, whether the VPN software installs a default route when connecting.

Benson Lee

Benson Lee

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It depends on where you are looking for your IP Address.

If you are looking it from the perspective of the VPN Server - your IP address will not change as the VPN server will have to communicate with your own "original IP" to exchange traffic.

If you are looking it from the perspective of the servers outside the VPN server (assuming the traffic was actually routed via VPN), they will see the IP address of the servers within the VPN network (not necessarily the IP address of the VPN server), instead of your "original IP address."

So just to be clear let's say:
Your PC --> VPN Server --> Web Proxy --> Web Site

From the perspective of the "web site," it will see the IP address of the proxy server. The proxy server, on the other hand will see your PC's newly assigned IP address (by the VPN server).

Erin Shan

Erin Shan

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Rajesh Kumar

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The IP of machine will not change. The VPN server will assign an additional ip to your machine from the VPN server LAN. Now there will be tunneling of packets with new IP, over the tunnel with older ip and VPN server IP. For more


Stephen Joseph

Stephen Joseph

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IP Details Tool does a reverse PTR and enumerates geo location data for a given IP address.

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