J'ai une carte de débit MasterCard, mais dans notre pays, PayPal n'est pas pris en charge. Puis-je utiliser ma carte de débit MasterCard pour recevoir de l'argent en ligne?

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Traditionally, a debit card is just usually tied into the account of the issuing bank. Until and unless the issuing bank has a product in which it is participating to receive online payments, your options are limited.

Third party payment service providers are finding niche ways to enable and tackle this problem. Some rely on external wallets, some on separately issued debit card and some a combination of both.

MasterCard has a P2P (person to person) payment service called MoneySend but you would only be able to access this service if your bank is participating in the scheme. See: MoneySend | MasterCard®

As Mohammad Tajim has rightly pointed out Payoneer is a fantastic service, which provides you with a Payoneer issued debit card, plus to ability to have an ACH (Automated Clearing House) facility in the US to accept bank payments (ACH only).

You can go to sites like Fiverr and signup and the card from Fiverr which is powered by Payoneer would be shipped to you for free.

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Yes you can. Do you have a Payoneer MasterCard? Payoneer is a reliable and fast service provider for freelancers, online entrepreneurs and web businesses. After you sign up for Payoneer Mastercard you will get a Bank of America(BOA) Checking account via Payoneer US payment service. You can then give this BOA bank account number and routing number to your employer (company), where your earnings will be sent. You can also add this Payoneer bank account details as a direct deposit payment method to recieve payments from websites like Amazon and Commission Junction.

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Payoneer is also a popular withdrawal or payment method on popular freelance marketplaces like Upwork (previously Odesk), Elance and Freelancer. Furthermore,there are hundreds of Payoneer supported companies worldwide from where you can receive payouts. The money will show up in your Payoneer account after 2-3 days. You can also choose the paid "immediate load" option if you want to withdraw cash on the same day. Then you can withdraw cash from your local ATM. When you withdraw money from ATM, make sure you withdraw the maximum amount possible at one go because each Payoneer MasterCard withdrawal will charge you certain fee.

Tips for choosing a bank for Payoneer MasterCard withdrawal

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In some cases you could be able to transfer funds to your local bank account but in most you couldn’t. To get rid of unavailability of PayPal you can use Payoneer. Payoneer will provide you a physical plastic Mastercard debit card with the power to get payments from almost all major online job or affiliate marketplaces or ad networks.

Here I wrote an article on International Mastercard Debit Card Registration - Payoneer, you can take this as a reference to know more about Payoneer.

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As faisal said

You can use MasterCard Money send . But have to check if MasterCard supports the program in your country

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Your card should be tied to an debit/checking account.

My advice is: Make sure the originator deposit/transfer money to your account in your bank and then you may use your card in an ATM (Cirrus/Plus) in the country you are now.

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Contact my friend Jonathan Chester at Bitwage.com.


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