J'ai trois comptes bancaires. Je souhaite fermer mon compte bancaire HDFC, car mon compte de salaire a changé. Devrais-je faire ça?

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Réponse d'origine: How can I close my HDFC account when I am in another city?

You need to go back to your base branch definitely to close your account. Also, you need to pay the penalty to start the formalities of closing the account.

Steps to close your HDFC Bank Savings Account:

  • Reduce your account balance to zero.
  • Take a photocopy/scan of your debit card and also the first and last unused check leaves in your checkbook (for backup and security).
  • Go to your base branch (where you opened your account).
  • Fill out an account closure form. see the link attached.
  • You’ll be intimated of your account closure by post. If you don’t receive any intimation within a week or two, call customer care and confirm account closure (keep your Customer ID and Phone Banking PIN handy).
  • Tear-up your unused check leaves, debit card, and any other leftovers.

Any balance leftover in the account after closure will be returned via. demand draft. Un-credited interest amount, if any, will be accounted for in this reimbursement.

A combined account closing form is provided in the link given below.

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As you already have used the HDFC Bank's Net Banking and undoubtedly it is the best net banking interface among all the banks (based upon my experience of using more than 7 bank's net banking). Also you are enjoying the ease of payment and benefits of offers with HDFC Bank Credit Cards, naturally you will not like to close it.

Coming to the benefits of keeping account with maintenance of the average balance of Rs. 10000/- is that the HDFC Bank offers the Pre-Approved Loan offers based upon the age and conduct of your account over a period of time and hence you can avail those pre-approved loan offers very easily and minimum or nill documentation and hence, it worth keeping HDFC Bank account as it offers you a host of facilities ease of banking, latest technical development, and most of the products and features are INSTANT like:

  1. Instant Debit Card (if you lost get the one from any branch instantly)
  2. Instant Loan (Through Net Banking)
  3. Instant Fund Transfer (IMPS Through Net Banking 24 X 7 through mobile app)
  4. Instant Loans on Credit Cards, etc.
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However, its your decision to keep or not, but my personal suggestion is you should keep the account and enjoy the host of world class banking facilities and features.

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2 concerns has been mentioned in above question

  1. Using of HDFC Credit Card will impact, if I close the HDFC Salary account.
  2. Average Monthly Balance to be maintain in the HDFC Salary account along with Pros and Cons

Impact of closing the account to HDFC credit card:

There will no impact if you choose to close your HDFC salary account, as CASA (Current account and Saving account) and Credit card are different ententes.

Ease of making payment - Only NEFT, RTGS or IMPs will be the option to make the Credit card payment after closing the account

Pros and Cons of HDFC Account:

Pros of closing the account

  1. You do not have to maintain minimum balance of 10 thousand which will give returns of 4% annually.

Cons of closing the account

  1. Reminder to be placed for making HDFC Credit Card payment.

Today's Banking industry provide similar features so there will no that much impact if you choose to close your account


Jayesh Pandey


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Its not abt any Pros and Cons...its clearly your choice in terms of use of credit card and if that benefits you....an account will be of help to pay the outstanding amount right. As far as maintaining a balance is concerned, be rest assured that if you wont do that they will charge you..So if its not putting you in a tight situation try and transfer 10k to hdfc account the day you get your salary and forget abt it..for your regular expense you would anyways use ur salary account ..plus whenever credit card amount needs to be paid you can a day in advance send money to your HDFC account and make the credit card payment. Now other than that you should know there is no additional benefit you are gonna get...for example the maximum need of a bank is for loan..and having or not having an account with them wont affect your chance of a loan...so that doesnt matter. So only for the above reason of credit card if you waana hang on to your hdfc account ..u may. Other reason would be to avoid documentation for a new account with them in the future if you plan to take any loans from them. Earlier people used to keep multiple account for the ease of banking, like gng to branch or ATM for withdrawal..Now thanks to netbanking and anywhere ATM with any card/ bank its taken care off

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If you can maintain an average monthly balance of 10k then its okay to continue with HDFC Bank A/C.
And if you think you will not be able to maintain 10k, then its better to close this account otherwise you will be charged in between INR 250 to 350, depending on the amount you are maintaing.


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Steps to close your HDFC Bank Savings Account

In order to close your bank account, HDFC Bank savings account holders have to reach your nearest HDFC Bank Account or any HDFC branch in your city to close HDFC Bank Account.

No need to go base branch ( Where you opened account)

Fill up the Account Closure Form of Bank

Now you can go to the nearest branch and approach the bank executive. Obtain an account closure form from the executive and fill in the form with correct details.
Alternatively, you can also download the form from the comfort of your home and take a filled form to the branch. Download the account closure form from hdfc website.

Handover HDFC Debit Card, Check Book and Submit Documents with Closure Form

Ask Acknowledge from the HDFC Bank Executive

The executive will then give you a copy of the acknowledgment You can keep the slip safely with you and your HDFC bank account will be closed within 10 working days.

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Charges for Closing HDFC Account

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