IXCHARXve turned 18 and my minor passport has expired. What procedure should I follow?

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Follow these steps to apply for an Indian passport:

  1. Go to Passport Seva website and create an account using your email address and password ici .
  2. Connexion ici , to opt for fresh/renewal of passport (whichever is applicable) and select online passport application.
  3. Fill your passport application correctly with the right credentials.
    1. You need not submit your application on the same day. You have an option to keep saving your details. Your saved application is in the database for 60 days.
      1. If you do not login in those 60 days, you could end up losing the saved data.
    2. Since you already had a passport, you will need to provide the old passport number in the passport application.
    3. You will also need to keep the old passport with you at all times; do not discard it even after your obtain your new passport.
    4. A non-expired visa on an old passport is still valid; so do not lose your old passport.
    5. Your references in your passport application has to be your neighbors only.
  4. Once you have submitted your application, choose an appointment date for visiting your passport office.
    1. You need not choose the appointment date immediately.
    2. Your passport application is valid for 60 days. If you do not apply for your passport in those 60 days, your submitted application will be deleted from the Passport Seva’s database. If this happens, then you will have to re-apply for passport once again.
  5. Once you have selected the appointment date, you will have to make online payment through debit / credit card and/or net-banking.
  6. Before your passport appointment date, make sure to upload the soft copies of your photo ID and address proof.
    1. If you choose to take voter’s ID, Aadhar card, driver’s license, or any other valid document as photo ID and address proof, then these documents should have your present address.
    2. What most people don’t know about passport verification is that you need to be staying in the present address for more than one year before applying for passport and should provide valid ID proof for your claim.
    3. Passport Seva doesn’t mention anything about staying for more than one year in the current address. They will only collect your info and fees and process it. They don’t care if you are staying in your present address for more than a year or not.
    4. It is the duty of the policemen to verify your credentials. If they find out that you have been staying in your present address for less than one year, then your passport will not be verified successfully, could be marked as adverse and you could lose your passport fees.
      1. If something like this happens, don’t lose heart.
      2. Worse thing that could happen is that you will lose your passport application fees.
      3. You will end up applying for passport by paying fees again.
  7. On the date of your passport appointment, carry your old passport, original photo ID and address proof. Carry a couple of copies of the ID document; they might come handy.
  8. Once the passport official has double-checked and cross-verified the information you have provided, your application will be sent for further processing.
  9. The policemen in your locality (the police station you have provided your passport application) are required to verify your credentials.
    1. Either they could come to your house and/or verify with neighbors discreetly. So, keep your neighbors informed.
    2. The cops could also call you and ask you to come to the police station. Once you reach the police station, they might ask you to bring signed letters from your neighbors stating that your neighbors know you well. Strictly speaking policemen are not supposed to do this. They are required to enquire with your neighbors on their own.
      1. If this happens, just oblige. You have nothing to lose here.
      2. Optional: Take some senior family member along with you to the police station.
      3. If your neighbors are willing to write a letter for you, then ask them to mention that you know them well and also ask them to mention how long you have been staying in the present locality.
      4. If you are composing the letters on behalf of your neighbors, then mention that neighbors know you well and how long you have been staying in the present locality. Ask you neighbors to read the letters carefully and obtain their signatures and hand it over to your locality’s police station.
  10. Once the policemen have verified your credentials successfully, your passport will be sent for further processing.
  11. If everything goes well, you will receive your passport by registered post within a fortnight.
  12. Make sure you or someone on your behalf (authorized personnel) are there at your present address to collect your passport.
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For example, if your full name is Abhishek Vinay RoyAbhishek is your name, Vinay is your father’s name and Roy is your family name, then the passport application should be filled as follows:

  • First or Given Name: Abhishek
  • Middle Name: Vinay
  • Last Name or Family Name: Roy

Your name on passport will appear as

  • Surname: Roy
  • Given Names: Abhishek Vinay

If you are a like a south Indian who does not have a typical surname but has father’s first name or father’s place of birth as initials, then expand those initials and write them in the surname field.

For example, if your name is Ashwin GirishAshwin is your name and Girish is your father’s name, then your passport application should be filled as follows:

  • First or Given Name: Ashwin
  • Middle Name: [Leave it Blank]
  • Last Name or Family Name: Girish

Your name on passport will appear as

  • Surname: Girish
  • Given Names: Ashwin

For example, if your name is Bharath Suresh Mysore or Bharath Mysore SureshBharath is your name, Suresh is your father’s name, and Mysore is your father’s or your place of birth name, then your passport application should be filled as follows:

  • First or Given Name: Bharath
  • Middle Name: Suresh
  • Last Name or Family Name: Mysore

Your name on passport will appear as

  • Surname: Mysore
  • Given Names: Bharath Suresh

If you don’t like using Mysore as your surname, then your passport application should be filled as follows:

  • First or Given Name: Bharath
  • Middle Name: Mysore
  • Last Name or Family Name: Suresh
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Your name on passport will appear as

  • Surname: Suresh
  • Given Names: Bharath Mysore

Do not leave your surname field blank in the passport application.

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You will have to apply for re issue of passport. For that you need to fill a from on the passport seva website and submit it and take a appointment to the nearest psk to your place. Documents required for that, I am attaching a link, you can go through it for knowing which documents will you need.


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Passports are not renewed. A new passport is issued on expiry of the old one.

Your case is the same. Apply for and obtain a new passport.

For this open the online passport site . Fill it as per instructions therein. Schedule and attend your appointment with the regional passport office. Take all original documents with you when attending the appointment.

Not a big issue. But I personally advice you to go to the local courts and get the online form.filled by a person dealing in this line. I fear that if you go about it by yourself then you may make a mistake in its filling which may hamper your interests more than what you may save from professional advice.

Disclaimer: above is not a legal advice to constitute a client attorney relationship between us.

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Why would you ask such a question on Quora? I'm sorry to say it like that but you should help yourself. Go to Passport Seva, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India and read about the procedure. You are looking for a Renewal.

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Book an appointment and take the documents. There is no extra procedure if you renew your passport within a year of the expiry date. After that there is additional process.

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