Is joining QNet and paying money safe?

Anoop Ananth

Anoop Ananth, They tried to get me but failed to answer my questions.

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Ask them the following questions and you'll know the answer from their answers.

  1. What percentage of money do people make by sales commissions(as it is a "sales channel" after all) against the money they make from adding so called downlines? Reason: If you don't make much money actually selling, then how can you recover your money from commissions? This way you will know if they are selling products or selling a business model, because the business model without the products is just a ponzi scheme.
  2. What percentage of QNET products are sold to people who are not members of QNet against the number sold to QNet members? Reason: If you are not selling enough to non members, it is pretty clear that they are trying to sell the business model and the product is just a decoy to legalize the whole shit.
  3. How do the prices of QNET compare agains sales and e-commerce giants or travel portals or the corresponding internet chain of whatever they are trying to sell? Reason: Just think if you yourself will buy that product. If you won't, then how can you convince someone in good conscience to buy it? If they do claim that they sell more overpriced products to non-members than members, it will be clear to you that they are con artists and are trying to make you one.

In short, the product is what makes the business model legal. So, if they sell less products and more business model, you will know that it is a scam.



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Is joining Qnet safe? The answer is a big NON.

In case you are trying to find ways on how to waste all your hard earned money and along with that spoil all the relationships that you have built in your entire life, then QNET is the best way.

Let me tell you my story (of how i have been a Dumb A&& to the extreme limit).

A good friend of mine (so called) Mr R worked with me in the same organisation. We used to travel together in the cab to and fro from office. Mr R used to come over some times over the weekend for a few drinks. Kept hearing his story about him joining an organisation which is taking him to very great places. He gets to work with some great people. People who are highly qualified and specifically this person who is his boss was a VP of a very big Organisation.

This creates curiosity. So I was curious to know what the story is. I was told that it was an organisation where they work on some online portal and they can do all the work from home and make huge money. Some work which is taking him to Malaysia.

I wondered what it was. Asked for more details and asked him to refer me so that I can get a job and settle my life too like him as they have all in life and I had none. Mr R promised me that he would look into it and see if there are any opportunities for me to join in.

24th Jan 2016 was the day I get to meet one of big bosses of Mr R. His name is Mr A who was a charted accountant and is currently in the city just for a day. Mr A was interested in meeting me for some time. I was asked to come in formals and was supposed to be well dressed. Went to meet up with this big guy with a resume in hand and expecting some kind of big job opportunity to change my life. I was asked to keep my phone in silent and stand when the guy walks in.

Well, here comes Mr A, wearing a brown Blazer. Seemed professional enough. Spoke about a lot of stuff which seems very interesting. Some about dreams, where I am in life, how I need to look towards life to achieve all dreams, etc, etc. I was expecting some questions regarding my Job profile but nothing was asked.

There were a few criteria’s which i needed to meet before they can decide if I would be a good match.

· Need to have a very strong Dream or reason.

· Need to be Coachable.

· Need to spare time of 15 20 hours per week.

· Should not have any industry constraints.

· Should be the decision maker.

And since I meet all the above criteria’s, I would need to make a payment of 2.25 Lacks to join the organisation. And I needed to make a payment of some token amount to ensure they are able to block the position (very limited).

Well, after hearing the amount of money, which I didn’t have, I became uncomfortable and didn’t want to continue with the conversation. But, Mr A wanted to know all the details of how I would arrange for all the money and wanted me to arrange for a loan. Mr A explained me all the details that are needed for a loan, also the same process is followed by all the big companies as they don’t want to invest money from their own pockets. I ran. Ran some more. Avoided all the calls of Mr R (my friend) as I was not able to arrange any money like they had.

A few months passed by and I contacted Mr R again as i was still looking for something else to do to make it big in life. Got to meet Mr G (super boss) who was VP of a huge organisation and had left it all just to concentrate on the business. Yes, he explained me all the stories again and I believed all the stories. Showed me the photo of some guy who had bought his own car just after two months in the business.

With all the colourful dreams, I applied for Loan and got it approved with help of some big guy in the bank who has taken care of the issues with my account. I was very happy that I was able to collect all the money and I paid it all to my friend Mr R. Got messages from other guys who i had no clue about welcome to club if millionaires.

Went to a meeting where there were approximately 30 people in the room. It was called the WELCOME. A lady walked into the room who gave lectures about Dream, aspirations, where business will take us in life, blabla. She also got emotional when she spoke about how her family didn’t have any money to pay her school fees and she and her brother were not allowed to enter the class (classic movie script). Now she takes care of her entire family and ensures all travel via planes. How she wants to give her parent all the happiness that they have never seen and how she doesn’t want her kids to face anything like what she has. (Bunch of Crap).

Life went on for a few days, where I had to go to association (Power of association) everyday before i went to office. Had a cup of coffee speak with my super boss Mr G who helped me and guided me on how to be successful in the business. Went to a few sessions on Sunday morning’s called SYSTEMS, where one of the guys spoke. How to become successful in life, Successful in business, love your uplines, trust your uplines, accept the business, give up fear, blabla.

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Now I had become the dolphin, who had to do what I was told to do as I had to recover my money that I had invested. I arranged for a few meetings with my friends. All had turned up but no one joined as no one had the money handy or some who were not 100% sure. I had always heard that don’t say business doesn’t work, its just that you don’t run. I finally accepted the fact that I cannot cheat my friends and I was feeling happy that no one had joined the business under me. Told my Up line that I am done after two months of this nonsense.

Now all i am looking forward is on how to get my money back.

Anyone, who gets contacted by one of your friends who is trying to make your life successful if you meet the criteria mentioned above and if they are working out of a coffee shops (Koramangla Area in Bangalore) please be aware. Nothing comes for free in the world and there is no shortcut to success.

Ashok Prabhu T

Ashok Prabhu T, travaille chez Moolya Software Testing Private Limited

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C'est une arnaque absolue. C'est un système pyramidal, qui constitue un modèle commercial non viable. Les imbéciles qui se sont déjà inscrits agiraient comme s'ils gagnaient énormément, juste pour attirer et attirer. Une fois à l'intérieur, vous découvrirez que vous avez été transformé en bouc émissaire et que vous attirerez sans vergogne les gens afin de récupérer la somme énorme que vous avez versée. En plus de perdre de l'argent, vous finirez par perdre le respect, l'estime de soi, la confiance en vous, vous allez devenir déprimé et considéré comme un farceur.

Voici le message Facebook que j'ai publié après quelques rencontres de ce type:

Scène 1:

Pendant que je navigue dans les livres de Landmark ou de Crossword ou que j'attends l'autobus, un type me sourit et commence une conversation. Il me flatterait et finalement, avec la déclaration "Restons en contact", me demandait mon numéro de téléphone portable. Je suis flatté et je finirais par partager mon numéro de portable.

Scène 2:

Quelques jours plus tard, je recevais un appel de ce type que j'avais rencontré à la librairie ou à l'arrêt de bus. Ha ha ha ... Tous ces jokers qui m'ont appelé échangeraient des plaisanteries et feraient ensuite la déclaration suivante: "Nous travaillons actuellement sur une entreprise formidable aux côtés de quelques personnes de l'IIT / IIM et nous recherchons des personnes ayant les mêmes idées en tête. Je pense que vous avoir le potentiel et serait un bon ajustement, en plus vous pouvez gagner beaucoup d'argent dans un court laps de temps. " Si je vous le demande, pourriez-vous expliquer en détail, la réponse serait: "Il est difficile de l'expliquer par téléphone. Je vais organiser une session détaillée dans laquelle vous pourrez obtenir une réponse à toutes vos questions".

Scène 3:

Par erreur je suis allé une telle session. La salle ou la maison où ces séances seraient remplies de personnes qui étaient déjà tombées dans le piège avec les boucs émissaires récemment découverts qu’ils auraient amenés serait introduite. Et ceux qui étaient déjà tombés dans le piège du MLM, bien que désespérés à l’intérieur de signer le prochain bouc émissaire agirait comme s’ils avaient fait des millions. Ensuite, un gars entrait sur scène avec un enthousiasme artificiel et posait des questions du type: "Que faites-vous les week-ends? Pensez-vous pouvoir survivre avec votre maigre salaire? Pourquoi ne pas explorer les options pour gagner de l'argent à temps partiel tout en continuant votre carrière?" Je vais vous montrer le moyen de gagner beaucoup d’argent. Vous avez juste besoin de passer une demi-heure par jour ou quelques heures le week-end "En faisant de fausses paroles, ces fous désespérés essaient de faire un lavage de cerveau et de vous faire le prochain bouc émissaire. . Si vous n’êtes pas d’accord, les gars de 4-5 s’uniraient, exagéreraient et exerceraient une pression mentale pour qu’ils s’inscrivent. - Ne bouge pas sous pression.

Scène 4:

Je me suis finalement échappé d'une session inutile et je suis rentré à la maison. Quelques jours plus tard, ce type qui gagne supposément des millions de personnes appelle et me demande si j'ai pensé à la prétendue opportunité en or. Quand j’ai dit, j’y ai pensé, mais je ne peux pas me permettre de passer mon temps là-dessus, le gars m'a alors demandé: "Eh bien, vous n’êtes pas obligé de nous rejoindre. Mais nous vous donnerons nos produits, qui sont étudiés et développés (Ils disent donc) et vous pouvez l’obtenir avec 20-30% discount. "Ex. L'idiot qui m'a parlé m'a dit: "Tu es dans l'informatique. Tu fais beaucoup de tâches mentales. Ton énergie s'épuise. Et de la nourriture que tu manges, seulement X% de celle-ci est absorbée et le reste est entièrement excrété." Nous avons trouvé un produit, une poudre de protéine, qui a un taux d’absorption de 20%). l'efficacité de votre cerveau serait considérablement améliorée "Quand j'ai demandé le prix, il m'a répondu que Rs. 20 / can. Je lui ai dit que je mange quotidiennement des choux et de la viande et que je tire suffisamment de protéines de celui-ci, le gars est devenu encore plus désespéré. Et dans la phase finale, il a commencé à implorer avec moi, me demandant d’acheter au moins un de leurs produits, ce qui, à mon avis, est ridicule et coûte trop cher.

Scène 5:

Celui-ci est lié à un autre système de ponzi qui vendait de l'or et a ensuite été interdit en Inde. Cela a refait surface comme QNet ou QI India. Un de mes collègues disait qu'il travaillait à temps partiel. Je suis devenu curieux et je voulais savoir à ce sujet. Il a déclaré qu'ils travaillaient dans le commerce électronique, les biens de consommation courante, le tourisme, les soins de santé, l'éducation, la mode, etc., et que c'était un grand conglomérat. Je lui ai demandé d'expliquer en détail. Ce type a dit que cela prendrait des heures 2-3 et que je devais rencontrer son aîné, qui serait capable de mieux me guider. Je pensais que ça allait être un autre MLM. Ce gars m'a appelé à plusieurs reprises et j'ai finalement accepté de rencontrer son aîné, principalement pour assister au divertissement de quelqu'un qui me cajolait. On m'a dit de venir sur la route de la brigade.

Scène 6:

J'atterris à l'endroit indiqué, seulement pour découvrir que ces gens travaillent dans des cafés. Dans mon cas, c'était Starbucks. Affaires bon marché dans une ambiance chic ... Grrrr .... C'est une longue histoire sans vergogne

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1. Tous ces gens qui m'ont appelé ont commencé leur conversation en disant: "Nous travaillons actuellement sur une merveilleuse opportunité commerciale aux côtés de quelques personnes d'ITI / IIM et nous recherchons des partenaires pour se développer. Je pense que vous avez le potentiel et que vous conviendriez parfaitement. vous pouvez gagner beaucoup d'argent en peu de temps. "2. J'ai rencontré un médecin qui gagne bien, mais qui est tombé dans l'un de ces pièges et elle aussi a raconté une histoire, que j'ai aussi entendue de tant d'autres. L’histoire est la suivante: "Un homme a rejoint cette entreprise il ya quelques années. Il a constitué son équipe de niveau supérieur. Quelques jours plus tard, il a commis un crime et a dû aller en prison. Après avoir été libéré, il a trouvé des crores de Rs dans son solde bancaire, parce que les gens qu’il a inscrits sous lui ont multiplié les réseaux et que, par conséquent, son chat s’est rempli "Voulez-vous que je croie cette histoire? Sérieusement!

À emporter:

Si j'avais rejoint un tel réseau frauduleux / ponzi après avoir été tenté avec leur battage publicitaire excessif, alors:

1. Moi aussi, j'aurais développé une attitude similaire pour plaire, pour les gens.

2. Moi aussi, je devrais sourire artificiellement et engager une conversation importune avec des gens dans les librairies et les arrêts de bus.

3. Moi aussi, je devrais faire des appels de suivi et mentir avec la déclaration "Nous travaillons actuellement sur une entreprise formidable aux côtés de quelques personnes d'IIT / IIM ..."

4. Moi aussi, j'aurais fait fuir mes amis et mes connaissances par peur d'être fait le prochain bouc émissaire.

5. J'aurais moi aussi désespéré de récupérer l'argent que j'avais investi et de commencer enfin à implorer les gens sans vergogne, en perdant tout le respect que les gens avaient pour moi.

6. Les gars des ventes doivent parler et impressionner les prospects. Mais un vendeur intelligent ne se comporte pas comme un gars désespérément désespéré.



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The fight against the Qnet scam wheré more than 7000 crores of rupees has been laundered out to foreign shores from India has just got bigger.

The Saradha Scam which started mainly in Bengal looks relatively smaller compared to the Qnet scam which had defrauded people across various cities like Mumbai,Delhi,Bangalore,Hyderabad etc for over a period of 10 years.

To unite and protest against this MLM scam plaguing India, all victims,activists, are requested that they gather outside Holy Family church,Hill Road,Bandra West at 10.30 A.M. tomorrow 24th April,2016.

Various press and media agencies will be present to cover the event meet and address grievances to authorities.

The current government has taken note of the Qnet scam and matter will be taken up at upcoming Parliament session.

All Indians are cordially invited to support the cause and join in the protest. We need to end the scam by spreading awareness and recover the money taken away by the scamsters.

A request to all to please forward this message on Facebook, twitter and WhatsApp groups... Jai Hind

Chitra Passi

Chitra Passi, #Interior Designer

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I would like to share my experience and recommend everyone not to get in this so called life changing trap.

So here it was all started, my closest friend & her sister who are into Q net since last one year never discussed anything about this and were saying that they were into some e-commerce business and doing very well. Their lifestyle, Whats App status, fb posts etc. made me go curious to ask what all were they doing…

My friend never ever discussed anything about Q net even after asking for so many times. Then, one day she asked me to meet her sister& discuss about the same.

12th, May, 2016. Dwarka, New Delhi

She invited me to CCD and we had a conversation.

Me: So what this business is all about? What all you guys are doing?

She: There is one big e-commerce project on which we are working.

Me: Is there any investment or any chain system in this?

She: There is nothing like that, we just need to increase the footprints on the portal and we have to work hard. Even if you will put 2%effort of your normal 10 to 6 job hrs. You will be earning in lacs.

We will conduct a meeting with you where I and my senior (up line) would be able to explain you better.

13th, May, 2016. Noida sec-18, UP

Meeting was held in Burbee’s café. Where I went along with my brother.

She: Guys, the man (senior) is about to come. He is into this business since 4 yrs and doing very well, has 2 big German cars. He was an IT head before coming into this and he left his job just because of this business. He is very down to earth blah blah blah

So, listen to him very carefully, keep your phones on silent, don’t interrupt in between and whatever the doubts you will have, ask after he is done.

So, the man with his big MERCEDES arrives. He introduced himself as Amit Kumar.

He started: The name of the co. is Q net based out of Hong Kong. It’s an online portal and you have to increase the footprints. We work as a team. This business is all about trust. Proper training would be given and till the time you will get to know how to work, your up line arethere to help you, to work for you. You have to invest 2.5 lacs to 10 lacs and within a week you will start getting cheques. We people get our funds transferred every Tuesday 3:30PM, which never gets delayed.

Our Question: How to increase the footprints? Do we need to get members?

He: Member also but there is an online work. You have to give time at least 20 hrs per week on training, reading books etc.

Meeting over.

We came back and researched about Q net and found 2-3 reviews about the Q netscam and we made our mind that we are not going to invest in it.

14th, May, 2016

My friend’s sister called up to ask what have you decided??

I: I have seen some reviews about this so what do u say now?

She: Which company is not having bad reviews on internet??If this co. is a scam then why it hasn’t banned yet…

Why are we doing this if it’s a scam? Don’t you trust us?Will we fool someone who is that close to us? She started clarifying and managed to convince me by saying that I will send you the links saying good things about Q net.


She: With a big smile I’m sure. I need to freeze your position and that has to be ASAP. Kindly send me token amount so that I can do that.

Leggi:  Why are there so many scam reports about the top Forex brokers despite the fact they are Bafin or FCA regulated?

I: Transferred Rs. 80,000 the very moment. Rest I will transfer in 2-3 days.

Transferred Rs. 1, 70,000 on 16th, May, 2016. So,the total was Rs. 2.5 lacs

I got the mail of purchase receipt of some travel package worth Rs. 2, 28,975. I had no idea where my balance amount gone i.e. Rs. 21,025.

17th May, 2016.

She: We have to go for the training at lajpat nagar.

Nous sommes allés

They called that a training which actually is a gathering of people in 2-3 groups in different café’s or restaurants.

Somewhere, I had a gut feeling that something is going wrong.

There I had some stupid sessions as per their so called process. While understanding their financials I got to know (which was very disappointing) that I have to get minimum two members to get my income starts,which means two more people (family members) have to invest in lacs.

Session was followed by the training which took place at any random computer or any other institute. Training was actually a bunch of people discussing about what happen when they approach someone, they were basically sharing their experience which they call a training.

18th May, 2016.

They called for further sessions of fooling me. I didn’t went.

We (me and my bro), again researched more on this. And, we realized that we made a mistake by trusting my friend and her sister.

19e mai, 2016

After, our research we got to know that we can only send cancellation request within the 7 days of purchase. And even without telling them(my friend and her sister), we sent the cancellation request to concerned authority ([email protected]).

And we realized,

# My friend never discussed that what she is doing because they were taught not to tell anyone. Just a way to create curiosity as they teach in their sessions.

# We were told that you are getting product of what you are paying. Ideally if we are spending a single rupee on something then, it should be of our choice. But I got to know this later that there are different portals as per the country and in India they don’t have jewelry as their product which I was thinking to buy. Even my friend’s sister didn’t asked me once that from your money I am going to purchase this.

# They target youngsters. Play with emotions by saying that this is a business of trust (no legal documentations or proof, even the amount we had to transfer to our up line).

# They are the big manipulators. This Q net is all about getting members. Chain system.

# This business starts from 25k but these people have made their own terms & conditions of investing in lacs just because more investments means more commission.

# We first sent cancellation request then talked to these people that we don’t want to continue in this and want refund. Then again they were tried to manipulate us by the name of trust and by saying that there is no policy of refunding/ if you want your money back then I have to give it from my personal account/refunding process is of six months. Even they pointed finger on our current job profile.

And, finally by God’s grace we got our money back just after 11 days i.e. on 30th May,2016.

So guys, Please Please Please stay away from this Q net or any opportunity of making money in 4-5 years.

How will India grow when people of its own are exploiting each other by the name of trust? INDIAN GOVERNMENT AND Q NET

Shrikanth Krishnamoorthy

Shrikanth Krishnamoorthy, Oracle DBA at Amdocs (2014-present)

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Nope it's not

Below is my experience

  1. Qnet as a company is a legal one and everything is clean on paper
  2. But the people who do the business are the face for qnet and they are the one who cheat or don't do it with the proper ethics
  3. I myself had done it with full power for almost 8months. Even went to Dubai for V Con. And two big event in Pune.
  4. Basic logic you make considerable money only when u increase Ur team.i was even made to say lie like am earning more than 1 lac and all. That was the wrost part of lying to a friend and Ur upline do good brain wash conveying that u r going it for their good.
  5. That pisses me off. I should not be playing with others money. Also it's a business where people always post as they r having fun late night with their families at various food spots. Basically it for others to take our notice .
  6. Some just post motivation quotes very silly sometimes. Always you must have noticed people don't tell even qnet name or anything on call. They try to call u on table for meeting. I just don't know what thing of they love business soo much tell all your team members to post the same on Facebook what's the sham in that.
  7. Also in my case my password was with my friend and upline. When I left business after few months I saw my unused e cards being used. When I asked them they started to fight if I left why u asking. I seriously don't get it's not there account and so is the money

I would just tell one thing , it works but u have to get ur ass worked out and please don't ever lie or any stupid means and stop calling people again and again begging them to join .

I was lucky to come out even after putting 4lacs.

It made me realise one thing that u need a static income, so I moved to shares and Bitcoin.

Available for all and and objections

Removing my number as I already crossed 400 calls ,below giving number of ppl who want to help.

Vivek +91 97699 98240,

Arshad +91 93717 43232

ayyapa +91 8008950717

atul +91 89717 51777

mani +91 96200 06323, Arjun +91 90105 72067

Maharashtra -- Vivek,arshad

Bangalore--ayyapa, atul

Hyderabad-- mani, ayyapa, Arjun

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