Is dropshipping legal?

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I would say that shopify is the best option right now if you are looking to start a profitable online webshop.

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Is dropshipping legal?

Is dropshipping legal?

I just had a look at some stats and a huge number of websites are using it as a sales platform. Some of those are Buzzfeed and Discord, two very big names online. If they see a profit with shopify you should too.

The only downside is that you will have to pay a monthly fee but that is nothing compared to what you are getting.


  • Speed and security – Shopify is integrated with payment providers, and its built-in speed checkout allows customers to pay with minimal load time.
  • Marketing – Shopify allows custom Title tags, meta descriptions on every category page for SEO purpose and also allows you to build customized landing pages for marketing purpose.
  • Modèle – Shopify offers multiples free themes and numerous custom-built premium themes along with the option to customize and add features for Developers.
  • App Store – Shopify App store has all the features that you need to run an online business. It provides various free and paid Apps and adds flexibility for the brands having an online presence all around the web.


  • Prix – Shopify’s basic plan starts from $29 a month; the average plan is for $79 a month, and advanced Shopify is for $299 a month.
  • Customization Hacking – Shopify uses a different set up to customize their themes rather than using PHP for their templates. It might be a problem for first timers on Shopify.
  • le marketing de contenu – Shopify’s blogging platform is not as great as WordPress as it provides a basic layout for blogging.
  • Lock-In feature – Lock-in features to delete your online store permanently. Shifting from Shopify to another online store may not be a very smooth journey.

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The answer is yes, dropshipping is legal. However, there are some grey areas of dropshipping for example taxes and copyright infringements. These are two areas where most legal issues arise if there are any. I have a personal story regarding taxes and an IRS audit that I will refer to later in this article.

So the main question is answered, yes dropshipping is legal. There is successful business like Zappos,wish .com that have their entire business built around the dropshipping model. Have you purchased any furniture lately? 90% of all furniture stores practice a dropshipping model. The mentioned companies above have answered the question is dropshipping legal by proof of there massive success.

Dropshipping is legal; however, just like any business, there are some good practices to follow to ensure your new business is not breaking any laws. One of the most legal concerning areas of dropshipping is taxes.

Dropshipping taxes: When you start drop shipping you need to make sure you are meeting all tax and legal demands. Legal procedures, customs, and taxation are different for each country and even states for that matter. So, you need to follow the rules of the country you are in. Within the United States, taxes, as it relates to dropshipping, can be confusing, so I will do my best to keep this section super simple. This article will focus on taxes within the United States.


  1. (You) the Dropshipper gets the customer order; You then place the order with the dropship wholesale supplier or manufacturer who holds the inventory your selling;
  2. Dropship Wholesale supplier or manufacturer receives your order and ships the item to your customer.
  3. Dropship customer receives the order and is happy.

plus de détails dropshipping legal

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Yes, just like others have told, Drop shipping is legal.

Drop shipping is a business method where you (store owner/ retailer) ship products directly from manufacturers or wholesalers to the customer.

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You don’t need to own a warehouse and pile up the inventories.

You only buy products when they are needed, which are then sent directly to the customer.

You are acting as a mediator ie., selling the goods on your own store (can be marketplace listings as well) and when you receive an order, you pass that order to the dropshipping company for them to pick, pack and fulfill.

In drop shipping, you are only responsible for marketing and sales of the products. Rest of the operations like product, inventory, packaging and shipping are taken care by

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This question is commonly asked by dropshipping newcomers: they can’t believe that the business model of selling the items you don’t physically own is not a fraud.

But it is not like that.

Drop shipping is legal.

There is no answer except yes. No matter where you are when you’re running a dropshipping business, your location is irrelevant.

However, before starting a dropshipping business, it is better to google the laws in your country to make sure that you stay away from the items prohibited for import, and follow the local tax policy.

Sometimes, country’s laws are not good for startups and small businesses. This is exactly what our friend Mousslim describes: his homeland has an unfavorable tax policy, which is why he preferred to officially register his business abroad. It is this your case, too, you can follow his lead and register your business in another country. In Singapore, for example, a foreigner can start his or her business without facing any problems and have different benefits available for local companies.

In addition, remember, that the laws can change, so you should usually stay informed about them to protect your business.

Here you can read more information regarding your question: Is Dropshipping Legal?

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As others have noted, yes drop shipping is legal in the United States. In other countries, you will have to check that out by yourself.

Drop shipping has been used since the start of the first catalog mail order companies like Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Wards. Sears started in 1886 so this shipping method has been used for a long time.

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Of course, but I would recommend you to register your company. There is realy good article in AliDropship blog, where you can read the process of registering and literally find the instruction how to register your dropshipping buisness in USA (even if you’re not a citizen of the USA) - Comment enregistrer une entreprise Dropshipping aux États-Unis et obtenir des paiements par carte de crédit avec Stripe!

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