I want to build a start-up in India. What idea could be the next multi-billion dollar idea by 2017 or 2018?

Bala Senthil Kumar

Bala Senthil Kumar, Comme demandé

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I do have an idea that can possibly do well, and I don't think it's so precious that I shouldn't share it with you.

Build a platform that matches domestic workers with those who do need domestic help. India's middle class (360 million strong) is fast becoming full of nuclear families with growing incomes from both parents, and there is an acute shortage of reliable domestic help.

I'm talking of all kinds of domestic help - from keeping the house clean, to cooking, to taking the kid to school, to making sweets on certain occasions, paying bills, running errands, fixing a leak, washing clothes, taking care of older people - a huge variety of tasks need to be completed for this class of people that they are no longer able to find time to do themselves.

A lot of people living below certain income levels have the skills but this sector is really unorganized, and information flow isn't efficient enough to keep up with their real ability to fulfill these tasks.

If you could build a platform where people can register what they need, and people who can fulfill these tasks can also register their credentials, then you could become a fantastic match making service that works for everyone. You would help the economy along, and there would be the huge advantage of being referred by your reliable brand, which must provide some assurances.

A lot of people are moving to India's urban centres from rural, and they would love to get opportunities to see some money in exchange for work they can do quite easily, and would welcome a central point to go register all the things they can do, and where they can be available for what, and from when to when, etc. If they could get an alert on their mobiles, or get a post card, which costs 50 paise, they could start connecting rapidly.

Of course this is very crudely presented to you, but I am seeing a dire need and the bits and pieces information flow that is hampering the solution.

PS: All kinds of negative bull for answers. Typically Indian attitude while whining about other things Indian that are against start ups and enterprise. The question asked for an idea, not for life advice. If you don't have an idea to give, move on. If you don't ask, you don't get - that's how life rolls. What's wrong with asking for an idea?

Ankit Chauhan

Ankit Chauhan, B. Tech from Jaypee University of Information Technology,Waknaghat(Solan) (2015)

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I followed this $0 budget method to acquire 10,000 downloads in just first month of the app release

I was working in a private MNC with a shitty salary and I wanted to change my life for good.

I had to come up with something which could help me escape from the job system. Something of my own, some kind startup which helps me to earn more than my shitty salary. But I didn’t have a plan for a startup nor other people which could help me with funding or any other sort of help.

I had prior experience of Android but with not much success and no such app that could help me achieve this goal of mine to be my own BOSS. I never tried freelancing. The only experience I had of Android Application was a College Project which was based on Fitness Regimes.

I started looking for successful android Application which has helped developer earn BIG and here I was with a plan to develop a music player of my own for Android.

There were tons of them and the reason I chose a music player was that every application I could find there had a least a million downloads so it was fixed that in the coming 3-4 months my app will be seen among other music player applications.
The goal was set and the next step was to quit job.

It took me 3 months to develop the application with basic features. I needed not just one USP but a set of USPs and some planning to promotion.

So these things are my application’s USPs.

1. Best graphics

2. A general purpose app

3. Appeasing color pallet

4. Beautiful yet powerful

5. Has animations and smooth transitions

6. Works seamlessly without a flaw.

7. Drains less battery

I was done with the development and released the app with a normal icon searched from the net. I needed a unique app icon for the app which I got for $11 on fiver.

I created the screenshot by myself and trust me they look professionals I had been taking idea from other applications too which have top google ranking in google play store. I still need an introduction video for the application for which I don’t have the required budget.

I saw ASO for tons of application and was able to create one for my own

1. A keyword should be 5 times in the description.

2. Put the keyword in the name

3. Put the keyword in the package name.

To give my app a starting I was asking my friends and colleagues to download and review the application and later I realized that this won't help me reach my goal because what I was getting was 10 – 15 downloads a day and my application was nowhere seen on play store when you search “music player”. I got tensed, after good amount of efforts on the application development now I will have to spend time on promotions too.

After the launch I quit my job and decided to work full time on the application promotion as it was the only thing left which I could do my myself.

I kept adding friends, Even facebook blocked me from sending texts to anyone. The early downloads and reviews were quite important. They reviewed and downloaded. About 200-300 of them. Started posting on facebook pages and groups and I did get some likes and downloads from there

Commenting on Application reviewer’s videos and sending them my app link asking for reviews through Youtube. Then posting on their new videos, asking people to try it and asking the channel owner to review it. I posted them 100 each day or maybe more.

Posting on reddit, forums, qoura etc.Got about 200 downloads from there

In the first week of following this routine of promotion I got 1000 downloads and even 25 reviews. At the end of first week of promotion I was getting almost 500 downloads/day. This graph was increasing exponentially.

Earlier my app was not visible on searching “music player” on the play store. But, after I had been posting on quora and other forums telling things about the application, the ranking was raised to 52 from being nowhere in the list in just 1 week. Applications with 50,000 downloads + apps were listed below my application. This was a sign of pure success with 0 spending on Promotion.

I was doing this for 30 days and finally I had the result. It was 10,000 downloads in the first month and with it came the $100. next $200 on its way for next month.

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So I started experimenting a lot. Like I used to spam on quora, and realized how it can improve the ranks.

I started targeting good keywords written in my ASO

The rate of growth is very high

Music Player - Android Apps on Google Play

DO Check it’ll OPEN your MIND as a developer

Dinup Kalleril

Dinup Kalleril, travaille chez Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs

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I can give few ideas, may you can build a billion dollar company by referring it.

1 Online Marketplace for chefs

Concept: Marketplace Website and mobile application for booking chef’s service.


Start with one city, find some best chef and understand about their work, specialization, menu and charges for the work. Then build the mobile application & website depends on the information from the chefs. Get 25 to 50 chefs in a city and mention their specification in profile including available time, biography, specialization and charges for each dish. The customer can book the chef service depend on the location, specialization, charges and user review.

Marketing & sales:

Like other internet business, digital marketing is the best option, you can use google ad word, facebook ad, SEO, content Marketing, blogging and PR. Apart from the online world, you can tie up with catering units to provide chef’s service.


Service charges from the customer and chefs are the main revenue source. Can list food related business ad in website and mobile application.

2. Online Marketplace for Photographers.

Concept: Marketplace website & mobile application to get photographers service


Find photographers in all over India, most of the photographers have a Facebook page in nowdays so you can find many quality photographers through their FB page. Allow them to create a free profile on our platform and display their works, also they can add their work specification, charges of different work, location and other details. The customers can select the photographers through our platform by checking their works, amount, location and customer feedback. Later you can categorize the photographers by different paid account.

Marketing & sales:

Like other internet business can use digital marketing like Facebook, Google, content marketing and SEO. Can tie up with matrimonial websites for providing wedding photography, also tie up with event management to provide photography service for different events through our platform. Can use PR (press release) for marketing.


The initial revenue source is the commission from what customer paid, customer needs to pay the amount at the time of booking. In later stage can introduce paid account for photographers for different grades of account.

3. Marketplace website & mobile app for catering units.


Build a Marketplace website & mobile app for ordering food for functions and events.


Create the website and mobile app and list 25 to 50 catering units in a city, add their detailed profile including specification food, capacity of delivery, time of delivery and the amount. For better quality assurance, can send field executive to catering unit’s kitchen to taste the food before displaying their profile in our platform. Then the customer can book catering service through our platform depends on the requirement, also find customer’s review for each catering unit.

Marketing & Sales:

Can tie up with wedding and event management firms for providing food for their function through our platform. Use digital marketing and PR


Take commission between 10-15% from Catering units

4. Mobile application for lawyer’s service

Concept: Build a mobile Application to get lawyers service


Can collect lawyers data from the law courts. We can approach lawyers association in the particular court by state and district wise. Provide free account creation for lawyers and categorize them depends on the district court, high court, supreme court also with by their expert service area. In lawyers profile we can include their picture, education, years of experience, location of service, specialized services and fee. In customer side, we can provide consultation through chat, phone call and video call also feature to book time slot for direct consultation.

Marketing & Sales:

Press release and Google ads by keywords are the best marketing channel in initial stages, later can move to other digital marketing.


In initial stage, service charge from the customer is the revenue source.

5. Mobile application for chartered accountant service

Concept: Build a Marketplace mobile application to get chartered accountant service


Meet a charted accountant in your area, tell him about the concept and understand about the profession and services. Then build the application as marketplace so the chartered accountant person can do registration by self, uploading their professional details including their services, education details, professional details, certificates related to the profession. We can activate the account by checking certificate and documents related to the profession. In customer side, they can select the CA person depends on his requirement and can get their consultation by chat and call or take time slot for direct appoint through our platform.

Ventes marketing

Press release and Google ad by keywords are best initial marketing strategies.


Service charges from customers and later advertisement and paid account

6. Marketplace platform for painting artist

Concept: Build marketplace website and mobile application to painting artist to showcase their work and sell paintings online.


We can find many painting artists through the newspaper, institutes and cultural associations. Give them a platform for display their creative work also selling option. Tie up with courier companies to deliver the paintings to ordered customers. Provide free listing to painters. The customers can order the paintings by seeing all the works of the each artist.

Marketing & Sales:

Conduct painting exhibition with paintings in our platform for initial promotion. Use PR and Google ad by keywords.


Earn 10-20% commission form each sale.

7. Online platform for upcoming actors

Concept: Build an online platform for upcoming actors to show their acting talent


For actor acquisition we can tie up with acting & drama schools and give free registration to actors for upload their acting moments. People who have interested in acting can upload their portfolio images and acting videos and common people can give the rating on it. The movie directors can find actors depends on the requirement through this platform. If directors interested in one actor’s profile then can get his contact details by click “interest” button, then add email and mobile number.

Marketing & Sales:

Tie up with directors association for create demand side. We can use PR and content marketing to get more reach.

8. Yoga learning @ home

Concept: Provide yoga teaching at home, select and book the yoga instructor through mobile application.


Find Yoga instructors through some popular yoga institution like Art of Living, Isha Yoga, Patanjali Yoga, these institutes are providing a course for the yoga instructor. We can get many good yoga instructors through these centers. Create enough number of profiles of yoga instructors by location based, provide free registration. The users can book an instructor for yoga training by location and make the payment through the app and instructor give the training at customer’s home. Do list yoga centers and provide new admission booking feature for people who wish to go yoga center directly.

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Marketing & Sales:

Can tie up with yoga centers and institutes for initial promotion and PR will works better, later can move to other digital marketing.


Take commission from Yoga course fee and take service charge from the customers.

9. Footwear brand for plus size people

Concept: Provide shoes for plus size people by new brand.


Meet plus size foot people understand their requirement then design the product. Hire a designer for designing the shoe, can get the raw materials from Agra, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai. Do not need to start own manufacturing unit in the initial stage, can outsource the production in the same place where to get the raw material. Initial stage sells through the online platform like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal also can launch own website for branding purpose. Open the physical stores in next expansion stage.

Marketing & Sales:

Tie up with tall men association to for personal sale. PR will work in great level. Sell through marketplace websites like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal.


Get 50-100% profit in each sale.

10. Organize outdoors games

Concept: Organize outdoor games for companies, NGO, institutes, government offices, teachers, politicians etc


Select few games for conducting the event, start with football and cricket. First build the skilled people team for each game to conduct it and collect all the resources for the game if doing cricket then buy few cricket kits also tie up with local grounds in every area to conduct the match. Approach some organization and convince them, then make the team, print jersey, cap etc. Conduct the match in near ground and distribute the price. Create more fun ambiance during the match.

Marketing & Sales:

Meet the top person in organizations, talk about your service and convince them. Use PR for promotion.


Charge decent amount depends on effort, time and investment.

11. Tailoring service online:

Concept: Online platform for get tailoring service online


Find best tailors and bring them all in our working center, can pay them on a monthly basis or depends on the numbers of works. Need to launch the website and mobile application to take orders. The main challenge is take the measurement of the person for stitching the cloth, can take measurement in two ways one is through online, in that case, need to display the demonstration of body picture with measurement of all parts so customers can take reference from it for taking measurement themselves and upload it to the website and can select the material also. The second method is we can directly take the measurement by sending our executive to the customer location.

Marketing & Sales:

Can use PR, also other digital marketing platform


Can take the working charges

12. Digital Wedding Card

Concept: Mobile application for send wedding invitation card.


Launch the mobile app depends on the requirement, need collect hundreds of designs for wedding cards. In initial stage, we can give the card design work into any design firms and later can hire designers in team. Make a different kind of card by different taste also can categorize the card by the different price tag. The customers can select the wedding card through the app and add the content to selected design and make the payment depends on the number of copy, then can send the wedding card through email, Whatsapp, Facebook and other similar platforms. Invitees can receive the invitation without downloading the app by just providing the link. As other option, we can deliver the printed wedding card in customer doorstep by taking by providing card selection & design through the app.

Marketing & Sales:

Make collaboration with wedding management companies and matrimonial platforms to create the digital wedding card. Use Press release effectively, also Facebook and Google ad will help to get more reach.


Take charges from users by number of card and their design.

13. Buy Celebrity’s used product

Concept: An online platform to buy used products of celebrities


Meet different celebrities in cinema and sports field, can use their association link or consultant service to reach them and convince them about the idea. If introduce any social cause, then can easily convince them. Example: we plan to sell Salman Khan’s T-shirt used in his latest super hit movie, our selling price is INR.10000 and we can give INR.8000 to any charity organization behalf of the actor and we can take INR.2000 as service charge. This is a win-win formula for both, celebrities get publicity, we get service charge and NGO gets decent money as a donation. In Customer side, they can see the different products of their favorite celebrities through our website and mobile app. Make a different list of products by name celebrity, movie name and matches in the case of sports also provide auction facility as optional. Make sure all the products are duly signed by the celebrity.


Use same celebrities for marketing purpose, use their social media profiles for promotion and highlight the social cause side, in that way can get more attention and use PR for storytelling.


Take 15-20% commission from each product sold through the platform.

14. Branded two wheeler service center

Concept: Two wheeler service center for all brands with take and drop facility at customer location.


Find a better place in the city to set up service center. Hire experiences two wheeler mechanics then purchase tools and equipment by mechanic reference. Use high end and latest tools for work perfection and fast delivery. We can tie up with two wheeler showrooms for fitness certificate for used vehicles for exchange purpose. Also we can cooperate with marketplace classified platforms like OLX and Quickr for providing different grades of fitness certificate for two wheelers listed in their platform. Take specific patent for different fitness certificate grade or take approval from any automobile association and institutes. Build a mobile application for book services also for service status updates. Provide facility for two wheeler pickup and delivery after service from the customer location.

Marketing & Sales:

Marketing through radio channels and newspapers are the best option in initial stage, also can use digital marketing.


The main source of revenue is the amount paying by the customer for bike service.

15. Buy Car & Bike online

Concept: Platform for by car & bike online, also for book test drive.


In initial stage do the collaboration with car and bike showrooms of all companies to buy the vehicle through our platform and delivery from the particular showroom. Customers can book a test drive and service through our mobile application of listed showroom. In later stage we can make an agreement with automobile companies for direct sale, in that stage we can set own team to deliver test drive vehicle, pickup and delivery of services and also onsite documentation and delivery for new vehicle purchase.

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Marketing & Sales:

We can distribute promotional card through show rooms in initial days, use PR and other digital marketing like Google, Facebook ad and content marketing


Take commission from each sale and service

16. Platform for publish stories and poems

Concept: Marketplace website and mobile application for publish stories and poems.


Build website & mobile application with marketplace features for users to create an account and publish their works as free. After building the platform, need to set up supply side that means stories and poems. We can get writers through many cultural organizations in every states and city. Provide social sharing option in each work. We can call it Linkedin for writers. In user side, they can see every writers profile and their works also can filter writer by language and type of work.

Marketing & Sales:

Encourage writers to share their work in social media platforms, its help to get initial marketing. Use PR effectively and do some paid social media marketing.


Make the revenue from advertisement.

17. E- text for School children

Concept: Convert current school syllabus into digital format and give it in a tablet.


Convert the all school syllabus into digital format also create explanation videos for science theories and use a comic image, videos and stories to understand mathematics formula. Learn through fun, that’s our business mantra. Start with central syllabus so we can get more schools at a time. Meet the expert persons and teacher before start the product work and understand current teaching scenario and try to solve some issues. Collect full syllabus before starting the work. We can procure customized tablet from China, Its completely for study purpose and do not provide any normal features in Tablet. In student side, they can get syllabus of all the subjects in a yearly subscription base. Children can get all text in one tablet so do not need to carry all the textbooks.

Marketing & Sales:

Go to school and meet authorities and convince them, show the demonstration, give a free use for one month. If it works well, do not need any large marketing.


Charge yearly subscription fee from students

18. Lifestyle brand for LGBT community

Concept: Launch a lifestyle brand for LGBT community in online & offline.


Take a survey among LGBT community to understand their concept of fashion then launch the brand. Need an own design team, can outsource the manufacturing work. Start own brand website and mobile application for online store also can sell through marketplace shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal. In next stage can open physical brand stores in different cities.

Marketing & Sales:

Write to Press & media person about our great move, it makes very social impact on society so can easily grab media attention. Organize cultural programs for LGBT community.

Revenu: 40-70% margin from the product sale

19. Virtual Saloon and Beauty parlor

Concept: Create a virtual saloon & beauty parlor for both genders. Customers can book the service through mobile application.


We need beauty expert people to provide onsite service but don’t need a physical store. We provide beauty services including hair cutting on site. Start with one city, hire expert people in this field, build the mobile application for customers to book the beauty service. Users can book similar services where they get in physical beauty parlor through our platform. The beautician will come to customer’s place in our delivery vehicle and provide on-site beauty service, the payment happen through the app. We can pay to beautician on a monthly basis or depends on the number of works.

Marketing & Sales:

Use PR and digital marketing like Facebook, Google ad. Conduct beauty contests for promotional activities.


Service charges from the customers.

20. Online Platform for buy & sell patents

Concept: Website and mobile application for sell & buy different types of patents


We need to collect the date of people who took the patent for their work and can get this data from the office of “Controller General of Patents Design and Trademark“. Then contact each person or company and understand about their work, if they wish to sell the patent, then list our platform. Do categorize the patents by industry, design and cost, add works details briefly and the price decides by the patent owner. In Customer side, can go through different patents and if interest to buy then contact the owner through the platform. Can provide auction for patent as optional.

Marketing & Sales:

Can collaborate with companies to provide different patents, they can use our platform to get more patents in their industry.


Commission or service charge from the sale & purchase of the patents.

21. Virtual reality video for companies.

Concept: Create virtual reality videos for products of different companies


Virtual reality gives you the real life experience of the situation, so many companies can use virtual reality video to give real life experience to customers of their product or service. In the first step, create a virtual reality video by yourself, use 360-degree camera in different angles. If you are not familiar with this field then hire an expert person or outsource the video work with your theme. Then approach the companies, show the demo video and give the plan for their business. Example- Make a virtual reality video for a newly launched car, it helps the company to give a real life experience of the car to customers without directly seeing the car.

Marketing & Sales:

Meet the company’s top level person, show the demo video and convince them.


Take charges for video creation.

22. Platform for Politician

Concept: Build a Mobile application for politicians to share their opinion about any matter and public debate on any issue in a common platform.


Build the mobile application, meet the top political person in every major party and get them to join. Provide one common account for parties also individua

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