I've started a blog. How can I increase blog traffic?

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Congratulations on starting a blog!

You’ve hit publish on your first post and the hard part is now done…


Well not quite. As you’re now learning for yourself, driving traffic is the real challenge with running a blog.

Especially if you’re hoping to profit from it in any sustainable manner for the months and years to come.

Quick Disclaimer: Unlike most answers to your question here, my answer is not peddling an online course that’ll teach you how to drive traffic to your blog (for what always seems to be just 3 easy payments of $97). I’m not linking out to sales pages on my blog and I’m not asking you to download a free eBook about driving traffic, only to be upsold on buying a course next week. This is simply everything that I personally do to drive an average of 200,000+ monthly visitors to my blog about side hustles & freelancing—and generate six figures from that traffic each year.

So if you’re still with me, where were we?

That’s right. You’ve started a blog, now you need traffic.

If you’re feeling anything like how I felt when I first started blogging, I’m guessing this about sums up the look of waiting for readers to roll in…

I've started a blog. How can I increase blog traffic?

Over the past few years, I’ve learned a lot about how ne pas to drive traffic to a blog. I tried a lot of stuff that didn’t really work.

“Tactics” and “strategies” like:

  • Embauchons Sociétés de référencement to try and get (merdique) backlinks to build my site’s authority.
  • Submitting contributor request forms to become a writer on major business publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc. (That didn’t work, but I’ll tell you about what did work and how I now write for these three sites).
  • Posting every new article from my blog into dozens of LinkedIn & Facebook groups (which got me banned from several of them).
  • Cold emailing my blog posts to influenceurs and asking them to share with their audience.
  • Optimizing for publishing at le parfait heure de la journée.
  • Technical tweaks to my site’s WordPress theme that promised quicker page load times, faster rendering of images, minimizing JS queries and so on.
  • Ultra-fast (expensive) hébergement.

All of these tactics netted little to no results in my first year of blogging.

I wasn’t getting any backlinks from the person I hired on Upwork to do blogger outreach, promoting my posts to other site owners. I never heard back after submitting request forms, asking to be considered as a contributor from sites like Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Spamming online communities and LinkedIn groups only dug me into a deeper hole of self-doubt after getting shut down and booted from many of these groups. Influencers ignored my emails and no matter what time of day I published my new posts, there didn’t seem to be any impact on traffic.

People just weren’t reading my blog.

After my first year of blogging, all I really had to show for it were a few hundred monthly readers and around 100 email subscribers. Most of whom I personally knew.

Hardly a dent in the kind of numbers I’d need in order to turn blogging into a profitable business.

I couldn’t figure out where I was going wrong… these were all the strategies and tactics I’d been reading about from marketing gurus and seeing other bloggers post about all the time.

So I tried something radical.

I decided to stop the bullshit tactics and ask my readers what they wanted.

I personally emailed all ~100 people who I knew read my blog and asked them what they liked, what they hated and what they wanted more of from my blog.

That’s it. 3 ridiculously simple questions.

The answer: My small number of readers ALL loved when I published extremely personal, vulnerable, self-deprecating deep dives on my adventures in business.

They liked the success stories, but they LOVED the painful failures (like ici).

The rest of my content? Eh, they could take it or leave it, so I decided to leave it.

I began uniquement. writing about topics I had personal experience with.

That made me much more credible (and relatable) to my readers.

I was no longer just sharing my slightly adjusted take on established best practices for freelancers who want to get more clients—I started diving deep into my own experience with landing freelance clients and sharing from behind-the-scenes of what that actually looks like. Screenshots, video tutorials, step-by-step guides to writing cold emails, free templates for pitching clients and so on.

I went into a level of depth that not many other bloggers were exploring with in my niche. AND it is all based on what I actually do, not just recycled advice from other content that’s already out there.

Fast forward little more than a year after making that change and I was driving almost 200,000 monthly readers to my blog.

Here’s where my blog is today: 165,942 session last month (April 2017).

That’s a down month.

I've started a blog. How can I increase blog traffic?

Enough preaching for now.

Let’s talk about the strategies I used to actually get to 200,000 monthly readers.

How to Increase Your Blog Traffic (What Really Works, Not Recycled Advice)

  1. Go Deep. It’s easier to sell gold, than it is to sell shit. There’s no shortage of 500 - 1,000 word articles offering you the 10 quick steps to achieving xyz out there, and that type of content has already become a commodity. Want to stand out from the crowd and making a lasting impression? Create content that’s truly great in some capacity (the easiest is to go for a level of depth that others in your industry haven’t done) and your promotion will be made 100x easier. If everyone in your space is publishing 500 word conseils posts, and you come into the arena with a 5,000 word step-by-step guide style post that actually helps readers create change as a result of reading your post, you’ll have a much greater chance of getting your post to go viral. Plus in the long game, Google (actuellement, en ce moment) rewards more in-depth, longer content with a better shot at ranking well in organic search.
  2. Obey the 80/20 Rule of Content Promotion. I spend 80% of my time distributing my content, and 20% on the actual writing. While the quality of writing (or videos, infographics, etc) is very important for setting your content up for success, in practice it’s only a small component of the traffic equation. Let’s say you publish an incredible post that you’re really proud of. What happens next? Well, unless you have thousands of readers on your email list, following your RSS feed or your blog already has an extremely high domain authority, that new post isn’t going to get any readers. It’ll just sit there. And that’s where distribution—strategically promoting your content to drive new readers—comes in to play. Let’s take a look at a few distribution channels I use:
    1. Influencer Quotes: During my research phase for the post I’m writing (before it’s published), I’ll cold email at least 5 influencers who are seen as an authority on the topic my post is covering. I’ll ask them a single question, requesting a quote to include in my upcoming post on the topic. Some respond, some don’t. This post on my blog breaks down the exact cold email scripts I use to get influencers like Robert Herjavec, Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins to respond to my emails.
    2. Strategic Pre-Linking: Before hitting publish on my content, I’m always looking for opportunities to mention brands, publications and high-profile individuals within my content. I aim for at least 10–20 of these types of mentions, references or pull quotes. Then, once my post goes live, I have an immediate list of companies/people to reach out to and ask let know about their feature on my blog. I ask primarily for social shares on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn since my goal is to build relationships that can be leveraged for more in the future. When it’s the right time, I’ll come back and ask if they’ll take a guest post from me, if they’d like to syndicate a version of that original post that mentioned them, and explore any other promotion opportunities that come up.
    3. Communautés en ligne: Stick to promoting your new posts only in online communities that explicitly allow (and encourage) content promotion. And if you’re not an active participant there auparavant you show up wanting to promote your articles, take some time to genuinely engage with people before starting to promote your own content. Have the patience and show some respect for the people that are investing time building up the strength of these communities—spend at least a week, popping in once or twice a day to comment on other people’s posts, ask thoughtful questions (without links to your articles), and share useful content within your niche. THEN you’ll start to build a rapport that’ll afford you the opportunity to begin humbly sharing your best articles.
  3. Guest Post. This is deserving of an entire guide, but here’s the basic principle of Pourquoi guest posts can drive massive amounts of traffic to your blog: You’re getting your content in front of (hopefully the right) existing audiences instead of waiting around for people to somehow discover your blog. You’re taking control of your own promotion efforts. If you’re a content marketing consultant (like I am) and you want to reach an audience of potential clients for your business, one of the best blogs you could land a guest post on would be the Content Marketing Institute. They’re well-known as an established resource on all things content marketing, and many people who are searching for talented help in this field will be browsing through contributors to this publication. By making yourself present here, you’ll lift your visibility. On top of that, CMI has a very large readership so you can expect certains traffic back to your blog… but as Des études ont montré, traffic is an unpredictable metric to track against guest posts. Your real win from guest posting is getting high domain authority backlinks, pointing to your blog—which increases the authority and reputation of your website (in they eyes of Google). The higher the number of credible websites pointing your direction, the more Google will reward your content with better organic search rankings… which equates to increased traffic to your blog (in the long run).
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I could go on forever, as I’m always learning, growing & adapting—as are the ways in which you’ll be able to increase traffic to your blog.

We didn’t even talk about YouTube (the second largest search engine in the world), becoming a regular contributor on top industry publications, investing in building an engaged following on social platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

There’s a lot of noise out there.

Find your 1 thing that works for now and double down on it until it’s not working anymore. Then move on to the next channel.

Always focus on what matters: Your community.

Everything else comes from there.

In the end, all the strategies, tactics and best practices in the world don’t matter as much as your connection to your readers. Even if that’s literally 5 people today.

Build a relationship with them. Give them content that’s truly transformative. Help them get real results by consuming and acting upon your content.

Spread out, reaching into their social networks by asking them to share content that’s had an impact on them with their communities.

From there, you’ll start to grow organically.

That’s how you create a movement around your blog.

Oh yeah… and traffic will come from EVERYWHERE if you can create a movement.

Sinclair Zimmer

Sinclair Zimmer, Business Developer and Marketing

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If you want to drive more traffic to your blog, SEO will get you there.

SEO is pretty easy to understand and fairly simple to implement right away.

Those 4 tips are good starting points if you feel confused about it :

  1. Mots clés

Using keywords will drive more traffic to your website, and it’s a simple way to draw relevant audience as they will be looking for those in the first place. Google Trends can tell you wich keywords are more likely to do so. Keywords are litteraly the clés required to open the portes to your website!

I've started a blog. How can I increase blog traffic?

2. Keywords insertion

It’s nice giving keys to everyone, but now you have to create doors for your audience to ouvert! The point here is to implement those keywords througout your content to make sure it is accessible by everyone.

I've started a blog. How can I increase blog traffic?

3. Backlinks

Now that you’ve managed to attract people to your site, you obviously want them to y rester. C'est ici que backlinks come into play. Using internal backlinks, you’ll make your audience boucle on several pages of your website, feeding their intérêt in your content. As for external backlinks, those which aren’t located on your website, will provide a chemin direct to it and allowing you to be référencé even more.

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I've started a blog. How can I increase blog traffic?

4. Decent amount of content

For search engines to analyse your content and find your mots clés, Vous devez nourrir them something to eat! If you don’t feed them enough, they’re just going to ask for more : that’s just how they roll. Don’t have to much teneur though, it also has its downsides, but you still need a decent amount to have higher chances to appear in top recherches.

I've started a blog. How can I increase blog traffic?

You can have more insights by reading the source article where I found those useful tips : 4 SEO Tips To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

J'espère que cela aidera!

Gloria Ziencina-Kawula

Gloria Ziencina-Kawula, Community and Marketing Manager at Brand24.com, community marketing specialist

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Here you have a bunch of tips and ideas which really work and don’t need a budget to invest! Only your time and engagement.

I've started a blog. How can I increase blog traffic?

Basing on my experience as the online marketing manager I have compiled a list of good practices which let you grow traffic on your website. I shared it already in a few answers, but it’s constantly growing.

I've started a blog. How can I increase blog traffic?

Here’re my best tips to increase traffic by building and engaging community (only easy to provide, and affordable things you can do to stand out from the crowd)

  1. Post regularly - it is a must! People like to know that they can regularly read something new on your website. Keep it alive!
  2. Write an e-book, do a webinar, organize an online course, a live session - it’s always good to give something to your audience. They will repay with love, shares, and engagement. Also, it let you create your own personal brand as an expert, and this is priceless!
  3. Build a database of e-mail addresses - this way you would be able to stay in touch with your audience. It’s a good idea to give them something for subscribing, for example, an e-book ��
  4. Utiliser les médias sociaux - find places where your target audience is active, set up a fanpage, g+ profile. Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter account. But choose wisely and be there where your audience already is to meet them instead of wasting time and trying to get them there.
  5. Share your posts on social media. Use your fanpage and personal profile. Share posts on groups for bloggers or thematic groups (check terms of the group to ensure that you’re allowed to post links to your own blog).
  6. Implement social buttons on your website and articles - it makes sharing so much easier, and people just like to use them. Use one of the available plugins; it’s quite easy.
  7. Don’t forget about CTA! - Like post! Subscribe! Follow! Leave a comment! Sign-up for a newsletter! (Upvote this answer if you find it helpful! �� )
    At the end of your blog posts and social media, posts put some call to action and encourage people to share your posts.
  8. Dire Je vous remercie!- react to every single share of your content on the internet. Like, comment, say thank you, engage in conversations. It’s so easy and let your readers know that you are grateful, care about them and their opinions.
  9. vous engagerez - engage in online conversations relevant to your blog posts on the internet. Share your knowledge, make people like you, and share links to your articles. Share their posts and content related to your topic, it’ll pay you back!
  10. coopérer - with other authors, bloggers and experts. Find influencers in your niche, talk to them, engage them, collaborate. This way you can reach their audience and let them reach yours. Win-win!

I've started a blog. How can I increase blog traffic?


The best way to track mentions on the internet is to use some tool which will constantly monitor the web for you instead of searching manually through the internet and all social media channels.

Here the great help for you would be an application for real-time internet monitoring and analyses called BRAND24.

It gives you instant access to all public mentions on the internet and allows you to track and engage in online conversations relevant to the topic you’re interested in. The tool shows you in one dashboard mentions from all over the web, from social media to influential publishers.

Thanks to this you can track shares of your blog posts, mentions about you and your blog, join and engage in conversations.

Also, due to analyses, you can find inside the dashboard you could find influencers and authors with the biggest social media reach, so you will know who to cooperate with.

Start monitoring now, try a free trial and see how beneficial it’d be for you!

J'espère que j'ai aidé!

Malika Sharma

Malika Sharma, studied at UNITEC Institute of Technology

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First off, ensure that the ON PAGE SEO is done right. This includes your meta data, header tags, redirections, 404 page, robots.txt, site structure etc.

Second is your off page SEO combined with blogging.

You can get heaps of benefit by blogging and gain more traffic organically if things are done right.

Here are a couple of things I would do to help my website gain more traffic -

  • Blog about narrowed down topics as opposed to more generic topics. This gives you more chances of ranking higher for a lot more keywords. Ex - a generic topic would be 'what is marketing and why you need it?' and a narrowed down topic would be 'how can you use SEO to gain more traffic'
  • See what people are looking for. Answer their questions in your blog. If you are blogging about radio but trends say that people are interested in television more than it would be best to blog about Television.
  • Use keyword suggestions from Google. When you put a search in Google, it often gives you a couple of instant suggestions. These are the most popular and recent searches done by searchers. I use a formula where i combine all these keywords and then use it for blogging.
  • Share you blogposts on social networks such as Twitter and use appropriate hashtags where possible. Hashtags are great to gain more visibility in social media.
  • Planning - a lot actually comes down to planning. You must prepare a schedule to gain consistency and avoid any distractions for your blogging.
  • Combine blogging with link acquistion. You would be surprised that writing blogs can yield so much that your rankings can get stronget and better by properly strategizing it. I have gained links from sites that are trusted by Google just with the help of content that was created in blogs.
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Hope you find this information useful!

If you want more details, I am launching a Free course on gaining better rankings and more traffic with content by acquiring backlinks. These are my step by step formulas that has worked to gain authority, rankings and ultimately traffic!

You can get access to the free course here -http://www.malikasharma.co.nz/la...
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Rinku Sharma

Rinku Sharma, Admin at Learn Seo

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How to Drive Blog Traffic: Pull Back on Checking Stats

I've started a blog. How can I increase blog traffic?

Blog traffic flows to generous bloggers.

Giving bloggers.

One easy way to drive trafic de blog is to pull back on checking stats, to free your energies for giving.

Free givers find obtention pretty dang easy.

Generous bloggers busy themselves not with obsessing over their getting (stat checking) but focusing almost exclusively on giving through these channels:

  • posting to their own blog
  • Invité affichage
  • writing generous, thorough comments
  • promoting other bloggers on social media
  • promoting other bloggers via mentions and interviews on their blogs
  • answering questions on Quora
  • answering questions via email
  • answering questions via Facebook Groups and Google Plus Communities


Watch this video as I explain how pulling back on stat checking boosts your blog traffic:

Pourquoi ça fonctionne

Most bloggers obsess over their stats.

This obsession eats up minutes, hours and weeks of time, spent poring over your stats, how you are doing, why you are failing, why you are succeeding, worrying, failing, fretting, getting angry, winning, celebrating, and all that stuff associated with the action of “getting.”

When you spend 0.05% of your time on getting, you spend 99.95% of your time giving, through the methods noted above.

If you give freely you will get freely (traffic and profits) over the long haul.

I have built an inspired life by focusing almost exclusively on giving and by spending almost no time checking traffic and income stats.

Why Check Stats Anyway?

True; you can figure out where you are heading by checking stats here and there. Perhaps you change course based on traffic or income stats.

But spending minutes, let alone hours, obsessing over stats means little, anyway.


Saying how much you make or how much traffic you get leads to fear-based, lower energy comparisons. Or in laymen’s terms, you either think you are better than other bloggers, worse then other bloggers or ho hum average, like other bloggers, by checking and analyzing stats.

Why feel better than, worse than or ho hum average, compared to other bloggers? This is a waste of time and devotes your energy to getting, when your energy should be focused on giving, 99.99% of the time.

Even worse; sharing your income and stats frequently attracts greedy or desperate bloggers. These folks only want to get; they have little interest in giving. Not exactly your ideal reader.

Infrequent Checking

Check stats once monthly, if you check them much at all.

Infrequent checking helps you devote virtually all of your energy to giving because when you starve the obsession with getting, all that remains is writing blog posts, answering questions on Quora, writing guest posts, promoting other bloggers through social media and featuring other bloggers on your blog.

As you imagine by now, bloggers obsessed – in a good way – with giving drive increasing amount of traffic to their blogs.

Devote Virtually all of Your Attention to Giving

If you give virtually none of your time to getting you will give almost all of your time to giving.

See how that works?

All the minutes and hours and days and months most bloggers devote to analysis, poring over traffic stats and income stats and their GA account can be better spent creating guest posts, blog posts, insightful, hefty blog comments, promoting other bloggers and various other ways through which you can serve, help and just plain give your way to blogging success.

Most bloggers fret about getting.

A few bloggers obsess over giving.

The giving obsessed bloggers of the world soon find how traffic and income stats take care of themselves.

À vous la parole

Are you focusing almost exclusively on giving?

How is that working for your blog traffic?

Or are you checking your blogging stats way too much? Are you worrying about your lack of traffic and blogging profits?

Jackie Vermeulen

Jackie Vermeulen, Degree in advertising, experience making websites and blogs

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Congrats to you for starting an admirable project at such a young age!

You and I share the same goal--make money now--though I have a little under years on you, so way to go on your head-start!

I took a peak around your site and see you have already put in a lot of time and effort to get this set up.

Okay, I'm switching to a list to make it a little easier to help:

  1. For clarification purposes: what country are you from? I'm from the US, so college is "university," and "high school" is 14-18 years old. You say you're 16, and honesty is important; I'm guessing it's a cultural difference.
  2. Having a niche in a content-heavy medium (like the internet) is key. Can you narrow yours down to something less broad? How to be successful in high school (college).
  3. Write about what you know. Not that you can't have valuable knowledge about finding career succ

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