I"ve found a site called bridgestarter.com that gives you access to an Amazon Payments account for use with Kickstarter. Has anyone ever heard of it/used it?

Alex Cruder

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I just thought I"d tell everyone a bit about bridgestarter.com.

The company is based in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. The inspiration for bridgestarter"s services came as a result of trying to use Kickstarter for a video game project back in Dec. Our team ran into the same trouble as everyone else who lives outside of the US: that we couldn"t open an Amazon Payments account. Now, I"m a Finance guy and not a programmer. I recognized that this was a problem that I could solve. Moreover, fixing it would help my team and anyone else out there with the same dilemma.

Bridgestarter"s other services: Professional/Promotional and Distributional, were added because they complete the crowd funding process: project launch, promotion (fund raising) and distribution of rewards. To me, if you understand social networking, you"ll understand promotion (nevertheless, we can help). However, there isn"t a simpler model for distribution than drop shipping to one of our warehouses in the continental US. It simplifies your dealings with US Customs and relieves the hassle of having to find in-country couriers for every disparate delivery location, no matter how remote. There is real value in this service!

Just a word on Kickstarter: far and away it is the best crowd funding site I"ve seen. Apart from the people who work there understanding the heart of an entrepreneur, Kickstarter enables you to fund larger, more complex projects. This is why it"s important to be able to use the site. I"ve looked at a lot of other crowd funding sites but none has the depth of liquidity that Kickstarter offers. They are in a league of their own!

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James Bailey

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I think that Bridgestarter have had some difficulties with Amazon Payments - they are looking to resolve their issues with amazon but for the time being this is what they have on their site:

9 mai 2012
We have learned that our Revenue Collection Services - which provide individuals outside of the US with the ability to use Kickstarter - have, effectively, been shut down. Amazon Payments sent notice that Bridgestarter"s accounts have been suspended. We are currently trying to rectify the situation with Amazon Payments and hope for a speedy resolution. In the meantime, we have refunded all fees paid by our customers and have issued letters of explanation and apology.

If you are looking for a good fundraising platform then the following are some good options:



Just a few there are lots out there, think which ones are going to be suitable for what you are doing as they tend to be strong in their own niche and then work on making a great project!

Alex greene

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The site design looks very nice, but I would never trust it with collecting money for me. There are no user testimonials, and the way it seems now, it doesn"t do much to reassure the user that they aren"t being ripped off.

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