I plan to buy economy Windows hosting with Plesk on GoDaddy. How do I create the site?

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Salut tout le monde,

First of all let me tell you that GoDaddy hosting really sucks as they limit the features and charge you later if you wish to enable.

A web server can be a headless, typically command line based computer used to serve files (be it media or webpages) or a piece of software that handles the connections and demands sent to and from the hardware.

A web host is typically a company that rents out space on a cluster of servers to empower people to serve up their own content & webpages.

Well no one provide you hosting without money but those are provides free windows hosting.

I dont think so they provides all features. Free hosting services are not good they always have limitations.

For GoDaddy Economy Windows hosting with Plesk there are few but best Alternatives available. Which are as follow:

There are large number of Windows Web hosting Providers but among them following are the best hosting providers

  • bigrock - India’s best Windows Web Hosting Provider.
  • DomainRacer – Best and Affordable Linux and Windows Hosting Provider with Plesk

Affordable windows hosting provider provide some remarkable features such as :

  1. Secure and stable environment - To secure mails with latest technology POP3, SMTP and Webmail Access. They used SpamAssassin to protect emails.
  2. Best and Affordable price in Market - Providing best hosting plan in reasonable price.
  3. Fast and simple - With Dual Quad-Core Xeon powered Servers, your packages are powered with increased flexibility and control
  4. SSD Based Disk Usage - For better Speed & reliablity. Pure SSD Storage Means Insanely Fast Website
  5. Plus sécurisé - Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate provide

If you don't know anything about Linux but are comfortable with Windows, you'll find it easier to manage a Windows server in the short term with the easier Plesk control panel.

Hope this will help you the most to choose the best plan from GoDaddy Alternatives with affordable price.

Merci ...

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Bonjour à tous...

First of all let me tell about web host, A website host is generally a company or service provider that rents out server space on cluster of web servers to authorize website owners to serve/store their own website contents on the web.

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There are numerous of hosting companies offering Windows Hosting at affordable rates. and few of them are offering free Windows hosting but free web hosting is not as it comes with various limitations. So it is always recommended to avoid free hosting.

As you are looking for Windows Web Hosting With Plesk Panel, I would recommend you to go with A2 Hosting a best alternative to Godaddy Windows Hosting:

There are numerous of Windows Web hosting companies but out of them there are only few best hosting providers

A2Hébergement- One of the best Windows Web Hosting Provider with Plesk panel.

Interserver – Best and Affordable Windows Plesk web Hosting Provider with unlimited resources

These best Windows web hosts offer some of the amazing features such as:

Free Easy to Use Plesk Panel: You will be provided with free asy to use Plesk control panal tool so that you can manage your hosting account easily.

Highly Secure and Stable Platform: You will be provided with secure and reliable hosting environment CloudFlare ServerShield (Avg. 200% Faster Page Load), Solid State Drive Speed Boost , POP3 / POP3-SSL, IMAP / IMAP-SSL etc. at cost-effective rates.

Free SSL/Domain Name: You will be proovided with free SSL certificate and domain name and with free SSL certificate you can secure your website.

Free SSD Drives: For the better oerformance and speed, you will be provided with Free SSD drives SSD drives are 300% faster then traditonal storage.

Soutien 24 / 7: You will be provided with 24/7 expert support and you can easily access support via chat, email, phone etc.

Satisfait ou remboursé Garantie: You will be provided with money back guarantee and in case you are not satisfied you can ask for full refund within the period of moneyback,.

Windows Hosting is ideal option if you are planning to use Microsoft ASP . Net based technology in your website. You can easily manage your hosting account with easy to use Plesk control panel.

Hope my answer will help you to find the best Windows Hosting plan pour votre site web.

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Muhammad Abdullah

Muhammad Abdullah

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A Windows Plesk Hosting is powered by Plesk is what you can use for a web portal developed in ASP.NET for all .net versions ranging up to 5.0 with MS SQL Server and Crystal Reports. Our Windows Hosting Servers are equipped with latest runtime environment for crystal reports and Microsoft reporting services. All our servers have 1Gbps uplink which ensures download and upload speed to be at max for all of our users. We are always here to provide technical and non technical support to you 24x7.


- Latest Plesk Control Panel
- Latest Windows Operating System
- IIS Web Server, MySQL,MS SQL Server,,PHP, Perl
- ASP.NET All Versions, Latest .NET Framework
- All versions of Crystal Reports, Microsoft Reporting Supported
- Unlimited FTP Accounts
- Spam Free Unlimited Email Accounts powered by SmarterMail
- Weekly Backups to Ensure your data is Safe and Sound
- Regular Windows updates


- Free Parallels Plesk Site Builder (Web Presence Builder)
- Best Priced Windows Web Host as compared to other windows hosts
- Easy to Access physical Support in Office at Lahore, Pakistan (PK)
- Ranked among top 10 windows hosts in the hosting industry
- Holding best Reviews among other windows hosting companies
- Cheap Windows Web Hosting comparison to other hosts

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If you are planning to buy Windows hosting then I would suggest you to go for HostingRaja. One of the biggest benefits of purchasing hosting from them is their 24/7 customer support which us always their to answer your questions. They will help with A-Z of hosting account.

If you are planning to host windows based website or application then Hosting Raja's windows hosting is the perfect option for you.

Hosting Raja is one of the Renowned Windows Hosting solution Provider in India and best alternative of Godaddy.

Checkout their Cheap and Best Windows Hosting Plans here.

Some of the amazing you should be provided with best Windows Hosting plans are given below:

Guaranteed 99.99% uptime with all WIndows hosting plans.

Windows Hosting packages comes with ASP .NET core, PHP, MsSql and MySQL Databases.

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Support all popular CMS softwares like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

Custom hosting plans available

No Hidden charges, NO Setup fee

FREE Control Panel, Database Manager.

24/7 expert Support in multiple languages via live chat, email, toll-free, ticket system

FREE website builder/Web based Email/Email Forwarding.

POP3/SMTP/IMAP/PHP/Python/MySql Support.

Highly secured Tier-4 Data-center with cutting edge technology.

These are a few of the important features that you should get from company providing best Windows ASP .NET Core hosting prestations de service.

I plan to buy economy Windows hosting with Plesk on GoDaddy. How do I create the site?

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Always say ‘NO’ to GoDaddy shared hosting but they are really good for domain registration.

Please let me know what kind of website (PHP, ASP, .NET, WordPress or JAVA) you are going to create so that i can suggest you accordingly.


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Jack Simone

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What do you mean create the site? Do you mean add domain? If yes, you just need to add your domain on their Plesk control panel. I also use Plesk here but with different hosting provider. Plesk is good and user friendly. For windows hosting, I wouldnt recommend Godaddy. It will better to find other alternatives. I personally use ASPHostPortal.com now. I’m happy with them, they have good knowledgeable support staff.

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