How to watch Downton Abbey Season 3 in the US before January 2013

Zach Baker

Zach Baker, Engineering Manager at Hollar

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If you're dedicated, you can buy and watch it on the UK iTunes Store.

It's quite feasible if you are willing to go to some trouble, pay for the privilege and have access to a computer with iTunes (and, for best viewing, the current model of Apple TV).

  1. Open iTunes on your computer and go to the iTunes Store. Click on the little ball with the United States flag at the bottom-right of the page, find the ball with the Union Jack on the following page, and click to switch to the UK iTunes Store.
  2. You can now see the front page of the UK iTunes store and likely also see Downton Abbey Series 3 in the "TV Programmes" section, the name of which you will already find charming as an American. You're already so close!
  3. Ah, but to actually buy it, you need an account with proper British payment details. This is not a big problem, even without UK relatives. Many entrepreneurs will email you the code off a UK iTunes gift card purchased via PayPal, on eBay or a third-party site. The transaction may take a few hours, you'll pay a premium for this service and your credit card company may be alarmed by your sudden overseas purchase. But do you want to wait for January, torrent it or use some dodgy proxy site to stream it and sit through ads for "Findus Crispy Pancakes", whatever those are? Surely not!
  4. Having a UK iTunes gift card, you may log out and sign up for a new Apple ID with a different email address, providing your UK iTunes gift card as payment (select "None" for your bank card) and a UK address, and become the newest member of the UK iTunes Store. God save the Queen!
  5. At last, you may now buy a Series Pass for Downton Abbey Series 3. It's £14.99 (about $24) in SD or £19.99 (about $32) in HD. As soon as you buy it with your hard-earned pounds, it will begin downloading. Yes!
  6. Now, if you do have an Apple TV, after buying it, you may actually sign out of your US account from the Settings screen, sign in with your new UK Apple ID, and stream it instantly. Handy!
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You may notice you don't have to use a UK proxy or VPN; the iTunes Store never tries to figure out your geographical location. It all turns on the billing address for the payment method you provide, or the country that your gift card is native to. No matter where you are in the world, you can sign in to iTunes with an account native to any country and purchase, download and stream that country's content. Huzzah!

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You can do as Zach Baker suggests, OR you can contribute $120 to your local public television station and get Season 3 mailed to you on DVD or Blu-Ray as a thank-you gift. I received a solicitation from Oregon Public Broadcasting last week, gave them $120, and was promised that my Blu-Ray DVDs of Season 3 would be mailed to me in four to six weeks. (That's three to five weeks, now, so I should have it by about the first week in January at the very latest.) I give them money every December anyway, so this was a no-brainer for me.

Here's the link I followed:

I'm assuming that every public television station in the US carries Masterpiece and is making the same offer, but if not, I'm sure OPB would be happy to be the object of your generosity.



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Envoyer Carnival Films (and similar distro companies) a (lame) message: torrent it. You'll have the full season in a few hours at most, it'll cost you nothing.

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Until the stupid fucking distro companies understand how the real world works, and make shows available for download from anywhere, by anyone who wants to pay for them to own their copy (like a DVD, but digital), not via iTunes or other proprietary system, this will likely remain the only viable method. No DRM. Just a download I can pay for, available from the air date.

When someone does this they'll make a hell of a lot of money from me! I'd love to pay for the TV shows I want. I wish there was a way I could donate to them when I get their content from torrent sites.

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