How to verify if an ACH payment was successfully sent from one account and successfully received in another, without having access to any one of the two accounts

Kaz Nejatian

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ACH is not a dual messaging network. There is no success code. The lack of a failure (or return) message is the success code. Unfortunately, some ACH retun codes have no deadline so you may get a failure message in four months. Realistically, however, if there is no failure message within 30 days, the money has successfully landed.

Zachary Ebrams

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Typically if an ACH payment is going to return it will do so within 72 business hours, most banks return a transaction within 48 business hours. Typical returns that occur within this time frame are, Account Not Found, Invalid Account Number, Insufficient Funds, etc.)

The best way to verify a deposit is to ask the receiving or debiting party to verify the funds arrived and/or left their account. Before moving significant sums of money between accounts this should be done ahead of time, perhaps with a micro-deposit for verification - Where one party initiates a transaction to another party and the receiving party verifies the amount.

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The answer from Kaz Nejatian is accurate. In addition, without access to either of the account, you cannot verify success (by seeing the deposit) or be notified of error (via return to the originating account). If you are acting as a third party, you can have return messages sent to you, but that means you have access to the originating account.

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If you use a supplier payments automation system (Tipalti,, etc), it will share this ACH payment status information with you. Banks do not because they are just not intuitive, user friendly systems.

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