How to use Quora to make money

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Réponse d'origine: How can we earn money from Quora?

Ah! If there ever were a question just for me, this one is is probably it.

I’ve been making a significant, mostly passive income from Quora for about a year now. Admittedly, I only stumbled into it.

I had only discovered Quora just a few months prior. I was working a summer internship in a city separate from most of my friends, so I had a lot of spare time on my hands. Having always been a voracious reader, Quora kept me up a bit too late many or most work nights that summer.

At some point, I began to feel a little guilty learning so many amazing things from other people and not giving back myself. So, I started writing answers to questions in the e-commerce and distribution space. I had been working independently in e-commerce for 8 years, and my internship was at a Fortune 200 distribution company.

It’s worth noting that the thought of putting so much effort into writing these posts with the potential to reach tens, even hundreds of thousands of people made me super nervous at first. The first few times I hit submit, I immediately stood up and paced around a bit to shake it off.

While most of my initial answers received very little attention, one blew up. The response (upvotes, comments) was tremendously positive. It was a great feeling.

Around the same time, I was also reading quite a bit about affiliate marketing. I knew what it was all about from previous reading. After all, I had spent 8 years selling physical products online.

For those of you not familiar, affiliate marketing allows you to make a commission selling other people and company’s products online, without actually fulfilling product orders or serving customers. You just have to make the introduction. You don’t have to be hired. You just post a link to the product or service that is unique to you, and software tracks any sales that result from your recommendation. The software knows cette buyer purchased after clicking votre lien.

Finally, I decided to give it a shot. There were services I was already mentioning and linking to in my answers that had affiliate programs themselves, so I swapped my links out for affiliate links.

Within 30 minutes, I made one $30 commission.

I immediately did the math to calculate how much more money I would make that day. $30 every 30 minutes… 12 hours left in the day… Holy #$%^!!!

I didn’t make a penny more that day. But over the course of the next couple weeks, I did quite well.

As it turns out, you can’t just drop affiliate links wherever you please and without disclosure. It violates Quora’s policy, and disclosure of affiliate links is required by the Federal Trade Commission.

This goes for most 3rd party platforms like facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, and reddit as well— even though you create and contribute the content yourself.

Now, if you still want to make money from affiliate marketing on these platforms, the key is to build blogs relevant to what you are writing about. That way, you own the platform and what kind of links you post are up to my discretion (so long as affiliate relationships are disclosed).

Then you can post really informative, helpful content on 3rd party platforms like facebook groups, Quora, and reddit to cultivate an audience. From that content you can link to supplementary resources on your blog where you are free to use affiliate links and earn commissions. If that content is great as well, people will continue to read your content, use your links to support you financially, and share with friends.

Let’s explore an example of how this works in practice:

Did you know many credit card companies offer 0% interest as an introductory rate for the first X months of having their credit card? Did you know credit card companies also pay hefty affiliate commissions for successful referrals?

During my senior year of college, I was a little strapped for cash. I avait money, but most of it was tied up in my online businesses and/or stocks. However, I had a job lined up for after graduation, so I knew I would have cash coming in soon.

All of my friends were taking senior vacations. I didn’t want to ask my parents for money— they had covered enough.

So, I opened a few credit cards with 0% interest for 6–9 months. During the second semester of my senior year, I partied through an online marketing conference in Vegas, visited a friend in NYC, went skiing in Colorado, searched for housing in KC, and spent a weekend at the lake.

I paid the cards off in the first couple months after graduation using my salary.

Now, it’s not the smartest financial decision I’ve ever made, but I’m not the only college student who would enjoy living it up a bit during senior year despite a lack of funds.

How can I make money on that?

Easy. Tell the story around Reddit, facebook groups, Quora, Medium… Link from those posts to a blog post titled something like “Top 10 Credit Cards Offering 0% Interest.” That blog post would compare the pros and cons of each, et link to applications using, you guessed it, affiliate links. Links to credit cards paying me $50, $100, even $150+ for a signup.

Again, it doesn’t stop there. Readers will enjoy the content. They will share with friends. They will come back for more helpful content again and again, assuming I keep it coming.

Building the blogs themselves is a piece of cake these days. Here’s a 5-minute how-to. You don’t need to know how to code, you don’t need to be an expert designer— even the writing is made easier with tools like Hemmingway App.

You can find affiliate products and services to promote with a simple google search. There sont a lot of spammy products out there which are no good for your readers, nor your reputation.

While many companies run their own affiliate programs independently, many utilize affiliate networks to manage the link tracking and connect with people who will promote their products. Affiliate networks are great places for you to find products and services you can promote.

Voici quelques-unes:

  • Amazone: That’s right! Amazon has an affiliate program for nearly everything listed. Commissions vary. The interesting thing about Amazon is that you will not earn commissions solely on what you link a reader to, but everything they purchase in the next 24 hours!
  • Share-a-Sale: Home to more than 3,900 affiliate programs— Share-a-Sale is sure to have something for your niche. Not only do their advertisers, pay for referred sales, many pay for clicks and ‘leads’ too. My personal favorite.
  • Rakuten: One of the oldest networks around. Rakuten is known for its intuitive interface and over 1,000 advertisers, including many well-known brands.
  • FlexOffers: Many well-known companies use this network, including Macy’s, HP, and Hallmark, along with a variety of lesser known companies.
  • Commission Junction: Probably the #1 affiliate network overall, CJ is home to many of your household names. Credit cards, banks, insurance, security, real estate, fashion, you name it. Because there are so many big name advertisers here, competition can be stiff. You may actually have to appliquer for programs, and your site will be held to a higher standard.
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To sign up for a network or affiliate program, you will want to opt in as a ‘publisher’ (‘advertisers’ are who you promote pour). Most will require that you provide a link to your blog. Again, you can set up a blog in very little time (video tutorial here). Hosting your blog will cost just less than $1/day, or 66 cents if you pay annually.

If you provide good content for people, not only can you expect affiliate commissions, but generally people will reach out to you for consulting, coaching, friendship, business propositions, and more, depending on what you write about.

Plus, anytime you have influence like that, there’s always the opportunity to sell your own info product, for which you can recruit other affiliates to sell for you.

Bonne chance!

BONUS: I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone and do more public speaking of sorts. Recently, I did a podcast with Google Product Strategist, Sonali Mangal. As it turns out, getting a lot of exposure on Quora is a bit of a science. You can’t just write an answer and attendre lots of views. Sonali and I discussed what works and what doesn’t on Quora. Listen ici et apprécie!

Loy Machedo

Loy Machedo, From being Penniless in 2011 to Millionaire a Today

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How to use Quora to make money

I have made money thanks to Quora.
However, PLEASE read these disclaimers, warnings & important bits first.

    I have NEVER advertised myself or my services explicitly. I’ve never sent people spammy messages or unsolicited messages asking them to subscribe to me or my services. I have received messages from people advertising their services. But I haven’t resorted to this strategy.
    I have NEVER misled people by telling them false statements about me or my background.
    I have let people EXPLICITLY know up front that I am on Quora to promote my brand and not for charitable causes (i.e. to help or change the world for free). And how do I do this? By encouraging them to ask me questions, by sharing my Quora answers on their Social Media & by asking their friends to follow me on Quora (if they loved my answers).
    I have always answered all questions without any indication that people should pay me or subscribe to any of my social media platforms.
    I have been very truthful about saying that I prefer they ask me Questions on Quora as that builds my online credibility and brand. However, if anyone still insists that they want my services on a ONE-TO-ONE basis where they want me to talk to them for one hour or write them an email of 1,000 words with a strategy, solution or guidance - that is chargeable.
    Please ensure you NEVER break any rules of Quora. Please read and re-read the rules of Quora so that you do not get flagged for a violation.
    DO NOT sell, offer or provide anything that is illegal or not allowed.
    If in doubt - please contact the Quora Moderation Team

So how did I earn money on Quora?

  1. I spend 8 hours to 16 hours answering questions on Quora
  2. I ensure every question I answer I give truly my best content
  3. Some of the questions I spend even 3 days just to research and answer. That’s what it takes to produce my quality 3,000 - 8,000 word answers.
  4. Each answer I write - is 100% complete and authentic. I never hold anything information back in my answers.
  5. I always ensure I follow the BNBR policy. (I did make many mistakes in the past)
  6. I always ensure I ignore rude comments
  7. I always ensure I block or report trolls or abusive members.
  8. The ONLY and ONLY explicit advertisement I have - is in my bio section, I make sure my bio is detailed containing all the honest information about my business and my life
  9. I share my personal phone number and also my private email address
  10. For those people who send me email requests or phone requests to provide them more time, more service and more expertise - I inform them that:
    1) I prefer that they ask me the question on Quora which I will do it FOR FREE
    2) And if the are happy with my service - to talk about me to their friends
    3) However, One-To-One services - is a Premium service which I charge for
    4) And if they are still interested in my One-To-One Premium Services - it a chargeable service.
  11. I always encourage people to opt for the FREE service - which is asking me a Question on Quora with my name ‘Loy Machedo’ on it. And once they have asked me the question - to send me the link - which is where I answer it. The only drawback of this strategy is that only me and this user gets to see the answer - no one else as it is user specific.
  12. If however, users STILL insist that they want Privacy, Secrecy, Attention, My Personal Time, Effort, Space & Expertise - I guide them to website where they are able to see the list of options I offer. Here they can choose what they want.
  13. There are some people who ask me for a FREE service. And if I feel they have good connections - I give them a $500 service for FREE in exchange for a referral.


    It has been 5 months since I joined Quora and I have answered 3,000 answers. And on an average day - I spend 8 to 16 hours on Quora per day - while every other alternate day - I spend on my other Social Media Platforms. So my conversion rate is 1 good customer for every 3,000 answers. So not an easy task!
    The conversion rate to get $25 (my minimum rate) is 1 good customer after connecting with nearly 1,000 people on Quora.
    It is very very very time consuming. Sometimes my day starts at 2am writing answers on Quora. So while others are sleeping - I am busy working. And all this - for FREE on Quora.
    I get spammed heavily both on my phone & email by trolls, trouble makers and especially children. If you are popular - you will receive at least 100 emails, messages & texts from trouble makers. You will not believe how horrible it is to clean up your inbox and phone. I wake up in the morning to nearly 1,000+ notifications!
    Majority of the users even after informing them the terms & conditions STILL ask for FREE by sharing their sad stories
    People have shared my details online to groups stating I am a prostitute looking for sex and fun. And some of them call you from fake numbers and then threaten you or waste your time with nonsense.
    You will make more enemies than friends as everyone will expect you to give them FREE content and FREE help - especially since you give FREE answers online. And on top of that - they will be rude and obnoxious with you.
    It is all about luck. You can go on for 3 months and not have a single inquiry.
    The possibility and probability of a popular Quoran losing his account is exceptionally high. You can lose your account and everything you have worked for - by just one small mistake.
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Réflexions finales
So before you do decide to opt for a strategy on Quora, in Summary keep this in mind:

  1. It has been 5 long months since I joined Quora.
  2. I’ve written quality answers to 3,000 questions on Quora
  3. Out of the 1,000+ emails, messages & texts I have received per day, I have made sure that I answered the relevant ones - which I have to dedicate one entire day to.
  4. Focusing on Quora led to a decline and elimination of my other online activities
  5. I am still learning how to use Quora
  6. I am still doing my best to contribute MORE than what I receive
  7. It has not been an easy ride.
  8. You have to be exceptionally focused, dedicated, obsessed, committed and explicit about your strategy. That involves telling people the truth openly. And this can make you very unpopular.
  9. Many users have unsubscribed from me or even trolled me for the simple reason that I was honest enough to let them know I am on Quora to promote my brand. For some strange and funny reason some people believe that everyone on Quora should be there giving world-class content and hours and hours of work - for free.
  10. However, the focus should NOT be to be loved by the whole world but by the few who are willing to accept that you are a professional and if they want more (Your Personal and Professional Time, Effort & Expertise) they should go through your private channel.
  11. End of the day the Universal truth is this - All the Professionals like myself who are online and who make money online - take this job very seriously with ethics, morals and standards. And if we were to violate these standards - we simply cannot survive. There are no shortcuts to making money - no “get-rich-quick” easy schemes. If you want to succeed - you have to FIRST GIVE VALUE IN ORDER TO GET VALUE. Ultimately this is the reason and only reason professionals like me have survived, thrived and succeeded.

Hope this helps.

Loy Machedo
PS - If you liked this answer - could I have an upvote?

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Amit Ghosh, CEO and Founder @ Aeron7

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Content Marketing is a long term relationship. It’s not one night stand. In Quora content builds relationship. If you’re following me long since you know what kind of jerk I am, my love for financer and websites, what I eat, even small stuffs that I have fluffy dogs, where I travel - in short my life. Relationship build trust.

Trust drives the revenue.

Now do you notice, I have hyperlinked the tab finance above? Oops, you’ve accidentally clicked it? Yes, that’s the compelling story. I drove a visitor who loves finance to my site which is based on finance.

Now I will monetise you there. And I will make money.

Unsure how can a blog make money? See this for best idea. But do not watch beyond section 1. In later sections the instructor will flood you with his affiliate links.

Here is a case study on how blogging is so powerful. I created Unofficed last two months.

How to use Quora to make money

  • It’s have 5K+ visitors a day making 100$+ in adsense.
  • I have 927 active subscriber.
  • I manage a group with 334 active traders.
  • Made 3k INR+ in Amazon Affiliate sales.

You can monetize in dozens of different ways when you produce quality content.

Bummer! I had shared another link above which is relevant to this post and Quora can not delete it as it serves the purpose correctly and I’m truthful to this answer.

I shared some perfect Udemy courses in that link above which are generally valued for 200$ and you can get it for 10$ in New Year Promotion. That’s how I have repaid you for believing in me by finding a good deal like that.

Here goes the revenue of last 12 hours -

How to use Quora to make money

60$ !!

But I could’ve shared those courses directly here right cause you trust me enough now to click on it. Right?

Well, I am not done monetizing you! If you see the post link shared above and went through the site you must have encountered this demon -

How to use Quora to make money

Now there are 149 social signals. Now you’ve successfully promoted my content and helped me monetizing your friend circle. Cheers!

Now here goes case 2 -

Look at this question - How do traders make over 25,000 rupees per day in the stock market?

How to use Quora to make money

Question is posted by Anonymous as usual. You’re surely inquisitive about OpenTrade that well it must be a good way of making money! But if you see the link carefully it is an affiliate link -

Leggi:  Puis-je gagner de l'argent en faisant du trading intraday? Et quel courtier est le meilleur dans le scénario actuel?

The question has 10,040 Views just on today. 1 sale is sure even if it’s worst case. Correct?

These kind of questions are perfect click-bait though serving the Quora community along with it but affiliates make their way!


J'écris à All my thoughts are carefully crafted there ��

Akshay Jain

Akshay Jain, Founder at Custombaba (2016-present)

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J'ai fait beaucoup d'argent using Quora.

It all came down to une question.

This question comes on the first page in India for the search “custom t shirts”

Ma réponse to the question, for long was the top answer.
And I started getting business.

All this without investing in SEO!

Most of the people who had the question “What is the best website to buy customized t shirts in India”, were college students or entrepreneurs.

The answer was carefully written with Adioma graphique.
The target crowd had seen such graphics many times, thus it built a relation with them. The answer itself was self explanatory.

It compelled people to dial my number.

How to use Quora to make money

I started getting enquiries from people and started dispatching products.

The funnel was simple.

Quora -> Customer dials my number -> I tell them to send me the logo/image to be printed on the t shirt/hoodie on Whats app -> I send them images of my factory and other fancy products I am making on Whatsapp -> Give them a quote they cannot refuse.

My business created a dent in the market as my prices were much lower than the competitors as none of my online competitors have their own manufacturing.

They basically outsource manufacturing to other factories and make around 15 to 20% commission. Plus, being a factory man, my quality was better.

My number started doing the rounds in colleges. Word of mouth is good.

Business boomed enough for me to start spending on marketing and SEO.

When I wrote the answer I had around 2500 followers.

That helped too, as I guess Quora gave it weightage. The answer was again written with a purpose for a user to agree on the answer and click on up-vote.

I actually wrote an entire article about it on India’s Techcrunch titled “Earning first 1 lakh in revenue through just one answer on Quora”. (Yourstory link to article).

Whenever I get a call, I ask them who gave them my number.

In the early days, it was all Quora.

Then it was a friend.

Now google.

Best part was that earlier, my family was hesitant to spend on website and SEO.

I had previous stints of failed startups trying to convince people to buy stuff on my websites online.

Both of them were terrible failures.

But now was different. We were making good profit on each sale.

They could not believe that people could place orders for lakhs of rupees (thousands of dollars) online. And that too, pay the entire amount before dispatching the product.

Later they agreed, that all the profits of CustomBaba, will go again to the website only.

I owe a lot to Quora for the wisdom that it gave me, and also to the leads that it gave me for my business.

I still remember my father shouting at me “Why do you spend so much time on this Quora website? do some work”. This was years ago.

Now his eyes shine when I tell him, “We got an order, guess from where?”.



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Réponse d'origine: How have you made money using Quora?

How have you made money using Quora?

I’ve managed to leverage my popularity here to get customers for the services I offer.

I sometimes do week-long online seminars and open them to anyone who wants to join. Then I ask for donations from anyone who's enjoying the seminar.

I’m doing another seminar this week that isn’t open to everyone… just paying customers… because it requires a lot of personalized attention for each student from me. Here’s an explanation of the seminar I’m doing this week, if you’re curious. The class is full, but there will be more in the future:

Creative Writing Sample by Matthew Bates on Matt's Blog

Actually, if you want to know when I’m doing another online seminar, your best bet is to just follow my blog:

Matt's Blog

I don’t want to brag, but that might be the best name for a blog… ever. I put all of my six years of college English classes and ten years of teaching English into coming up with that name.

Anyway, I’ve also picked up a few students whom I personally tutor online. And I edit people’s essays for a fee as well.

I also do online ACT and SAT tutoring. I was doing that before Quora, for my own alumni, and now I do it for teens who know me from here too.

Habib Fanny and I split the profits from the book we wrote, which people are still buying. I just checked, and three more paperback copies shipped just yesterday. I’m going to be totally honest here… I was expecting to sell 50 copies, total. I thought anything over 100 wouldn’t even be worth dreaming about. I thought sales would trickle to 0 within a few weeks of its release. Instead, we’ve crossed over 500 copies sold and hundreds more lent with Amazon’s e-book loaner program. For a first-time self-published book by a couple of amateurs, this has been a smashing success.

And sometimes, people just follow the link on my profile and give me d

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