How to transfer Amazon gift card balance to another account

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Okay, no you can't but you can get around this.

  1. Go into your Amazon account and find a kindle ebook that is relatively close to the same price as your gift card balance. If it's a larger balance then you will need to do this several times. And it has to be an ebook.
  2. Once you have found the ebook, look over to the right where it shows the ‘buy now's and scroll down under that and find ‘give as a gift' and click that. The next page wants you to fill in the Amazon email of the person you wish to gift. It's the first choice and make sure gift date says ‘now'.
  3. Hit send.
  4. From this step forward the recipient does his/her part. Recipient for into the email that is linked to their Amazon account and opens email with gift notice from Amazon. They click where is says ‘get gift' in the email and follow instructions.
  5. Once they are in Amazon, which is where the link sends them, and have typed in the gift code from the email then hit ‘get gift'.
  6. At this point over to the right side it says claim or download, but right below that in blue underlined small letters is a link to change got to gift card.
  7. Hit the blue letters to change gift and a pop up box will show in middle of page with another link at the very bottom to request gift be changed to gift card. Click this and you are done. Now gift has been switched to gift card and is usually available immediately.

I know for a fact this works because I just did it with my daughter's gift card and had to do it twice because of the size if her balance and it was in my gift card balance immediately. Hope this helps and yes it's a process but it works.

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If it is a amazon . com gift card, then it is possible. But there are some restrictions for this transfer.

GC ne peux pas be transferred in the following situations after it is claimed. (Claimed means, redeemed to the account).

  1. The GC you had on the account is a refund for a return that was made.
  2. The GC was added to your account as a courtesy
  3. The GC you received is on some employee benefits.
  4. The GC you received is a reward.
  5. It is an Email GC and the recipient email was already defined while the purchaser purchased.

GC peuvent be transferred in the following situations.

  1. The Physical GC that was purchased on a wrong account and you’ve lost the claim code.
  2. The recipient and the purchaser is same for the GC and the purchaser would like to transfer to the other account.

It is always advisable to use the right email address for the recipient while purchasing the GC, because changing the email address after purchasing it is a hectic task.

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You cannot do it.

Once the gift card balance is added to your Amazon account, you can not transfer it either to another Amazon account or your bank account. You can just use it to place other orders on Amazon.

Contacting Amazon also would not be of any help because there is no such option for transferring gift card balance in Amazon India.

Je ne suis pas sûr si has such an option but we cannot transfer the gift card balance from compte.

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How to transfer Amazon Pay balance from one Amazon Account to another

In This Trick we will use Komparify website which is using Amazon Pay Balance as a payment option. So you have to Buy Amazon Gift Card using Other Amazon Account and then you can add those Gift Cards in One Amazon Account. You can Also Use Amazon Pay Balance to Buy Flipkart Vouchers hence you can convert Amazon to Flipkart. So Below is the trick to transfer Amazon Pay balance from one Amazon Account to another

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How to transfer Amazon Pay balance from one Amazon Account to another

1. First Visit Komparify

2. Login For Your Account.

3. Now Go To Recharge Tab Or For Vouchers Click On Gift Vouchers & Choose E-Commerce Vouchers.

How to transfer Amazon gift card balance to another account

4. Provide Your Details Their & Make Sure To Enter Your Correct Email Their.

5. Select Gift Voucher Which You Want To Buy.

How to transfer Amazon gift card balance to another account

6. Now Pay Via Amazon Pay Balance At Payment Page By Login To Your Account.

How to transfer Amazon gift card balance to another account

7. You Will Get Your Gift Voucher Within 5 Minutes In Your Email.

8. Now Use that Amazon Voucher to Add in your Main Account.

This Trick Can be Used For Below

(1) Combine All Amazon Account Pay Balance into 1 Amazon Account

(2) Buy The Different E-commerce Gift Vouchers Like – Amazon , Flipkart , Jabong , Myntra , Yepme Etc.

(3) Use Amazon Pay Balance to Recharge , DTH , Internet Bill Payments.

(4) Buy Flipkart , Jabong Gift Vouchers & Add Them All In 1 Account

Video Tutorial of Trick to transfer Amazon Pay balance

So This is the Trick to transfer Amazon Pay balance from one Amazon Account to another. Komparify introduce “Amazon Pay” as New Payment gateway which help us to Buy Voucher from Old Amazon account and add it on 1 main account which is good to get rid of Shipping charges, But they removed Payment gateway in 3-4 hours. Now They introduce again with a charge of 1.5%.1

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1 Trick to transfer Amazon Pay balance from one Amazon Account to another [Video] - Tricks By STG

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Mmm ...

I don’t think this is possible.

My sister bought my wife a gift card, but it was an Amazon UK card. When we investigated transferring, we couldn’t do that sort of thing.

My sister ended up buying my wife an Amazon COM gift card.

I might be wrong though. That often happens.

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Can you use the balance to purchase a gift card? I've never tried, so I don't know if they have that ability or not. But if you can, there's your solution - buy an e-gift card and have it sent to the account you wish to receive the balance. If Amazon doesn't allow that, I'm sure I'll be informed of that fact soon. ��

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