How to get products from AliExpress in India

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I updated this answer on 14th Dec, 2017.

La source: ShopAbroad (My Blog).

We love to buy the latest tech products and other cheap products but one of the sad truth is that all the latest products are not easily available in India. We also know that nobody can provide innovative products at cheaper rate except China.

How to get products from AliExpress in India

So, If we want the latest product then we have to buy/import it from Chinese seller or supplier. And AliExpress is one of the biggest B2C (Business-To-Customer) store, AliExpress is a marketplace where buyers and sellers meet. On AliExpress you can find millions of products offered by thousands of sellers.

But, When we think about International Shopping, few questions come to our mind, like “How to place order on AliExpress?”, “How to make payment on AliExpress?”, “Is it safe to buy from AliExpress?” Etc…

Before you continue reading, Here you can see pictures of imported from AliExpress:-

How to get products from AliExpress in India

How to get products from AliExpress in India

You can see the full list of my imported products on my Blog:- ShopAbroad's Imported Products Gallery.

In this answer, I will show you step by step process to buy products from AliExpress safely:-

1. Check Stores’ / Sellers’ Ratings:- AliExpress is always ready to help you via ‘Buyer Protection Program‘ but if you want good customer service from seller side then always check the sellers’ ratings before placing an order.

Note:- If you want to buy cheap(under $5 dollar) product then you don’t need to follow these tips.

How to get products from AliExpress in India

2. Check Buyers’ Reviews:- Buyer’s Reviews is also important but it’s not important like sellers’ rating because sellers’ rating shows the customer service of the seller, which he earns from good quality products and from good customer service while buyers’ review just shows the quality of the product, If any product does not have positive feedback then it doesn’t mean the seller is bad.

You should skip product with negative feedback but If a store has the good amount of positive feedback then you can purchase another product from that store.

3. Check Shipping Method:- Shipping method is also most important thing after sellers’ rating because some shipping method does not come with international tracking facility, If you will select wrong shipping method then you won’t able to track it in India / Outside China.

Normally No Custom Duty Or Less Chance of Custom Duty on Free Shipping Method. But, The Problem is Some Free Shipping Method Comes with International Tracking and Some Doesn’t Come with International Tracking.

You Can Read Below Guide To Know, Which Shipping Method is Best For You:-

4. Enter Address And Make Payment:- After Following all the above steps, You need to click ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’ Then Enter Address. Now, You can make payment using your preferred payment method on the checkout page. And, Don’t worry about the security of payment because your details are protected by VeriSign SSL encryption.

Note:- Your money will only be transferred to the seller once you have confirmed receiving your order, or when your Buyer Protection has ended.

I usually use my International debit card to make payment, You can check the image below for more detail:-

How to get products from AliExpress in India

5. Click Pay Now:- Click Pay Now Then AliExpress will automatically debit money from your bank account and you will see a “Thank You For Your Payment” message like below image.

How to get products from AliExpress in India

Note:- International Payment Doesn’t Require One Time Password (OTP) to Complete The Transaction.

If you have any question, then feel free to ask it on my Blog.

AliExpress Deals:-



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I have ordered a Necklace from AliExpress which was my first order from this website. The delivery supposed to take 40 days to deliver to India but unfortunately I have not received any product till date (i.e. 4 months from the date of order).

Since it was my first experience of shopping on AliExpress, and they failed to build the trust of their website. Now I am very skeptic whether to order from this website in future or not.

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How to get products from AliExpress in India

With development of web based business everywhere throughout the world and with the rise of locales like Alibaba, worldwide exchange has turned out to be simpler than any time in recent memory. Online venders must exploit this opportunity and import from China to offer globally in the event that they need to manufacture a tremendous business.

Bringing in items and exchanging them on commercial centers or all alone store is an exceptionally fruitful technique to increase benefits. This can be more gainful on the off chance that you import from China at a less expensive value due to low assembling costs.

What do you have to import from China?

  • Enrolled organization/firm
  • TIN
  • Current record in presumed bank that gives a Quick code
  • IE Code

There are numerous B2B destinations from where you can purchase Chinese products yet we will talk about world's 2 best locales:

  • Alibaba
  • AliExpress ( Possessed by Alibaba)

While Alibaba is principally to buy in mass, you can purchase littler amounts or even single pieces from AliExpress. Be that as it may, costs are higher obviously when you purchase from AliExpress.

You don't have to go anyplace else as these are the world's ideal and secure sites trusted and utilized by millions.

Import from China to India utilizing Alibaba

Alibaba is an incredible place to import from China. It's the greatest worldwide commercial center interfacing purchasers and providers around the world. Here you can undoubtedly discover a huge number of arrangements.

Not a simple undertaking.

It's extremely an intense activity to locate a perfect provider.

You have to take in a great deal before utilizing Alibaba for bringing in.

Allows first examine the upsides of bringing in from Alibaba:

  • As there are huge no. of providers, you have an immense decision to choose the items.
  • Your exchanges are secure with Alibaba ensure.
  • Chinese items can be sourced at a considerably less expensive cost that can expand gainfulness.

How to utilize Alibaba?

You simply need to enter your organization name, email deliver and telephone number to make a record on Alibaba.

It's very prescribed to have a different email account solely for use on Alibaba as your telephone number and email id is obvious to others. Numerous clients incline toward giving telephone number utilizing administrations like Viber to keep their real number private.


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Till date I have ordered 180 products from aliexpress and have never lost a Rupee or have never faced any trouble with quality. Below are the steps and things to remember :

1) download aliexpress app and create an account. Avail a discount voucher, check what offer is going on for new customers.

2) search for the product and select the product basis :

a) seller rating (you can see this at the bottom of the product page along with seller name) - it should be 90℅ or above at least.

b) check product reviews - there is nothing more candid and trustable than customer reviews and many add picture of the actual product too (no the glossy Photoshoped images). If you are shopping for a product for.which appearance really matters like cap, apparels, watch, fashion accessories etc -do message the seller and ask for "original " product picture, mostly the real product photo will be same as that advertised by seller, however, it's good to be double sure.

C) check delivery window / time at the bottom of the product page. Please note, if you need anything urgently and guaranteed delivered.... Aliexpress is NOT the place to shop. The delivery timelines vary vastly. I have had products delivered in 8 days as well as 1 got delivered in 6 months !!!! (I got refund for the later though). So here is the deal, whatever timeline is provided by the seller, that is the purchase protection timeline I.e. the seller HAS to deliver within that timeline. If you see this purchase protection timeline running have to raise a dispute in the app that product didn't get delivered.

Example: you buy a product which says 39 days delivery, the seller will have to deliver within this 39 day period. If you see that 35 days have past and there is no sign of your product, you should raise a dispute that the purchase protection is running out and you still haven't received the product (you get various options while raising this dispute). REMEMBER: you have to raise the dispute within the 39 day period else the seller is not liable to any claims made by you after that period. So once you raise the dispute, the seller confirms that you have genuinely not received the product and refunds you the amount.

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d) coming back to ordering , while selecting/ adding the product to cart you will be asked to select delivery method, either there is free delivery or paid, I personally always choose free delivery because a) I don't order very high value products from aliexpress I.e. more that 7000 Rs. b) I am not in a hurry to get product C) paid delivery prices are normally quiet high and.deafets the purpose of ordering from China as then the cost becomes almost same. So. Choose free delivery option, your product delivery is protected anyways.

e) finally, go to cart and proceed to buy, apply coupon if.any and PLEASE NOTE: If you are buying using credit card or debit card - INTERNATIONAL PAYMENT FEATURE HAS TO BE ACTIVE. If it's not, call your card customer care and get it activated.

f) in the comments for seller section on the payment page... Ask him to mark the shipment as "gift".

I hAve NOT paid even a rupee as customs duty till date because my product value is not high . Also if the seller sells the product without its cover/ package - the custom ignores the item MRP etc is not there so product value estimation correctly is not possible.henxe, charging duty is not possible. ( This may not be true for branded famous products like iPhone or other phone as everyone knows their price).

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Think before you do. This is not about how to but Why to.

I am a regular buyer on every platform be it online or offline. I created my account on Aliexpress a couple of years ago. And till date I have trading value of about USD 1000 or more which roughly takes you up to INR 67,000 or something.

Till the last order, I had not faced any issues. Being a frequent customer a was given a tier upgrade whenever I accrued points. Yes. That is true. You will be given points based on your activities. That does ne pas mean merely buying. You can earn them by,

  • Logging into your account on a daily basis.
  • Adding a product to your wish list.
  • Saving a store as favourite store.
  • Leaving feedback for what you have purchased..etc
    • What does that seems like?
    • Obviously, so far, so good.
    • So, will there be any issues you will have to face?
    • Yeah. For sure. You will come to these problems at some point of your buying session. Be it after a day or may be after 1 or 2 years.
    • What issue you will have to face?
    • Well, let me tell you what happened to me now.

How to get products from AliExpress in India

This is the payment confirmation page of aliexpress India. After the processing and verification of amount, you will be prompted about successful payment.

How to get products from AliExpress in India

And yes, you can see the amount has been deducted from bank account.

Please not that for International transactions that you perform, (ie like in Aliexpress) you won’t be required to provide an OTP. So make sure you are not sharing any infos. regarding your card with anyone. Anyone with your card number, CVV & expiry date can cause you Financial loss.

  • So, what happened next??
  • After the order within a hour or two, my account was blocked ‘temporarily’. “Temporarily” was a term used by them and it seems to be ‘permanent’ since now its been a week or more. You will have to contact them for sure. They will redirect you for a survey. Don’t worry, no miracle will happen. So after this you won’t be able to contact the seller, edit or modify your order or hopelessly any thing in your account.

How to get products from AliExpress in India

  • How can you simply blame such an International Tech. Giant without any evident document?
  • Well, this is for such people who only believes what they see.

How to get products from AliExpress in India

  • OK. But this only shows that you have to slide and verify.
  • Oh yeah!!! I heard you saying. You said it right.You are indeed a genius. OK let me do that.

How to get products from AliExpress in India

  • Voila!! Kudos my dear, for that. Lets see what happened next.

How to get products from AliExpress in India

  • Ouch that repeated!! Oui, il sera.
  • But don’t worry since some sellers are extremely good on this platform and will send your order without causing you a trouble.
    • Now coming to next part, THE GREAT REFUND.
    • Don’t even dream of getting your money back. Once you chat with them, they’ll call you “dear, My friend” etc. without meaning a bit of it. They will also say that the refund had been settled from their part. OK then, lets see what bank people has to say. Even for submitting a claim you will have to go through cumbersome procedures. So be prepared for that.
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How to get products from AliExpress in India

How to get products from AliExpress in India

    • Just read those written for understanding about refund process.

How to get products from AliExpress in India

These Chinese website will ask you for your card image and copy of bank statement for which they say security. If you are really in need of that and can compromise with rest, go on. Feels like they have got some crooked intention because American companies like amazon or eBay never ask you that.

The payments here (aliexpress) are mostly processed on London or Luxembourg.

So lets have a review of what we discussed.

  • Be bold to face the account disabling from their end.
  • You may hide some numbers of your card so as to remain with peace of mind when uploading sensitive informations.
  • Don’t get your order cancelled. Once placed, wait for its delivery and then sell it to your peers or on local market if you don’t need it any more.
  • Prefer a courier with tracking information or you are prone to miss your product somewhere. Not all stores charge you for courier with tracking. If you are that rich enough, go for DHL, Fedex or some thing.
  • Look for experienced store with good feedback. Preferably >90%.

So friends, I have made every effort to elucidate my view quoting all the relevant images for your understanding. Just be a bit cautious and happy shopping .

Please don’t forget to up vote if this make sense and helped you to understand them. Comments and feedbacks will be appreciated. At any instance, you may contact me through quora message or amithpv1(at)yahoo(dot)com. Happy to help.


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Simply order the product on Ali Express. Don’t worry about the quality it is always genuine. They won’t cheat you at any cost.

Simply create an account of yours in Envoyer de l'argent, payer en ligne ou créer un compte marchand - PayPal

They accept the payment. Ask the supplier to send the paypal account details as everyone who lives there has a paypal account. You can send money from paypal . It is very simple to create an account ,you just have to add your bank details there and all your details,after that paypal will send 2 moneytary transaction in your bank account . After you receive the money in your bank then just simply fill the amount you received in your bank to paypal for identity confirmation.

It takes 3 to 4 days for a transaction so you have to wait for it after that just add money to paypal by your debit or credit card and send the money to the ali express supplier.

As they recieve the money ,the next day they will ship your product to india my this courier services listed below.




It takes more or less 15- 20 days to reach india .

So enjoy buying products on aliexpress.

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