How to automate marketing without risking spoofing and spam blacklisting for your email address

Michael Ward

Michael Ward, works at Net-Results Marketing Automation

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You can safely automate emails without damaging your email reputation. Here are the do’s and don’ts…


  • Send emails that people want to read. Looking for the “secret” to great email deliverability? That’s it, right there.
  • Set things up properly with your marketing automation platform.

    SPF & DKIM
    have become very important.

    When you use a marketing automation tool (like Résultats nets, where I work), your automated emails are sent via our IP addresses. Recipient email servers can “see” that our IPs are not associated with your domain. This = bad. Email servers will think we are “spoofing” your domain.

    SPF & DKIM tell these email servers “these IP addresses are authorized senders of email for my domain”. Now you’re being smart and avoiding a common unforced error.

  • Reduce send volume/frequency for recipients who do not engage with your emails frequently
  • Remove from your lists people who do not engage at all.

    With Gmail in the lead, email systems are now paying attention not only the content of your emails, but also to whether recipients give a hoot about your content.

    Send lots of email to Gmail users and very few get opened? You’ll soon find yourself unable to stay out of Gmail’s spam filter. (See the first bullet point above for the magic solution to this problem)


  • Be a fool. When you buy email lists online you are taking a huge risk of ending up in the spam folder.

    But why you ask? It’s the unscrupulous sources of many email lists.

    It’s so lame, but many of these list companies write scripts that “crawl” the web and “scrape” up all the email addresses they find on websites. This can be a sizable percentage of the email addresses these tools will be happy to sell you.

    The problem? Some smart anti-spam person throws up a website and puts an email address on it. It’s a brand new email address they just set up through Gmail or whatever – this email address has never been used before and will be published nowhere else.

    This is called a honeypot or a “spam trap”. So when Joe List Broker sells you a list with this email address in it, and you send an email to that address, the smart anti-spam person knows there’s only one way you got that otherwise unpublished email address – you bought it from a tool that scraped it.

    Emailing to scraped email addresses is pretty much the definition of spam. Now you’re a spammer. Smart anti-spam guy adds you to blacklists and your emails get shit canned.

    Beaucoup email lists you can buy online are thus infected. You’ve been warned.

  • Send emails that any normal person would say “that looks kinda spammy”. If you think you might be doing this… you probably are.

    It’s hard to write emails people want to read, but this is the way to the inbox. Give first.

  • Bombard the people you’re emailing. My company is a marketing automation platform provider – this is all we do. We deal with thousands of email campaigns. We know the habits that lead to success and those that lead to trouble.

    Spammy looking emails very often go hand in hand with bombarding the inbox. More is not necessarily better. Be realistic.

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Diana Koshedzhiyska

Diana Koshedzhiyska, Chief Automation Consultant at Buzz Fixer (2013-present)

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Use a quality tool and never buy emails.

  1. A quality marketing automation tool is one that has proven deliverability success rates and takes care of it constantly. Don’t dive into one no one’s ever heard of because it’s free. If you need to start small, Drip - Quick & Easy Email Marketing Automation Software is free, Email Marketing Automation & CRM Pricing starts at $9. Make sure you understand the features and follow their best practices for deliverability.
  2. Don’t buy email lists - cold mailing people that might not even exist is terrible for your domain as it’s the most common reason for being blacklisted.
  3. Build a list - if people want to hear from you, they’ll opt-in.
  4. Keep the list engaged - make sure you’re not sending them one email a year. That would immediately lower your deliverability. People forget why they signed up for you or if they ever did. Make sure you nurture new leads when they enter the database, have a good welcome email for them. Send them relevant information. Segment your list to make sure you’re reaching the right people with the right message at the right time.
  5. Clean up your list once in a while - 10% of your list every year will become inactive, change companies or forget they had this login . Check their last activity dates and don’t send emails to people who don’t exist anymore.
  6. Score your leads to know who to contact and when.

Anna Hałasa

Anna Hałasa, Work in UserEngage

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Disclaimer: I'm working for UserEngage entreprise.


To not get blacklisted, do NE RECEVRA PAS buy lead lists. Those lists are full of people who never heard about your company and never agreed to be your customers. Or even worse, full of people who don’t even exist. Or changed their email address a long time ago. Are you that rich you can pay a lot of money for a list of bad quality leads? In the best case, your emails end up filtered as spam and you “just” lose money. In worst, your company domain will be blacklisted. It’s just not worth it. You want to have good quality leads that will buy things from you? You must get them yourself. Yeah, building an email list will take you some time but you will be sure those are people who know about you and might be interested in purchase.

J'espere que tu passes une bonne journée!

Jakub Sadowski

Jakub Sadowski, Brand Evangelist at GetResponse

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1. Treat your automated messages just like regular emails. It shouldn't matter that messages are triggered by user behavior. You should prepare it just like every other newsletter/email that you are sending.

2. Choose right services provider. Good email marketing and marketing automation platforms like GetResponse have a team of deliverability experts. They keep an eye on sending environment and provide you best possible chance to hit the inboxes.

3. Use automation to keep your list clean and tidy. Apply scoring and tagging options to find most and less engaged subscribers. Move people that don't open your emails for 3 months to re-engaging campaign. If there's no effect just delete them from your list.

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4. Use personalization. Put subscribers name in the subject of your message and use in body text.

5. Keep building your list. You can lose 10 to 20% of a list yearly because people are no longer interested in your content or simply they changed an email address. That's why list building is a constant process crucial to your success.

Bonne chance!

Disclaimer: I'm Brand Evangelist at GetResponse.

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