How should I get motivated to hit the gym every day?

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Réponse d'origine: What is your motivation for going to the gym?

Bonjour, merci pour A2A. Bodybuilding is the only sport where you can win a war, without an enemy.

Let me tell you why, or how, did I join the gym.

I was a total failure on many fronts of my life.

I failed 3 companies.

I failed at making money.

I failed in my relationship with my parents.

I failed relationship with my younger brother whom I loved most but who hated me most.

I failed at bringing son-based social pride for family, and become a shame for my family.

I failed at keeping my employees keep trusting me.

I failed at keeping myself motivated in tough times.

I failed at love end.

I failed at smiling.

I failed at making few close friends to share my bad day.

I failed at even constantly starring me in mirror.

I failed at recognizing any ray of hope, if there was any.

I was ugly looking fat ass.

One night I was returning from my office having my regular dose of bad day, and I crossed the gym that I used to see daily while driving by.

All of the sudden, with no plan in mind, no goal in mind, no purpose, no preparation, I stopped my scooter, went inside the gym and asked him, what time I can come tomorrow morning?

Suivant morning i went gym, I worked hardest the possible as If i really either wanted to destroy the gym or wanted to kill myself. Session ended, I vomited badly right outside the gym. Somehow managed to get back to scooter and came back home.

I was fucked up.

After a long long long period of time (may be years), I slept.

When I wokeup in the evening, I went back to sleep for whole night.

Next morning, All I could remember was what I did in gym. No business, no client, no employees, no mom, no dad, nothing.

All I was thinking was, I will go to gym again tomorrow.

Gym came in my life as a stress buster. I started spending like 2–3 hours in gym, even if i wasn't working out.

It was like an escape from my failed self.

Slowly I started reading why I am loving gymming? why It pull me?

I was a failure at so many fronts of my life, that gym showed me I can succeed too. I can succeed at surpassing my negative believes. I can bear the load, I can even bear the progressive overload.

Slowly I started using gym to test my potential. To test my life theories in gym. I started relating real life situations to my gym situations. Real life theories, to my gym theories.

I still remember an incident when I was stuck at lifting 40 kg squat when I was in a gym in New Delhi. I was totally sure that I shouldn't force myself to lift heavier (50kg) because I was weak at that time, and it may cause me injury.

For 3 days consecutively, i tried lifting 50 and I couldn't. I was off and silent on Saturday, was challenging myself Saturday night, was mentally preparing myself on entire Sunday, and on Monday evening, I said to myself...

I'll do it.

I lifted 50 kg, No Support, No Spot, Free weights, 4 Reps.

I cannot express what I saw in myself when I looked in the mirror in front of squat cage. I was thrilled.

Gym, is a way to change your belief system.

Gym, is where you can buy confidence.

Gym, is a place filled with people wanting to do better in life.

Gym, is a place filled with people who love themselves.

Gym, is a place to detox mentally.

Gym, is a place to level up yourself, mentally.

And yes, you can excersize there as well.

Bon chance.

Ian Von

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Réponse d'origine: How do I keep myself motivated to go to the gym?

Bro. Broseph. Brometheus. Brobediah. Brotholamuel. Nabrolean. Brofessor.

I am an avid gym bro myself. I try to go at least 4–6 days a week depending on my schedule and workouts. I have a full time job but still manage to go to the gym throughout the week. I’m going to give you some tips on how to stay motivated. Cool? Cool. Let’s do it.

First off, when it comes to starting a gym routine. You’ll notice your motivation is going to fade quickly. The gym is exhausting. It can be painful. You’re sore all the time. You have to put time and effort in. A lot of people give up because they don’t feel that motivation. But bro. BRO. Going to the gym isn’t about motivation. It’s about priorités. When you make the gym a priority, You’ll keep up with it regardless if you are motivated or not. Either way, you’ll leave the gym feeling glad that you went, regardless of mindset or motive. So make the gym a priority. Work is a priority. Eating and drinking water is a priority. Putting gas in your car is a priority. Make the gym your priority and you will keep on going.

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Alright, bro now that the important topic is done, here’s some easy fast tips.

  1. Get a good night’s sleep- Early to bed, early to rise. When you get your beauty sleep, you definitely feel more motivated not just for the gym, but for your day in general.
  2. Pack a gym bag- The night before work or class, pack yourself a gym bag. Either go to the gym and shower there in the morning before work or class. Or go to the gym right after your day is complete. When you keep those chain events of home-work-gym routine, you’ll stay in a more focused state of mind. Besides, when people head home first to change for the gym, that’s time of your day wasted, and who’s to say you might give up and watch the new season of Stranger Things all day instead of get those angelic gains.
  3. Preworkout- Some people use preworkout to amp themselves up before the gym. I personally don’t but feel free to give it a try so you can get that energetic boost, and work it off in the gym. I personally, just have a cup of black coffee beforehand, and that’s good enough for me!
  4. Have a Partner- Bro, you want help keeping a gym routine? Then have a bro become your trainer. Having a bro to bro it out with in the gym helps you keep your routine, you support eachothr, and you will achieve gains together. The ultimate bromance. It’s beautiful *sniff*…Hang on, I need a moment…
  5. Mix-up the Workout- Crossfit, olympic lifting, calisthetics, martial arts, swimming, HIIT, Functional Fitness, etc….There are tons of types of workouts out there. Whether you’re strength training, or just doing cardio. Find something to make it an enjoyable experience. Routine gets boring, and your body will adapt to the movements and workouts, which could slow the gains. Bro…Never slow the gains.
  6. Music- Nothing pumps up my pump like a good playlist to listen to while getting swole. It also helps you get in a good positive state of mind throughout your workout.

Bro, the gym is therapeutic. It’s Zen. It’s where folks of all ages and lifestyles go to work on themselves and let out their stress from the day. The gym is a good place bro. doesn’t matter if you’re a broman- or a browoman. Everone is equal bros in the gym.

Good luck bro.


Zim Jim

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Gym motivation comes naturally to some people. They have a burning desire within them that motivates them to train as often as possible. They love the gym so much that they end up becoming a part of their community and their lifestyle is centred around the gym. If you were to picture what goes through their mind, they would be thinking of the muscle groups and équipement de gym that they will be working out on that day.

But the majority of people see going to the gym as a chore. They know that they need to do it, but they need to find the inspiration to go. Not having the motivation to train means that it will be unlikely that you will achieve your physical goals. So here are a few ways you can keep yourself inspired to commit to the gym so you can train hard and achieve your physical goals.

For motivation let’s check: A Fat Gut to Shredded Cuts. My Fat Loss Transformation.

How should I get motivated to hit the gym every day?

Place your physical goals on the wall.

The first thing that you need to do is write down your goal for going to the gym. You will then need to place this goal on a wall or door so that you will be reminded of what it is you are planning to achieve every day. Make a promise to yourself that you will commit to taking 3 action steps every day. This way, you will be working closer towards your goal. You can read more about the power of writing down goals on Time Magazine.

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Always remember why you started.

Most people lose the source of their inspiration even though they are on the right track with their training. They actually need to maintain their patience and focus on the positive steps that they are making towards their goal. Each step forward is another step closer to achieving your physical goals.

Measure everything.

Don’t just assume that you are doing everything right. Write it down in a notepad or keep track of it in an app. That way, you can actually see if you are getting better or getting worse. There are apps like Myfitnesspal. which can help you track your training and nutrition intake.

Push past your boundaries.

Committing to ‘bettering yourself’ is an excellent way for you to make progress. You will only be able to improve if you train in a way that strengthens your body. You can do tests every 3-6 weeks to see what improvements you have made.

Create an enjoyable lifestyle that includes the gym.

It’s important to make sure that going to the gym doesn’t feel like a chore. Instead, it should feel like an event that you are looking forward to every week. See if the gym has any fun classes or activities that you can participate in. Additionally, try to make or bring friends that are like-minded so you can achieve your fitness goals together.

Wear your favourite gym clothes.

It sounds simple, but if you wear clothes like an elite athlete, you can start to visualise yourself as an elite athlete going for training. Invest in gym gear that will give you the confidence to train at the gym ‘like a boss’!

Gym motivation might not be natural to you, but there are ways to improve your motivation. Try a few of these methods and let us know which ones worked for you in the comments below.

Don’t make excuses.

Change your mentality to one where you know that you can make things happen. There will be loads of things that will happen in your life that can affect your gym progress. Rather than succumb to these challenges, be creative and find a way to continue making progress towards your gym goals.

For example, if you don’t have equipment, see if there’s a way you can exercise just by using your body weight. If you are unable to stick to your diet for a day, is there another way to get you back on track with your goals.

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How should I get motivated to hit the gym every day?

Shreyas Ranjan

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Réponse d'origine: How do I motivate myself to go to the gym regularly?

Let me share my experience.

I started working out due to peer pressure. Few of my friends did push ups on a daily basis so I followed the same. The sole motivation was to build a "sexy" body.

After 3-4 months I observed strength gains in my body, which further inspired me. I wanted to look like those fitness models (Jeff Seid, Zyzz, Greg Plitt etc.)

I started reading tons of articles and research papers online about which exercise to perform, what to eat, should we take protein supplements or not.

I am an ectomorph so it takes huge effort to gain muscle mass with no diet supplements. I never focused on my diet so I could never gain consistently.

Slowly I realized that fitness is more than building a six pack body or flaunting your biceps. It is a part of your journey. Fitness is bringing the best of you. Fitness is life.

This realization makes me work out anytime anywhere. I think of life as some exercise. What you want is just a training partner who shares the same feeling as you.

Stay fit. Be the best of you. ��

Alykhan Gulamali

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This hack has helped me get to the gym more consistently than ever before (at least 3x a week):

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Schedule your gym time when you don’t have anything more enjoyable to do.

You need more motivation to go to be gym when the alternative is doing something more enjoyable.

For example, sitting on your couch watching Netflix is more enjoyable than going to the gym.

Sorry, it just is for most people.

If you try to go to the gym during the time when you are normally watching Netflix, like at 8pm, you might will yourself to go once or twice, but you will fail in the long run.

Same thing with going to the gym early in the morning.

If you are not an early riser and try to schedule your gym time at 5am when your body wants to sleep, you will never be consistent.

The more enjoyable activity always wins.

It’s like Vegas. The house always wins in the long run.

But, when there isn’t a more enjoyable alternative, going to the gym is easier and doesn’t require much motivation at all.

I schedule my gym time during the middle of my work day because the gym is the most enjoyable activity I can be doing at that time.

In the middle of my work day, my only alternative to going to the gym is to work.

Watching Netflix isn’t an option.

Spending time with my family isn’t an option.

I can sit in my cubicle and work or I can go to the gym.

Going to the gym is more enjoyable than sitting in my cubicle and working. Therefore, it will win out the majority of the time.

I used to try to go to the gym early in the morning and after work, but neither of these stuck because there were competing activities that were more enjoyable during those times.

Since I started going in the middle of my workday, I’m there like clockwork nearly every weekday.




Arun, working out for 5 years and counting..

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Réponse d'origine: What keeps you motivated for workout?


There are many things which motivate me for working out. One of them is you get a healthy body and a fit physique if you workout and show consistency on it.

Consistency is the key…..

In order to understand the fact that ‘consistency is the key’ in working out one need to understand how the muscle grows when we lift weights.

When you lift heavy weights your muscles and bones are subjected to stress.

As you continue to repeat the same action the stress become too much for your muscle and some fibres within the muscle snap.The body replaces the snapped fibres within 48hours. But it is smart. It anticipates future stress and assumes that this event can recur in the future. So, it adds a buffer. In place of one snapped fibre,it adds two. That is how you build muscle.

The above explanation should be more than enough to workout consistently….

If you are not being consistent, what you are actually doing can be compared to a college student who attends all the mid term tests and quaterly and half yearly periodicals… but when it comes to the final semester exam he misses it, which costs him the degree..

If you find this helpful then have a look at my answer on What motivates and inspires me?

Merci pour votre temps.

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