How much time is taken for refund money on Amazon?

John Adams

John Adams, Fulfillment Analyzer at Amzresearcher (2014-present)

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Sagar Shinde

Sagar Shinde, works at Syntel

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Amount of time taken could differ based on the mode of payment. It is the quickest if you paid via Amazon pay.

One thing I can say from my personal experience- Amazon initiates refund as soon as your return is picked up. They never hold back your money for any reason. Just ensure the pick up executive updates the status after the pick up.

Needless to mention, Among all the online retailers Amazon has the most hassle free return/ refund process.


Vishnu, Assistant Manager System at State Bank of India (2017-present)

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If you read/ask in amazon they will say 5–7 business days but that is the maximum days it'll take for you to receive the money if any isse is there in processing the amount from your bank's end.

As soon as the refund is initiated from amazon then the reversal of fund depends completely over the bank and practically the reversal/refund happens with 1–2 business days but as i said earlier it can go upto 7 business days ( in rare cases)

Jamie JJ.

Jamie JJ.

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5 0r 6 Working days, also depends on the bank (credit/ debit cards) the amount is being refunded to.

I claimed a refund to my amazon gift card it took 24 hours and I was happy that it was so quick.

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Hemanth Nelavai

Hemanth Nelavai

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It usually takes 7 working days for debit/credit card payment. One day if you paid with Amazon pay balance.

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