How does Quora Content Review work?


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Quora Content Review is a relatively new system that we are testing which combines manual review (i.e., from people) and automatic review on certain questions, with the goal of keeping the quality of questions high. We're still working on tuning how this system works, so if you have feedback, please send it to us using our formulaire de contact.

Robert Webster

Robert Webster

Répondu il y a 7w

Quite poorly from the looks of it. It doesn’t understand the content or context of the questions being asked or how and why certain topics are linked to said questions. All of which needs a complex understanding of the particular language grammar, slang, new words, various meanings, punctuation and so on. The bot currently used is not up to the task, it wasn’t up to it back in 2013 when this question was first asked and it still isn’t even now in 2018. Why they still use a broken bot is beyond me and they should have shut down the bot ages ago or at least limited its ability.

They have one bot called “Quora Topic Bot”, that gives you mostly good or correct suggestions for your question. While they seem to have a worse bot called “Quora Content Review” that at a later date if you decide to add to your topics aka keywords because that’s what adding those topics pretty much are “keywords” to get a broader audience for your question. Said Quora Content Review bot can and will decide that some of what you added correctly is incorrect while said bot also thinks that some of its bot brother “Quora Topic Bot” suggestions are incorrect as well, when the topics were fine in the first place.

How a company can have one bot that mostly good at its job (the topic bot) and have another bot that’s horrible at its job (content review bot) is just odd. Maybe investment into one of IMB Watson AI software that IBM is selling could help?

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Lastly, if you want some proof, look at Change Log for this very question. I’d have to ask, why was Quora Bots topic removed from this question but then two questions asking about Quora Bots were soon merged into this question by Quora Content Review. Looks broken to me.


What I wrote up above might sound harsh to some and in a way it kind of is, especially if you have to fight with a bot to correct issues. Sometimes the bot works and sometimes it doesn’t. It does need improvements yeah. Like say if the person that is asking the question shouldn’t have their topic add-ins heavily reviewed while the non question asking person that tries to edit stuff should have their edits heavily reviewed. Essentially owner of thread vs non owner of thread. Small improvements like that would help quite a lot.

Another bit of code that should help it is if the Content Review Bot checked to make sure its not taking out Topics that the Topic Bot placed in… essentially two bots fighting to add topics is a bit odd.

Also, since part of Quora revenue is based on ads, wouldn’t it be more advised to improve your Topic Bot and make sure your Content Review Bot does not conflict with it to make sure the questions asked go with both a broader audience and appropriate topics.

William La Chenal

William La Chenal

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***** Development suggestion *****:

Especially since the automated merge is still described as experimental, would it not be advisable for the UX 'designer' of this feature to include a feed-back option "please, human, review this merge"?

Reverting is far from intuitive (I forget how..), and even then I suspect the automation would kick in again.

Why, how do these ‘features’ get into production without proper consideration for feedback? Not asking is surely a definition of arrogance.

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I’m only here because I took the trouble to search, and it may not be the best avenue to raise these things.

IMNSHO, there should in each case be a best, easy & obvious avenue for feedbacks.


Par exemple:

Quora content review just merged the fairly grammatical

How does everything in the universe come to exist?

into the slightly foreign

How everything (universe) comes into existence?

[ ]

Strange choice of ‘best’ formulation.

Was that some peculiar human intervention, or has the merge-bot invented its own dialect?

Beware: robots may be planning the demise of the human race.

Eric Griffiths

Eric Griffiths, Novelist; Hedonic Intellectual

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Réponse d'origine: How does the Quora Question Bot work?

I will address that aspect which peeves me most: disallowing questions which the Bot's programming deems redundant.

As a onetime (and long term) IT professional, and from observing which questions I personally have been unable to post, this a simplistic word matching algorithm: if enough keywords match, then, ergo, the questioner must be repeating an already asked question.

In the instances where my questions have been blocked, word matching has obviously been in play (it's displayed as you write your question) - and my questions have been decidedly different from those the Bot's programming have deemed repetitive.

So: algorithmic approach discovered and found sadly (and, given the overall quality of the site) astonishingly wanting.

Matt Wartell

Matt Wartell, has read some books

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Réponse d'origine: Is Quora Content Review a person or a bot, and is it stalking me?

It acts like a bot in that I reverted its edit of some computer syntax twice with explanation "it should be '$ pip' because '$PIP' is simply incorrect in this context".

A human would likely not have edited it a total of three times in the face of valid explanation. Note that it didn't revert my reversion (as a incorrigible human would likely do) but edited it anew each time. I finally rephrased the question to get rid of the "$" and the Content Review alleged-bot relented.

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Yaknow, if British spelling was correct, they wouldn't call the language "English"… oh, wait… never mind.

(I've taken to calling what we yanks speak "Amurican" in casual conversation, which itself is a misnomer, but it's the best I've got.)

Igor Markov

Igor Markov, Meilleur graveur 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014

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Réponse d'origine: How does Quora content review work so fast and well?

It shoots first and asks questions later. No, scratch that. It just shoots. And then shoots again. If anyone else asks questions, it might listen. It might acknowledge it's not always right. Then it shoots again. Machine-gun style. Very fast.

Seriously, a number of top writers are unhappy with what Quora Content Review is doing. At times its actions look random, and some actions are undone later on.

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